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Mathematics - Complex Variables Publications

Let $M$ be a complex manifold and $L$ an oriented real line bundle on M equipped with a flat connection. An LCK ("locally conformally Kahler") form is a closed, positive (1,1)-form taking values in L, and an LCK manifold is one which admits an LCK form. Locally, any LCK form is expressed as an L-valued pluri-Laplacian of a function called LCK potential. Read More

Let $X$ be the dual space of a Luecking-type subspace of the Bergman spac $L_a^1(\mathbb{D})$. It is known that the Bloch space $\mathcal{B}$ is a subset of $X$. In 1990, Ghatage and Sun asked whether $\mathcal{B}$ is dense in $X$. Read More

In this paper we affirm Br\"uck conjecture provided $f$ is of hyper-order less than one by studying the infinite hyper-order of solutions of a complex differential equation. Read More

In this paper we mainly investigate the radial distribution of Julia set of derivatives of entire solutions of some complex linear differential equations. Under certain conditions, we find the lower bound of it which improve some recent results. Read More

Let $\theta$ be an inner function on the unit disk, and let $K^p_\theta:=H^p\cap\theta\overline{H^p_0}$ be the associated star-invariant subspace of the Hardy space $H^p$, with $p\ge1$. While a nontrivial function $f\in K^p_\theta$ is never divisible by $\theta$, it may have a factor $h$ which is "not too different" from $\theta$ in the sense that the ratio $h/\theta$ (or just the anti-analytic part thereof) is smooth on the circle. In this case, $f$ is shown to have additional integrability and/or smoothness properties, much in the spirit of the Hardy--Littlewood--Sobolev embedding theorem. Read More

We construct inner products by the Bernstein-Markov inequality on spaces of holomorphic sections of high powers of a line bundle. The corresponding weighted Bergman kernel functions converge to an extremal function. We obtain a uniform convergence speed. Read More

We show that on bounded Lipschitz pseudoconvex domains that admit good weight functions the $\overline{\partial}$-Neumann operators $N_q, \overline{\partial}^* N_{q}$, and $\overline{\partial} N_{q}$ are bounded on $L^p$ spaces for some values of $p$ greater than 2. Read More

In this paper, we prove the Sendov conjecture for polynomials of degree nine. We use a new idea to obtain new upper bound for the $\sigma-$sum to zeros of the polynomial. Read More

In this paper we prove that for an arbitrary pair $\{T_1,T_0\}$ of contractions on Hilbert space with trace class difference, there exists a function $\boldsymbol\xi$ in $L^1({\Bbb T})$ (called a spectral shift function for the pair $\{T_1,T_0\}$ ) such that the trace formula $\operatorname{trace}(f(T_1)-f(T_0))=\int_{\Bbb T} f'(\zeta)\boldsymbol{\xi}(\zeta)\,d\zeta$) holds for an arbitrary operator Lipschitz function $f$ analytic in the unit disk. Read More

In this paper, for every $q\in(0,1)$, we obtain the Herglotz representation theorem and discuss the Bieberbach type problem for the class of $q$-convex functions of order $\alpha, 0\le\alpha<1$. In addition, we discuss the Fekete-szeg\"o problem and the Hankel determinant problem for the class of $q$-starlike functions, leading to couple of conjectures for the class of $q$-starlike functions of order $\alpha, 0\le\alpha<1$. Read More

We discuss approximation of extremal functions by polynomials in the weighted Bergman spaces $A^p_\alpha$ where $-1 < \alpha < 0$ and $-1 < \alpha < p-2$. We obtain bounds on how close the approximation is to the true extremal function in the $A^p_\alpha$ and uniform norms. We also discuss several results on the relation between the Bergman modulus of continuity of a function and how quickly its best polynomial approximants converge to it. Read More

Consider a degree $n$ polynomial vector field on $\mathbb{C}^2$ having an invariant line at infinity and isolated singularities only. We define the extended spectra of singularities to be the collection of the spectra of the linearization matrices of each of the singular points over the affine part, together with all the characteristic numbers (i.e. Read More

