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Mathematics - Complex Variables Publications

In this paper we construct explicit smooth solutions to the Strominger system on generalized Calabi-Gray manifolds, which are compact non-K\"ahler Calabi-Yau 3-folds with infinitely many distinct topological types and sets of Hodge numbers. Read More

This is a survey article on Newton-Okounkov bodies in projective geometry focusing on the relationship between positivity of divisors and Newton-Okounkov bodies. Read More

n this paper, we establish the sharp estimate of the Lipschitz continuity with respect to the Bergman metric. The obtained results are the improvement and generalization of the corresponding results of Ghatage, Yan and Zheng (Proc. Amer. Read More

A theorem of Weil and Atiyah says that a holomorphic vector bundle $E$ on a compact Riemann surface $X$ admits a holomorphic connection if and only if the degree of every direct summand of $E$ is zero. Fix a finite subset $S$ of $X$, and fix an endomorphism $A(x) \in \text{End}(E_x)$ for every $x \in S$. It is natural to ask when there is a logarithmic connection on $E$ singular over $S$ with residue $A(x)$ at every $x \in S$. Read More

Let $X$ be an open subset of $\Bbb C^N$, and let $A$ be an $n\times n$ matrix of holomorphic functions on $X$. We call a point $\xi\in X$ $\mathbf{Jordan}$ $\mathbf{stable}$ for $A$ if $\xi$ is not a splitting point of the eigenvalues of $A$ and, moreover, there is a neighborhood $U$ of $\xi$ such that, for each $1\le k\le n$, the number of Jordan blocks of size $k$ in the Jordan normal forms of $A(\zeta)$ is the same for all $\zeta\in U$. H. Read More

R. Guralnick (Linear Algebra Appl. 99, 85-96, 1988) proved that two holomorphic matrices on a noncompact connected Riemann surface, which are locally holomorphically similar, are globally holomorphically similar. Read More

R. Guralnick (Linear Algebra Appl. 99, 85-96, 1988) proved that two holomorphic matrices on a noncompact connected Riemann surface, which are locally holomorphically similar, are globally holomorphically similar. Read More

In this paper, we obtain the upper bounds to the third Hankel determinants for starlike functions of order $\alpha$, convex functions of order $\alpha$ and bounded turning functions of order $\alpha$. Furthermore, several relevant results on a new subclass of close-to-convex harmonic mappings are obtained. Connections of the results presented here to those that can be found in the literature are also discussed. Read More

In this paper, we give a negative answer to a problem presented by Bharanedhar and Ponnusamy (Rocky Mountain J. Math. 44: 753-777, 2014) concerning univalency of a class of harmonic mappings. Read More

We introduce the Hermitian-invariant group $\Gamma_f$ of a proper rational map $f$ between the unit ball in complex Euclidean space and a generalized ball in a space of typically higher dimension. We use properties of the groups to define the crucial new concepts of essential map and the source rank of a map. We prove that every finite subgroup of the source automorphism group is the Hermitian-invariant group of some rational proper map between balls. Read More

Carleson showed that the Bergman space for a domain on the plane is trivial if and only if its complement is polar. Here we give a quantitative version of this result. One is the Suita conjecture, established by the first-named author in 2012, the other is an upper bound for the Bergman kernel in terms of logarithmic capacity. Read More

This paper continues the previous studies in two papers of Huang-Yin [HY3-4] on the flattening problem of a CR singular point of real codimension two sitting in a submanifold in ${\mathbb C}^{n+1}$ with $n+1\ge 3$, whose CR points are non-minimal. Partially based on the geometric approach initiated in [HY3] and a formal theory approach used in [HY4], we are able to provide a very general flattening theorem for a non-degenerate CR singular point. As an application, we provide a solution to the local complex Plateau problem and obtain the analyticity of the local hull of holomorphy near a real analytic definite CR singular point in a general setting. Read More

Let $i\colon X\to \Pk^N$ be a projective manifold of dimension $n$ embedded in projective space $\Pk^N$, and let $L$ be the pull-back to $X$ of the line bundle $\Ok_{\Pk^N}(1)$. We construct global explicit Koppelman formulas on $X$ for smooth $(0,*)$-forms with values in $L^s$ for any $s$. %The formulas are intrinsic on $X$. Read More

