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Mathematics - Functional Analysis Publications

In this paper, we introduce the new generalization of contraction mapping by a new control function and an altering distance . We establish some existence results of fixed point for such mappings. Our results reproduce several old and new results in the literature. Read More

The aim of this paper is to develop umbral calculus on the space $\mathcal D'$ of distributions on $\mathbb R^d$, which leads to a general theory of Sheffer sequences on $\mathcal D'$. We define a sequence of monic polynomials on $\mathcal D'$, a polynomial sequence of binomial type, and a Sheffer sequence. We present equivalent conditions for a sequence of monic polynomials on $\mathcal D'$ to be of binomial type or a Sheffer sequence, respectively. Read More

According to the fundamental work of Yu.V. Prokhorov, the general theory of stochastic processes can be regarded as the theory of probability measures in complete separable metric spaces. Read More

A topological setting is defined to study the complexities of the relation of equivalence of embeddings (or "position") of a Banach space into another and of the relation of isomorphism of complex structures on a real Banach space. The following results are obtained: a) if $X$ is not uniformly finitely extensible, then there exists a space $Y$ for which the relation of position of $Y$ inside $X$ reduces the relation $E_0$ and therefore is not smooth; b) the relation of position of $\ell_p$ inside $\ell_p$, or inside $L_p$, $p \neq 2$, reduces the relation $E_1$ and therefore is not reducible to an orbit relation induced by the action of a Polish group; c) the relation of position of a space inside another can attain the maximum complexity $E_{{\rm max}}$; d) there exists a subspace of $L_p, 1 \leq p <2$, on which isomorphism between complex structures reduces $E_1$ and therefore is not reducible to an orbit relation induced by the action of a Polish group. Read More

In this paper, we prove pointwise convergence of heat kernels for mGH-convergent sequences of $RCD^*(K,N)$-spaces. We obtain as a corollary results on the short-time behavior of the heat kernel in $RCD^*(K,N)$-spaces. We use then these results to initiate the study of Weyl's law in the $RCD$ setting Read More

We give necessary and sufficient conditions for the inclusions $\Lambda\text{BV}^{(p)}\subseteq \Gamma\text{BV}^{(q_n\uparrow q)}$ and $\Phi\text{BV}\subseteq\text{BV}^{(q_n\uparrow q)}$. As a consequence, a number of results in the literature, including a fundamental theorem of Perlman and Waterman, are simultaneously extended. Read More

This article gives necessary and sufficient conditions for the dual representation of Rockafellar in (Integrals which are convex functionals. II, Pacific J. Math. Read More

We study the set ${\cal C}$ consisting of pairs of orthogonal projections $P,Q$ acting in a Hilbert space ${\cal H}$ such that $PQ$ is a compact operator. These pairs have a rich geometric structure which we describe here. They are parted in three subclasses: ${\cal C}_0$ which consists of pairs where $P$ or $Q$ have finite rank, ${\cal C}_1$ of pairs such that $Q$ lies in the restricted Grassmannian (also called Sato Grassmannian) of the polarization ${\cal H}=N(P)\oplus R(P)$, and ${\cal C}_\infty$. Read More

We study the pairs of projections $$ P_If=\chi_If ,\ \ Q_Jf= \left(\chi_J \hat{f}\right)\check{\ } , \ \ f\in L^2(\mathbb{R}^n), $$ where $I, J\subset \mathbb{R}^n$ are sets of finite Lebesgue measure, $\chi_I, \chi_J$ denote the corresponding characteristic functions and $\hat{\ } , \check{\ }$ denote the Fourier-Plancherel transformation $L^2(\mathbb{R}^n)\to L^2(\mathbb{R}^n)$ and its inverse. These pairs of projections have been widely studied by several authors in connection with the mathematical formulation of Heisenberg's uncertainty principle. Our study is done from a differential geometric point of view. Read More

In this paper, we show how under the continuum hypothesis one can obtain an integral representation for elements of the topological dual of the space of functions of bounded variation in terms of Lebesgue and Kolmogorov-Burkill integrals. Read More

We ask under what conditions on the function $f$, and a set of maps $\mathcal T$, it is the case that $f$ is a coboundary for some map in $\mathcal T$. We also consider for a function $f$, and a set of maps $\mathcal T$, when we have $f$ being a coboundary for all the maps in $\mathcal T$. Read More

A functional version of the Kato one-parametric regularisation for the construction of a dynamical semigroup generator of a relative bound one perturbation is introduced. It does not require that the minus generator of the unperturbed semigroup is a positivity preserving operator. The regularisation is illustrated by an example of a boson-number cut-off regularisation. Read More

We improve and generalize some operator inequalities for positive linear maps. It is shown, among other inequalities, that if $0Read More

