What is liberal arts math?


Introduction Mathematics is often viewed through the lens of engineering and science, but what about those who tread paths less quantitatively rigorous? Liberal arts math provides an engaging alternative, tailored for students outside the STEM fields. This article delves into what liberal arts math entails, highlighting its relevance and value in a liberal arts education. … Read more

Does cybersecurity require math?

Yes, cybersecurity does require a certain level of mathematics, although the specific requirements can vary depending on the role within the field. Here are some ways in which math is used in cybersecurity: While not every cybersecurity role requires in-depth mathematical knowledge, a basic understanding of math is helpful and, in some cases, necessary. For … Read more

What is the mean in math?

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Introduction In the world of mathematics, the mean stands out as one of the most fundamental concepts, weaving its way into various aspects of our daily lives. At its core, the mean represents an average, offering a quick snapshot of the ‘middle ground’ in a set of numbers. Commonly referred to as the arithmetic mean, … Read more

Calculus jokes

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Why don’t calculus majors throw house parties? Because you should never drink and derive. What’s the integral of 1/cabin with respect to cabin? A log cabin, plus C. But an integral of a cabin is a houseboat, since we’re integrating a cabin with respect to sea! Why was the equal sign so humble? Because it … Read more

10 Math Tricks for Quick Calculations in Your Head

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Mathematics is often seen as a daunting subject, but there are numerous tricks and shortcuts that can make mental calculations faster and simpler. Whether you’re dealing with basic arithmetic or complex computations, mastering these techniques can significantly enhance your mental math skills. Here are ten math tricks that will help you crunch numbers swiftly and … Read more

How good at maths was Albert Einstein?

Albert Einstein: Unraveling the Mathematical Genius Albert Einstein, renowned for his groundbreaking contributions to physics, is often celebrated as one of history’s greatest scientific minds. His revolutionary theories, including the theory of relativity, reshaped our understanding of the universe. But how proficient was Einstein in mathematics, the language of the cosmos? Early Years and Mathematical … Read more

What is the world’s hardest math question?

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The Pursuit of the Hardest Math Question The world of mathematics is a labyrinth of complexities, riddles, and unsolved mysteries that have puzzled and challenged the minds of mathematicians for generations. Amidst this vast landscape, the quest to identify the single hardest math question remains an elusive pursuit, defined by its subjective nature and the … Read more

Multiplication chart 1-15

A multiplication chart, also known as a times table chart, is a table used to define the multiplication operation for an algebraic system. In its most common form, it’s a grid that shows the products of pairs of numbers. These numbers are usually whole numbers, and the chart is often used as a tool in … Read more

Is there an algebra 3?

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In the typical high school or college mathematics curriculum in the United States, courses are often labeled as “Algebra 1,” “Geometry,” “Algebra 2,” and then progress to “Pre-Calculus,” “Calculus,” and so on. “Algebra 3” is not a standard designation in this sequence. However, the content that might be considered “Algebra 3” can vary depending on … Read more

What is financial algebra?

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“Financial Algebra” typically refers to a course or a field of study that combines principles of mathematics, particularly algebra, with financial concepts and applications. This interdisciplinary approach is designed to provide students with a practical understanding of how algebra is used in various financial contexts. The key components of financial algebra often include: Basic Algebraic … Read more