Let $\Omega\subset\mathbb{C}^2$ be a connected pseudoconvex Runge domain, $M$ be an open Riemann surface, and $E\subset M$ be a discrete subset. We prove that for any proper injective map $f\colon E\to\Omega$ there is a Runge domain $D\subset M$ such that $E\subset D$, $D$ is a deformation retract of $M$, and $f$ extends to a proper holomorphic embedding $D\hookrightarrow\Omega$. In particular, every discrete subset $\Lambda\subset \Omega$ is contained in a properly embedded complex curve in $\Omega$ with any prescribed topology (possibly infinite). Read More

In this paper we prove that every Stein manifold $S$ admits a proper holomorphic immersion into any Stein manifold $X$ of dimension $2\mathrm{dim}S$ enjoying the density property or the volume density property. The case $\mathrm{dim}S=1$ was proved beforehand by Andrist and Wold (Ann. Inst. Read More

In this paper we explore a characterisation of relative equilibria in terms of sectional curvatures of the Jacobi-Maupertuis metric. We consider the planar $N$-body problem with an attractive $1/r^{\alpha}$ potential for general masses. Let $q(t)$ be a relative equilibria, we show that the sectional curvature is zero along $q(t)$, for a certain set of planes containing $\dot{q}(t)$, if and only if $\alpha=2$. Read More

We prove the existence of automorphisms of $\mathbb C^2$ having an invariant, non-recurrent Fatou component biholomorphic to $\mathbb C \times \mathbb C^\ast$ which is attracting, in the sense that all the orbits converge to a fixed point on the boundary of the component. Read More

The Baran metric $\delta_E$ is a Finsler metric on the interior of $E\subset \R^n$ arising from Pluripotential Theory. We consider the few instances, namely $E$ being the ball, the simplex, or the sphere, where $\delta_E$ is known to be Riemaniann and we prove that the eigenfunctions of the associated Laplace Beltrami operator (with no boundary conditions) are the orthogonal polynomials with respect to the pluripotential equilibrium measure $\mu_E$ of $E.$ We conjecture that this may hold in a wider generality. Read More

In this note, we reveal that our solution of Demailly's strong openness conjecture implies a matrix version of the conjecture; our solutions of two conjectures of Demailly-Koll\'{a}r and Jonsson-Mustat\u{a} implies the truth of twisted versions of the strong openness conjecture; our optimal $L^{2}$ extension implies Berndtsson's positivity of vector bundles associated to holomorphic fibrations over a unit disc. Read More

The aim of this study is to understand to what extent a 1-convex domain with Levi-flat boundary is capable of holomorphic functions with slow growth. This paper discusses the case of the space of all the geodesic segments on a hyperbolic compact Riemann surface, which is a typical example of such a domain in the sense that its realization as a holomorphic disk bundle has the best possible Diederich-Fornaess index $1/2$. Our main finding is an integral formula that produces holomorphic functions on the domain from holomorphic differentials on the base Riemann surface via optimal $L^2$-jet extension, and, in particular, it is shown that the weighted Bergman spaces of the domain is infinite dimensional for all the order greater than $-1$ beyond $-1/2$, the limiting order until which known $L^2$-estimates for the $\overline{\partial}$-equation work. Read More

We study non-trivial translation-invariant probability measures on the space of entire functions of one complex variable. The existence (and even an abundance) of such measures was proven by Benjamin Weiss. Answering Weiss question, we find a relatively sharp lower bound for the growth of entire functions in the support of such measures. Read More

The paper addresses the exact evaluation of the generalized Stieltjes transform $S_{\lambda}[f]=\int_0^{\infty} f(x) (\omega+x)^{-\lambda}\mathrm{d}x$ about $\omega =0$ from which the asymptotic behavior of $S_{\lambda}[f]$ for small parameters $\omega$ is directly extracted. An attempt to evaluate the integral by expanding the integrand $(\omega+x)^{-\lambda}$ about $\omega=0$ and then naively integrating the resulting infinite series term by term lead to an infinite series whose terms are divergent integrals. Assigning values to the divergent integrals, say, by analytic continuation or by Hadamard's finite parts is known to reproduce only some of the correct terms of the expansion but completely misses out a group of terms. Read More

We study the behavior of real-normalized (RN) meromorphic differentials on Riemann surfaces under degeneration. We determine all possible limits of RN differentials in degenerating sequences of smooth curves, and describe the limit in terms of solutions of the corresponding Kirchhoff problem. We further show that the limit of zeroes of RN differentials is the set of zeroes of a twisted meromorphic RN differential, which we explicitly construct. Read More