We show that the convergence rate of $\ell^1$-regularization for linear ill-posed equations is always $O(\delta)$ if the exact solution is sparse and if the considered operator is injective and weak*-to-weak continuous. Under the same assumptions convergence rates in case of non-sparse solutions are proven. The results base on the fact that certain source-type conditions used in the literature for proving convergence rates are automatically satisfied. Read More

C.Swartz' result on tensor product measures is reviewed with proofs from the scratch. Read More

A linear operator $T$ between two lattice-normed spaces is said to be $p$-compact if, for any $p$-bounded net $x_\alpha$, the net $Tx_\alpha$ has a $p$-convergent subnet. $p$-Compact operators generalize several known classes of operators such as compact, weakly compact, order weakly compact, $AM$-compact operators, etc. Similar to $M$-weakly and $L$-weakly compact operators, we define $p$-$M$-weakly and $p$-$L$-weakly compact operators and study some of their properties. Read More

We show the relevance of a multifractal-type analysis for pointwise convergence and divergence properties of wavelet series: Depending on the sequence space which the wavelet coefficients sequence belongs to, we obtain deterministic upper bounds for the Hausdorff dimensions of the sets of points where a given rate of divergence occurs, and we show that these bounds are generically optimal, according to several notions of genericity. Read More

The aim of this manuscript is to study \emph{spear operators}: bounded linear operators $G$ between Banach spaces $X$ and $Y$ satisfying that for every other bounded linear operator $T:X\longrightarrow Y$ there exists a modulus-one scalar $\omega$ such that $$ \|G + \omega\,T\|=1+ \|T\|. $$ To this end, we introduce two related properties, one weaker called the alternative Daugavet property (if rank-one operators $T$ satisfy the requirements), and one stronger called lushness, and we develop a complete theory about the relations between these three properties. To do this, the concepts of spear vector and spear set play an important role. Read More

Given two complex Hilbert spaces $H$ and $K$, let $S(B(H))$ and $S(B(K))$ denote the unit spheres of the C$^*$-algebras $B(H)$ and $B(K)$ of all bounded linear operators on $H$ and $K$, respectively. We prove that every surjective isometry $f: S(B(K)) \to S(B(H))$ admits an extension to a surjective complex linear or conjugate linear isometry $T: B(K)\to B(H)$. This provides a positive answer to Tingley's problem in the setting of $B(H)$ spaces. Read More

The classical Monge-Kantorovich (MK) problem as originally posed is concerned with how best to move a pile of soil or rubble to an excavation or fill with the least amount of work relative to some cost function. When the cost is given by the square of the Euclidean distance, one can define a metric on densities called the "Wasserstein distance." In this note, we formulate a natural matrix counterpart of the MK problem for positive definite density matrices. Read More

The development of supersymmetric (SUSY) quantum mechanics has shown that some of the insights based on the algebraic properties of ladder operators related to the quantum mechanical harmonic oscillator carry over to the study of more general systems. At this level of generality, pairs of eigenfunctions of so-called partner Hamiltonians are transformed into each other, but the entire spectrum of any one of them cannot be deduced from this intertwining relationship in general---except in special cases. In this paper, we present a more general structure that provides all eigenvalues for a class of Hamiltonians that do not factor into a pair of operators satisfying canonical commutation relations. Read More

We prove well posedness for ordinary differential equations with coefficients in Banach valued Besov spaces B^s\_{p,q} (]0, T[, E) with max{-- 1/2 , 1/(p -- 1)} \textless{} s \textless{} 0. In the linear case, a representation formula is given. Read More

We derive bounds on the extremal singular values and the condition number of NxK, with N>=K, Vandermonde matrices with nodes in the unit disk. The mathematical techniques we develop to prove our main results are inspired by the link---first established by Selberg [1] and later extended by Moitra [2]---between the extremal singular values of Vandermonde matrices with nodes on the unit circle and large sieve inequalities. Our main conceptual contribution lies in establishing a connection between the extremal singular values of Vandermonde matrices with nodes in the unit disk and a novel large sieve inequality involving polynomials in z \in C with |z|<=1. Read More

We describe the structure of all bijective maps on the cone of positive definite operators acting on a finite and at least two-dimensional complex Hilbert space which preserve the quantum $\chi_\alpha^2$-divergence for some $\alpha \in [0,1]$. We prove that any such transformation is necessarily implemented by either a unitary or an antiunitary operator. Similar results concerning maps on the cone of positive semidefinite operators as well as on the set of all density operators are also derived. Read More

In this paper, we consider the question of contractivity vs. complete contractivity for domains in $\mathbb{C}^2$, which are unit balls with respect to some norm. We show that for a large class of Reinhardt domains, the corresponding Banach spaces do not have Property P, which implies that there exists contractive homomorphisms on these domains which are not completely contractive. Read More