We give rather simple answers to two long-standing questions in real-analytic geometry, on global smoothing of a subanalytic set, and on transformation of a proper real-analytic mapping to a mapping with equidimensional fibres by global blowings-up of the target. These questions are related: a positive answer to the second can be used to reduce the first to the simpler semianalytic case. We show that the second question has a negative answer, in general, and that the first problem nevertheless has a positive solution. Read More

The Ricci iteration is a discrete analogue of the Ricci flow. According to Perelman, the Ricci flow converges to a Kahler-Einstein metric whenever one exists, and it has been conjectured that the Ricci iteration should behave similarly. This article confirms this conjecture. Read More

We prove a new classification result for (CR) rational maps from the unit sphere in some ${\mathbb C}^n$ to the unit sphere in ${\mathbb C}^N$. To so so, we work at the level of Hermitian forms, and we introduce ancestors and descendants. Read More

The moduli space $\mathcal{M}_d$ of degree $d\geq2$ rational maps can naturally be endowed with a measure $\mu_\mathrm{bif}$ detecting maximal bifurcations, called the bifurcation measure. We prove that the support of the bifurcation measure $\mu_\mathrm{bif}$ has positive Lebesgue measure. To do so, we establish a general sufficient condition for the conjugacy class of a rational map to belong to the support of $\mu_\mathrm{bif}$ and we exhibit a large set of Collet-Eckmann rational maps which satisfy this condition. Read More

In \cite{hien}, M. Hien introduced rapid decay homology group $\Homo^{rd}_{*}(U, (\nabla, E))$ associated to an irregular connection $(\nabla, E)$ on a smooth complex affine variety $U$, and showed that it is the dual group of the algebraic de Rham cohomology group $\Homo^*_{dR}(U,(\nabla^{\vee}, E^{\vee}))$. On the other hand, F. Read More

In this article we consider the class $\mathcal{A}(p)$ which consists of functions that are meromorphic in the unit disc $\ID$ having a simple pole at $z=p\in (0,1)$ with the normalization $f(0)=0=f'(0)-1 $. First we prove some sufficient conditions for univalence of such functions in $\ID$. One of these conditions enable us to consider the class $\mathcal{V}_{p}(\lambda)$ that consists of functions satisfying certain differential inequality which forces univalence of such functions. Read More

Motivated by a problem in approximation theory, we find a necessary and sufficient condition for a model (backward shift invariant) subspace $K_\varTheta = H^2\ominus \varTheta H^2$ of the Hardy space $H^2$ to contain a bounded univalent function. Read More

We consider the relationship between two sufficient conditions for regularity of the Bergman Projection on smooth, bounded, pseudoconvex domains. We show that if the set of infinite type points is reasonably well-behaved, then the existence of a family of good vector fields in the sense of Boas and Straube implies that the Diederich-Fornaess Index of the domain is equal to one. Read More

We establish the monotonicity property for the mass of non-pluripolar products on compact K\"ahler manifolds in the spirit of recent results due to Witt Nystr\"om. Building on this, we initiate the variational study of complex Monge-Amp\`ere equations with prescribed singularity. As applications, we prove existence and uniqueness of K\"ahler--Einstein metrics with prescribed singularity, and we also provide the log concavity property of non-pluripolar products with small unbounded locus. Read More

We give an elementary construction of a $p\geq 1$-singular Gelfand-Tsetlin $\mathfrak{gl}_n(\mathbb C)$-module in terms of local distributions. This is a generalization of the universal $1$-singular Gelfand-Tsetlin $\mathfrak{gl}_n(\mathbb C)$-module obtained in [FGR1]. We expect that the family of new Gelfand-Tsetlin modules that we obtained will lead to a classification of all irreducible $p>1$-singular Gelfand-Tsetlin modules. Read More