We study the plurisubharmonic envelopes of functions in the setting of domains in $\mathbb C^n$. In particular we prove a complex analogue of a result of De Philippis and Figalli concerning the optimal regularity of such envelopes in smooth strictly pseudoconvex domains. Read More

In this article, we follow the arguments in a paper of Y-T. Siu to study the effective termination of Kohn's algorithm for special domains in $\mathbb{C}^{3}$. We make explicit the effective constants and generic conditions that appear there, and we obtain an explicit expression for the regularity of the Dolbeault laplacian for the $\overline{\partial}$-Neumann problem. Read More

The aim of this work is to study the conjecture on the ampleness of jet bundles raised by Diverio and Trapani, and also obtain some effective estimates related to this problem. Read More

In the first part of the paper, we study a Fujita-type conjecture by Popa and Schnell, and give an effective bound on the generic global generation of the direct image of the twisted pluricanonical bundle. We also point out the relation between the Seshadri constant and the optimal bound. In the second part, we give an affirmative answer to a question by Demailly-Peternell-Schneider in a more general setting. Read More

This expository paper is concerned with the properties of proper holomorphic mappings between domains in complex affine spaces. We discuss some of the main geometric methods of this theory, such as the Reflection Principle, the scaling method, and the Kobayashi-Royden metric. We sketch the proofs of certain principal results and discuss some recent achievements. Read More

We give a complete classification of polynomial models for smooth real hypersurfaces of finite Catlin multitype in $\mathbb C^3$, which admit nonlinear infinitesimal CR automorphisms. As a consequence, we obtain a sharp 1-jet determination result for any smooth hypersurface with such model. The results also prove a conjecture of the first author about the origin of such nonlinear automorphisms (AIM list of problems, 2010). Read More

We give a sectional criterion for a complex analytic germ in $(X,0) \subset (\bC^n, 0)$ to be non normally embedded. Read More

We compare various notions of weak subsolutions to degenerate complex Monge-Amp\`ere equations, showing that they all coincide. This allows us to give an alternative proof of mixed Monge-Amp\`ere inequalities due to Kolodziej and Dinew. Read More

By using the Bergman representative coordinates, we give the necessary and sufficient condition for the degree of automorphisms of quasi-circular domains fixing the origin to be equal to the resonance order, thus solving a conjecture of the author. Read More

We determine the order of magnitude of $\mathbb{E}|\sum_{n \leq x} f(n)|^{2q}$, where $f(n)$ is a Steinhaus or Rademacher random multiplicative function, and $0 \leq q \leq 1$. In the Steinhaus case, this is equivalent to determining the order of $\lim_{T \rightarrow \infty} \frac{1}{T} \int_{0}^{T} |\sum_{n \leq x} n^{-it}|^{2q} dt$. In particular, we find that $\mathbb{E}|\sum_{n \leq x} f(n)| \asymp \sqrt{x}/(\log\log x)^{1/4}$. Read More

In this paper, we prove Smale's mean value conjecture by making use of quasiconformal deformations and holomorphic motions. Read More

We discuss computability and computational complexity of conformal mappings and their boundary extensions. As applications, we review the state of the art regarding computability and complexity of Julia sets, their invariant measures and external rays impressions. Read More

Over a compact K\"ahler manifold, we provide a Fredholm alternative result for the Lichnerowicz operator associated to a K\"ahler metric with conic singularities along a divisor. We deduce several existence results of constant scalar curvature K\"ahler metrics with conic singularities: existence result under small deformations of K\"ahler classes, existence result over a Fano manifold, existence result over certain ruled manifolds. In this last case, we consider the projectivisation of a parabolic stable holomorphic bundle. Read More

The purpose of this note is threefold. (i) To explain the effective Kohn algorithm for multipliers in the complex Neumann problem and its difference with the full-real-radical Kohn algorithm, especially in the context of an example of Catlin-D'Angelo concerning the ineffectivness of the latter. (ii) To extend the techniques of multiplier ideal sheaves for the complex Neumann problem to general systems of partial differential equations. Read More