We extend the framework by Kawamura and Cook for investigating computational complexity for operators occurring in analysis. This model is based on second-order complexity theory for functions on the Baire space, which is lifted to metric spaces by means of representations. Time is measured in terms of the length of the input encodings and the required output precision. Read More

A local existence and uniqueness theorem for ODEs in the special algebra of generalized functions is established, as well as versions including parameters and dependence on initial values in the generalized sense. Finally, a Frobenius theorem is proved. In all these results, composition of generalized functions is based on the notion of c-boundedness. Read More

This paper is concerned with the following fractional Schr\"{o}dinger equations involving critical exponents: \begin{eqnarray*} (-\Delta)^{\alpha}u+V(x)u=k(x)f(u)+\lambda|u|^{2_{\alpha}^{*}-2}u\quad\quad \mbox{in}\ \mathbb{R}^{N}, \end{eqnarray*} where $(-\Delta)^{\alpha}$ is the fractional Laplacian operator with $\alpha\in(0,1)$, $N\geq2$, $\lambda$ is a positive real parameter and $2_{\alpha}^{*}=2N/(N-2\alpha)$ is the critical Sobolev exponent, $V(x)$ and $k(x)$ are positive and bounded functions satisfying some extra hypotheses. Based on the principle of concentration compactness in the fractional Sobolev space and the minimax arguments, we obtain the existence of a nontrivial radially symmetric weak solution for the above-mentioned equations without assuming the Ambrosetti-Rabinowitz condition on the subcritical nonlinearity. Read More

In the present paper is devoted to the study of elliptic quadratic operator equations over the finite dimensional Euclidean space. We provide necessary and sufficient conditions for the existence of solutions of elliptic quadratic operator equations. The iterative Newton-Kantorovich method is also presented for stable solutions. Read More

One of the classical Hardy--Littlewood inequalities for $m$-linear forms on $\ell _{p}$ spaces asserts that \begin{equation*} \left( \sum_{j_{1},... Read More

We introduce the so called convex body valued sparse operators, which generalize the notion of sparse operators to the case of spaces of vector valued functions. We prove that Calder\'on--Zygmund operators as well as Haar shifts and paraproducts can be dominated by such operators. By estimating sparse operators we obtain weighted estimates with matrix weights. Read More

We offer in this paper the non-asymptotical pairwise bilateral exact up to multiplicative constants interrelations between exponential decreasing tail behavior, moments (Grand Lebesgue Spaces) norm and moment generating functions norm for random variables and vectors (r.v.). Read More

An explicit Bellman function is used to prove a bilinear embedding theorem for operators associated with general multi-dimensional orthogonal expansions on product spaces. This is then applied to obtain $L^p,$ $1Read More

In the present paper, we consider nonlinear Markov operators, namely polynomial stochastic operators. We introduce a notion of orthogonal preserving polynomial stochastic operators. The purpose of this study is to show that surjectivity of nonlinear Markov operators is equivalent to their orthogonal preserving property. Read More

Let $\mathfrak{g}$ be a semi-simple Lie algebra. For a $\mathfrak{g}$-valued 1-form $A$, consider the Yang-Mills action \begin{equation} S_{YM}(A) = \int_{\mathbb{R}^4} \left|dA + A \wedge A \right|^2 \nonumber \end{equation} using the standard metric on $T\mathbb{R}^4$. Using axial gauge fixing, we want to make sense of the following path integral, \begin{equation} {\rm Tr}\ \int_{A \in \mathcal{A}_{\mathbb{R}^4, \mathfrak{g}} /\mathcal{G}} \mathcal{T} \exp \left[ \int_{C} A\right] e^{-\frac{1}{2}S_{YM}(A)}\ DA, \nonumber \end{equation} whereby $DA$ is some Lebesgue type of measure on the space of $\mathfrak{g}$-valued 1-forms, modulo gauge transformations $\mathcal{A}_{\mathbb{R}^4, \mathfrak{g}} /\mathcal{G}$. Read More

We establish new and stronger inequality of Clarke-Ledyaev type by direct construction. Read More

In this paper we give three functors $\mathfrak{P}$, $[\cdot]_K$ and $\mathfrak{F}$ on the category of C$^\ast$-algebras. The functor $\mathfrak{P}$ assigns to each C$^\ast$-algebra $\mathcal{A}$ a pre-C$^\ast$-algebra $\mathfrak{P}(\mathcal{A})$ with completion $[\mathcal{A}]_K$. The functor $[\cdot]_K$ assigns to each C$^\ast$-algebra $\mathcal{A}$ the Cauchy extension $[\mathcal{A}]_K$ of $\mathcal{A}$ by a non-unital C$^\ast$-algebra $\mathfrak{F}(\mathcal{A})$. Read More