We prove that for every radial weighted Fock space, the system biorthogonal to a complete and minimal system of reproducing kernels is also complete under very mild regularity assumptions on the weight. This result generalizes a theorem by Young on reproducing kernels in the Paley--Wiener space and a recent result of Belov for the classical Bargmann--Segal--Fock space. Read More

The Hilbert spaces $\mathscr{H}_{w}$ consisiting of Dirichlet series $F(s)=\sum_{ n = 1}^\infty a_n n^{ -s }$ that satisfty $\sum_{ n=1 }^\infty | a_n |^2/ w_n < \infty$, with $\{w_n\}_n$ of average order $\log_j n$ (the $j$-fold logarithm of $n$), can be embedded into certain small Bergman spaces. Using this embedding, we study the Gordon--Hedenmalm theorem on such $\mathscr{H}_w$ from an iterative point of view. By that theorem, the composition operators are generated by functions of the form $\Phi(s) = c_0s + \phi(s)$, where $c_0$ is a nonnegative integer and $\phi$ is a Dirichlet series with certain convergence and mapping properties. Read More

We study locally univalent functions $f$ analytic in the unit disc $\mathbb{D}$ of the complex plane such that $|{f"(z)/f'(z)}|(1-|z|^2)\leq 1+C(1-|z|)$ holds for all $z\in\mathbb{D}$, for some $0Read More

The Cluster Value Theorem is known for being a weak version of the classical Corona Theorem. Given a Banach space $X$, we study the Cluster Value Problem for the ball algebra $A_u(B_X)$, the Banach algebra of all uniformly continuous holomorphic functions on the unit ball $B_X$; and also for the Fr\'echet algebra $H_b(X)$ of holomorphic functions of bounded type on $X$ (more generally, for $H_b(U)$, the algebra of holomorphic functions of bounded type on a given balanced open subset $U \subset X$). We show that Cluster Value Theorems hold for all of these algebras whenever the dual of $X$ has the bounded approximation property. Read More

The paper explores various special functions which generalize the two-parametric Mittag-Leffler type function of two variables. Integral representations for these functions in different domains of variation of arguments for certain values of the parameters are obtained. The asymptotic expansions formulas and asymptotic properties of such functions are also established for large values of the variables. Read More

Using algebraic methods, and motivated by the one variable case, we study a multipoint interpolation problem in the setting of several complex variables. The duality realized by the residue generator associated with an underlying Gorenstein algebra, using the Lagrange interpolation polynomial, plays a key role in the arguments. Read More

Let $\Lambda$ be a quasi-projective variety and assume that, either $\Lambda$ is a subvariety of the moduli space $\mathcal{M}_d$ of degree $d$ rational maps, or $\Lambda$ parametrizes an algebraic family $(f_\lambda)_{\lambda\in\Lambda}$ of degree $d$ rational maps on $\mathbb{P}^1$. We prove the equidistribution of parameters having $p$ distinct neutral cycles towards the $p$-th bifurcation current letting the periods of the cycles go to $\infty$, with an exponential speed of convergence. We deduce several fundamental consequences of this result on equidistribution and counting of hyperbolic components. Read More

This work deals with the topological classification of germs of singular foliations on $(\mathbb C^{2},0)$. Working in a suitable class of foliations we fix the topological invariants given by the separatrix set, the Camacho-Sad indices and the projective holonomy representations and we compute the moduli space of topological classes in terms of the cohomology of a new algebraic object that we call group-graph. This moduli space may be an infinite dimensional functional space but under generic conditions we prove that it has finite dimension and we describe its algebraic and topological structures. Read More

It is shown that the unit ball in ${\mathbb C}^n$ is the only complex manifold that can universally cover both Stein and non-Stein strictly pseudoconvex domains. Read More

Suppose that $X$ and $Y$ are quasiconvex and complete metric spaces, that $G\subset X$ and $G'\subset Y$ are domains, and that $f: G\to G'$ is a homeomorphism. In this paper, we first give some basic properties of short arcs, and then we show that: if $f$ is a weakly quasisymmetric mapping and $G'$ is a quasiconvex domain, then the image $f(D)$ of every uniform subdomain $D$ in $G$ is uniform. As an application, we get that if $f$ is a weakly quasisymmetric mapping and $G'$ is an uniform domain, then the images of the short arcs in $G$ under $f$ are uniform arcs in the version of diameter. Read More