We discuss topics related to zeroes of the Bergman kernels, and present a method for generating Bergman kernels with arbitrarily, but finitely, many zeroes. It is also shown that a Bergman kernel induced by a radial weight on the unit disk cannot have infinitely many zeroes. Similar questions for the Segal-Bargmann spaces of the complex plane are briefly discussed. Read More

In this paper we find the exact value region $\mathcal V(z_0,T)$ of the point evaluation functional $f\mapsto f(z_0)$ over the class of all holomorphic injective self-maps $f:\mathbb D\to\mathbb D$ of the unit disk $\mathbb D$ having a boundary regular fixed point at $\sigma=-1$ with $f'(-1)=e^{T}$ and the Denjoy - Wolff point at $\tau=1$. Read More

Let $\Omega$ be a strongly pseudoconvex domain. We introduce the Mabuchi space of strongly plurisubharmonic functions in $\Omega$. We study metric properties of this space using Mabuchi geodesics and establish regularity properties of the latter, especially in the ball. Read More

We prove that some holomorphic functions on the moduli space of tori have only simple zeros. Instead of computing the derivative with respect to the moduli parameter $\tau$, we introduce a conceptual proof by applying Painlev\'{e} VI\ equation. As an application of this simple zero property, we obtain the smoothness of all the degeneracy curves of trivial critical points for some multiple Green function. Read More

In this paper, we give some extension of fundamental theorems in Nevanlinna - Cartan theory for holomorphic curve on M punctured complex planes. As an application, we establish a result for uniqueness problem of holomorphic curve by inverse image of a hypersurface, it is improvement of some results before [8, 14] in this trend. Read More

This German paper discusses certain aspects of the non-degenerate case of truncated matricial moment problems on the intervals [$\alpha$,$\infty$) and (-$\infty$,\alpha] for any real number $\alpha$. Read More

We explicitely unveil several classes of inner functions $u$ in $H^\infty$ with the property that there is $\eta\in ]0,1[$ such that the level set $\Omega_u(\eta):=\{z\in\mathbb D: |u(z)|<\eta\}$ is connected. These so-called one-component inner functions play an important role in operator theory. Read More

We make a systematic study of (quasi-)plurisubharmonic envelopes on compact K\"ahler manifolds, as well as on domains of $\mathbb{C}^n$, by using and extending an approximation process due to Berman [Ber13]. We show that the quasi-psh envelope of a viscosity super-solution is a pluripotential super-solution of a given complex Monge-Amp\`ere equation. We use these ideas to solve complex Monge-Amp\`ere equations by taking lower envelopes of super-solutions. Read More

We define the extremal length of elements of the fundamental group of the twice punctured complex plane and give upper and lower bounds for this invariant. The bounds differ by a multiplicative constant. The main motivation comes from $3$-braid invariants and their application. Read More

Let $(\lambda\_n)$ be a strictly increasing sequence of positive integers. Inspired by the notions of topological multiple recurrence and disjointness in dynamical systems, Costakis and Tsirivas have recently established that there exist power series $\sum\_{k\geq 0}a\_kz^k$ with radius of convergence 1 such that the pairs of partial sums $\{(\sum\_{k=0}^na\_kz^k,\sum\_{k=0}^{\lambda\_n}a\_kz^k): n=1,2,\dots\}$ approximate all pairs of polynomials uniformly on compact subsets $K\subset\{z\in\mathbb{C} :| z|\textgreater{}1\},$ with connected complement, if and only if $\limsup\_{n}\frac{\lambda\_n}{n}=+\infty.$ In the present paper, we give a new proof of this statement avoiding the use of advanced tools of potential theory. Read More

The inverse problem of plane elasticity on $n$ equal-strength cavities in a plane subjected to constant loading at infinity and in the cavities boundary is analyzed. By reducing the governing boundary value problem to the Riemann-Hilbert problem on a symmetric Riemann surface of genus $n-1$ a family of conformal mappings from a parametric slit domain onto the $n$-connected elastic domain is constructed. The conformal mappings are presented in terms of hyperelliptic integrals and the zeros of the first derivative of the mappings are analyzed. Read More

We provide new representations for the finite parts at the poles and the derivative at zero of the Barnes zeta function in any dimension in the general case. These representations are in the forms of series and limits. We also give an integral representation for the finite parts at the poles. Read More

The purpose of this paper is to give an estimate of the $L^p$-norm of the Bergman projection on the Hartogs triangle. Read More