In this paper, we obtain remainder estimates with sharp constants for $L^{p}$-weighted Hardy inequalities on homogeneous groups, which is also a new result in the Euclidean setting of $\mathbb R^{n}$. The critical Hardy inequalities of logarithmic type and uncertainty type principles on homogeneous groups are proved. Moreover, we investigate another improved version of $L^{p}$-weighted Hardy inequalities involving a distance and the critical case $p=Q=2$ of the improved form of the Hardy inequalities on the quasi-ball. Read More

In 1959, Pelczynski and Semadeni proved a theorem in which they gave some equivalent conditions for a compact Hausdorff space to be scattered. The purpose of the current note is that to clarify the meaning of the subtle term "conditionally weakly sequentially compact" they used as the basis for the proof of their theorem. Unfortunately, the term now is taken over by a similar but subtle concept that may cause a serious problem. Read More

We establish the equality among the Bernstein numbers, Isomorphism numbers and the Mityagin numbers for the Volterra operator considered between the spaces L^1([0; 1]) and C([0; 1]). We prove that each of them equals to 1/2n-1 . Moreover, we obtain that the Approximation numbers, Kolmogorov numbers and the Gelfand numbers of the Volterra operator coincide and they are equal to 1/2 when n>1 (and 1 for n = 1). Read More

We analyse Morrey spaces, generalised Morrey spaces and Campanato spaces on homogeneous groups. The boundedness of the Hardy-Littlewood maximal operator, Bessel-Riesz operators, generalised Bessel-Riesz operators and generalised fractional integral operators in generalised Morrey spaces on homogeneous groups is shown. Moreover, we prove the boundedness of the modified version of the generalised fractional integral operator and Olsen type inequalities in Campanato spaces and generalised Morrey spaces on homogeneous groups, respectively. Read More

We study the relationship between the classical Hamilton flow and the quantum Schr\"odinger evolution where the Hamiltonian is a degree-2 complex-valued polynomial. When the flow obeys a strict positivity condition equivalent to compactness of the evolution operator, we find geometric expressions for the $L^2$ operator norm and a singular-value decomposition of the Schr\"odinger evolution, using the Hamilton flow. The flow also gives a geometric composition law for these operators, which correspond to a large class of integral operators with nondegenerate Gaussian kernels. Read More

This paper is an introduction to the hyperbolic geometry of noncommutative polyballs B_n of bounded linear operators on Hilbert spaces. We use the theory of free pluriharmonic functions on polyballs and noncommutative Poisson kernels on tensor products of full Fock spaces to define hyperbolic type metrics on B_n, study their properties, and obtain hyperbolic versions of Schwarz-Pick lemma for free holomorphic functions on polyballs. As a consequence, the polyballs can be viewed as noncommutative hyperbolic spaces. Read More

We obtain intertwining dilation theorems for noncommutative regular domains D_f and noncommutative varieties V_J of n-tuples of operators, which generalize Sarason and Sz.-Nagy--Foias commutant lifting theorem for commuting contractions. We present several applications including a new proof for the commutant lifting theorem for pure elements in the domain D_f (resp. Read More

We give a simple and more elementary proof that the notions of Domain of Holomorphy and Weak Domain of Holomorphy are equivalent. This proof is based on a combination of Baire's Category Theorey and Montel's Theorem. We also obtain generalizations by demanding that the non-extentable functions belong to a particular class of holomorphic functions in the domain. Read More

The discrete Heisenberg group $\mathbb{H}_{\mathbb{Z}}^{2k+1}$ is the group generated by $a_1,b_1,\ldots,a_k,b_k,c$, subject to the relations $[a_1,b_1]=\ldots=[a_k,b_k]=c$ and $[a_i,a_j]=[b_i,b_j]=[a_i,b_j]=[a_i,c]=[b_i,c]=1$ for every distinct $i,j\in \{1,\ldots,k\}$. Denote $S=\{a_1^{\pm 1},b_1^{\pm 1},\ldots,a_k^{\pm 1},b_k^{\pm 1}\}$. The horizontal boundary of $\Omega\subset \mathbb{H}_{\mathbb{Z}}^{2k+1}$, denoted $\partial_{h}\Omega$, is the set of all $(x,y)\in \Omega\times (\mathbb{H}_{\mathbb{Z}}^{2k+1}\setminus \Omega)$ such that $x^{-1}y\in S$. Read More

In this paper, we introduce and study the concept of L-Dunford-Pettis sets and L-Dunford-Pettis property in Banach spaces. Next, we give a characterization of the L-Dunford-Pettis property with respect to some well-known geometric properties of Banach spaces. Finally, some complementability of operators on Banach spaces with the L-Dunford-Pettis property are also investigated Read More

We study the minus order on the algebra of bounded linear operators on a Hilbert space. By giving a characterization in terms of range additivity, we show that the intrinsic nature of the minus order is algebraic. Applications to generalized inverses of the sum of two operators, to systems of operator equations and to optimization problems are also presented. Read More