Two meromorphic functions $f(z)$ and $g(z)$ sharing a small function $\alpha(z)$ usually is defined in terms of vanishing of the functions $f-\alpha$ and $g-\alpha$. We argue that it would be better to modify this definition at the points where $\alpha$ has poles. Related to this issue we also point out some possible gaps in proofs in the published literature. Read More

We present an explicit construction of the moduli spaces of rank 2 stable parabolic bundles of parabolic degree 0 over the Riemann sphere, corresponding to an "optimum" open weight chamber of parabolic weights in the weight polytope. The complexity of the different moduli space' weight chambers is understood in terms of the complexity of the actions of the corresponding groups of bundle automorphisms on stable parabolic structures. For the given choices of parabolic weights, $\mathscr{N}$ consists entirely of isomorphism classes of strictly stable parabolic bundles whose underlying Birkhoff-Grothendieck splitting coefficients are constant and minimal, is constructed as a quotient of a set of stable parabolic structures by a group of bundle automorphisms, and is a smooth, compact complex manifold biholomorphic to$\left(\mathbb{C}\mathbb{P}^{1}\right)^{n-3}$ for even degree, and $\mathbb{C}\mathbb{P}^{n-3}$ for odd degree. Read More

We consider the magnetic Laplacian $\Delta_{\nu,\mu}$ on $\mathbb{R}^{2n}=\mathbb{C}^n$ given by $$ \Delta_{\nu,\mu}= 4\sum\limits_{j=1}\limits^{n}\frac{\partial^2 }{\partial z_j \partial \overline{z_j}} +2i\nu (E+ \overline{E} +n) +2\mu (E- \overline{E} ) -(\nu^2+\mu^2)|z|^2. $$ We show that $\Delta_{\nu,\mu}$ is connected to the sub-Laplacian of a group of Heisenberg type given by $\mathbb{C}\times_\omega \mathbb{C}^n$ realized as a central extension of the real Heisenberg group $H_{2n+1}$. We also discuss invariance properties of $\Delta_{\nu,\mu}$ and give some of their explicit spectral properties. Read More

Let X be a smooth projective curve over a field of characteristic zero. We calculate the motivic class of the moduli stack of semistable Higgs bundles on X. We also calculate the motivic class of the moduli stack of vector bundles with connections by showing that it is equal to the class of the stack of semistable Higgs bundles of the same rank and degree zero. Read More

We consider the reproducing kernel function of the theta Bargmann-Fock Hilbert space associated to given full-rank lattice and pseudo-character, and we deal with some of its analytical and arithmetical properties. Specially, the distribution and discreteness of its zeros are examined and analytic sets inside a product of fundamental cells is characterized and shown to be finite and of cardinal less or equal to the dimension of the theta Bargmann-Fock Hilbert space. Moreover, we obtain some remarkable lattice sums by evaluating the so-called complex Hermite-Taylor coefficients. Read More

The present paper provides a method for finding partial differential equations satisfied by the Feynman integrals for diagrams of various types, using the Griffiths theorem on the reduction of poles of rational differential forms. As an application, an algorithm for computing partial differential equations satisfied by Feynman integrals for diagrams of a ladder type is described. Read More

In this note we study the problem of evaluating the trace of $f(T)-f(R)$, where $T$ and $R$ are contractions on Hilbert space with trace class difference, i.e., $T-R\in\boldsymbol{S}_1$ and $f$ is a function analytic in the unit disk ${\Bbb D}$. Read More

In this paper we prove an invertibility criterion for certain operators which is given as a linear algebraic combination of Toeplitz operators and Fourier multipliers acting on the Hardy space of the unit disc. Very similar to the case of Toeplitz operators we prove that such operators are invertible if and only if they are Fredholm and their Fredholm index is zero. As an application we prove that for "quasi-parabolic" composition operators the spectra and the essential spectra are equal. Read More

The notion of Ces\`aro stable function is generalized by introducing Ces\`aro mean of type $(b-1;c)$ which give rise to a new concept of generalized Ces\`aro stable function. As an application of generalized Ces\`aro stable functions we also prove for a convex function of order $\lambda\in[1/2,1)$, its Ces\`aro mean of type $(b-1;c)$ is close-to-convex of order $\lambda$. Further two conjectures are also posed in the direction of generalized Ces\`aro stable function. Read More

In this article, we first describe a normal form of real-analytic, Levi-nondegenerate submanifolds of $C^N$ of codimension d $\ge$ 1 under the action of formal biholomorphisms, that is, of perturbations of Levi-nondegenerate hyperquadrics. We give a sufficient condition on the formal normal form that ensures that the normalizing transformation to this normal form is holomorphic. We show that our techniques can be adapted in the case d = 1 in order to obtain a new and direct proof of Chern-Moser normal form theorem. Read More

La transformoj de Schwarz-Christoffel mapas, konforme, la superan kompleksan duon-ebenon al regiono limigita per rektaj segmentoj. Cxi tie ni priskribas kiel konvene kunigi mapon de la suba duon-ebeno al mapo de la supera duon-ebeno. Ni emfazas la bezonon de klara difino de angulo de kompleksa nombro, por tiu kunigo. Read More

We show that under mild conditions, a Gaussian analytic function $\boldsymbol F$ that a.s. does not belong to a given weighted Bergman space or Bargmann-Fock space has the property that a. Read More

Let $\mathcal{A}(p)$ be the class consisting of functions $f$ that are holomorphic in $\ID\setminus \{p\}$, $p\in (0,1)$ possessing a simple pole at the point $z=p$ with nonzero residue and normalized by the condition $f(0)=0=f'(0)-1$. In this article, we first prove a sufficient condition for univalency for functions in $\mathcal{A}(p)$. Thereafter, we consider the class denoted by $\Sigma(p)$ that consists of functions $f \in \mathcal{A}(p)$ that are univalent in $\ID$. Read More

We consider the class $\Sigma(p)$ of univalent meromorphic functions $f$ on $\ID$ having simple pole at $z=p\in[0,1)$ with residue 1. Let $\Sigma_k(p)$ be the class of functions in $\Sigma(p)$ which have $k$-quasiconformal extension to the extended complex plane $\sphere$ %with $q=\frac{1+k}{1-k}$ where $0\leq k < 1$. We first give a representation formula for functions in this class and using this formula we derive an asymptotic estimate of the Laurent coefficients for the functions in the class $\Sigma_k(p)$. Read More

Spectral measures give rise to a natural harmonic analysis on the unit disc via a boundary representation of a positive matrix arising from a spectrum of the measure. We consider in this paper the reverse: for a positive matrix in the Hardy space of the unit disc we consider which measures, if any, yield a boundary representation of the positive matrix. We introduce a potential characterization of those measures via a matrix identity and show that the characterization holds in several important special cases. Read More

Making use of Chebyshev polynomials, we obtain upper bound estimate for the second Hankel determinant of a subclass $\mathcal{N}_{\sigma }^{\mu}\left( \lambda ,t\right) $ of bi-univalent function class $\sigma.$ Read More

The inverse problem of antiplane elasticity on determination of the profiles of $n$ neutral inclusions is studied. The inclusions are in ideal contact with the surrounding matrix, the stress field inside the inclusions is uniform, and at infinity the body is subjected to antiplane uniform shear. The exterior of the inclusions, an $n$-connected domain, is treated as the image by aconformal map of an $n$ connected slit domain with the slits lying in the same line. Read More

We prove that any complex algebraic subset of $\C^n$ which is Lipschitz regular at infinity is an affine linear subspace of $\C^n$. No restrictions on dimension and codimension are needed. Read More