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Mathematics - Commutative Algebra Publications

We introduce a "workable" notion of degree for non-homogeneous polynomial ideals and formulate and prove ideal theoretic B\'ezout Inequalities for the sum of two ideals in terms of this notion of degree and the degree of generators. We compute probabilistically the degree of an equidimensional ideal. Read More

We investigate a function field analogue of a recent conjecture on autocorrelations of sums of two squares by Freiberg, Kurlberg and Rosenzweig, which generalizes an older conjecture by Connors and Keating. In particular, we provide extensive numerical evidence and prove it in the large finite field limit. Our method can also handle correlations of other arithmetic functions and we give applications to (function field analogues of) the average of sums of two squares on shifted primes, and to autocorrelations of higher divisor functions twisted by a quadratic character. Read More

The Aluffi algebra is algebraic definition of characteristic cycles of a hypersurface in intersection theory. In this paper we focus on the Aluffi algebra of quasi-homogeneous and locally Eulerian hypersurface with isolated singularities. We prove that the Jacobian ideal of an affine hypersurfac with isolated singularities is of linear type if and only if it is locally Eulerian. Read More

This is an appendix to the recent paper of Favacchio and Guardo. In these notes we describe explicitly a minimal bigraded free resolution and the bigraded Hilbert function of a set of 3 fat points whose support is an almost complete intersection (ACI) in $\mathbb{P}^1\times\mathbb{P}^1.$ This solve the interpolation problem for three points with an ACI support. Read More

In this paper we investigate to what extent the results of Z. Wang and D. Daigle on nice derivations of the polynomial ring in three variables over a field k of characteristic zero extend to the polynomial ring over a PID R, containing the field of rational numbers. Read More

We provide an algorithm that computes a set of generators for the integral closureof any ideal $\mathfrak{a} \subseteq \mathbb{C}\{x,y\}$. More interestingly, these generators admit a presentation as monomials in a set of maximal contact elements associated to the minimal log-resolution of $\mathfrak{a}$. Read More

It is shown that the Orlik-Terao algebra is graded isomorphic to the special fiber of the ideal $I$ generated by the $(n-1)$-fold products of the members of a central arrangement of size $n$. This momentum is carried over to the Rees algebra (blowup) of $I$ and it is shown that this algebra is of fiber-type and Cohen-Macaulay. It follows by a result of Simis-Vasconcelos that the special fiber of $I$ is Cohen-Macaulay, thus giving another proof of a result of Proudfoot-Speyer about the Cohen-Macauleyness of the Orlik-Terao algebra. Read More

In this paper we study the O-sequences of the local (or graded) $K$-algebras of socle degree $4.$ More precisely, we prove that an O-sequence $h=(1, 3, h_2, h_3, h_4)$, where $h_4 \geq 2,$ is the $h$-vector of a local level $K$-algebra if and only if $h_3\leq 3 h_4.$ We also prove that $h=(1, 3, h_2, h_3, 1)$ is the $h$-vector of a local Gorenstein $K$-algebra if and only if $h_3 \leq 3$ and $h_2 \leq \binom{h_3+1}{2}+(3-h_3). Read More

We prove that the Hilbert scheme of 11 points on a smooth threefold is irreducible. In the course of the proof, we present several known and new techniques for producing curves on the Hilbert scheme. Read More

We investigate homological subsets of the prime spectrum of a ring, defined by the help of the Ext-family $\{\Ext^i_R(-,R)\}$. We extend Grothendieck's calculation of $\dim(\Ext^g_R(M,R))$. We compute support of $\Ext^i_R(M,R)$ in many cases. Read More

In this paper we show that a $k$-shellable simplicial complex is the expansion of a shellable complex. We prove that the face ring of a pure $k$-shellable simplicial complex satisfies the Stanley conjecture. In this way, by applying expansion functor to the face ring of a given pure shellable complex, we construct a large class of rings satisfying the Stanley conjecture. Read More

This article is concerned with the asymptotic behavior of certain sequences of ideals in rings of prime characteristic. These sequences, which we call $p$-families of ideals, are ubiquitous in prime characteristic commutative algebra (e.g. Read More

Given integers $k$ and $m$ with $k \geq 2$ and $m \geq 2$, let $P$ be an empty simplex of dimension $(2k-1)$ whose $\delta$-polynomial is of the form $1+(m-1)t^k$. In the present paper, the necessary and sufficient condition for the $k$-th dilation $kP$ of $P$ to have a regular unimodular triangulation will be presented. Read More

Laszlo Fuchs posed the following problem in 1960, which remains open: classify the abelian groups occurring as the group of all units in a commutative ring. In this note, we provide an elementary solution to a simpler, related problem: find all cardinal numbers occurring as the cardinality of the group of all units in a commutative ring. As a by-product, we obtain a solution to Fuchs' problem for the class of finite abelian $p$-groups when $p$ is an odd prime. Read More

We develop a theory of functions based on combinatorial and homological commutative algebra. Each class of finite functions $A$ is associated with a simplicial complex $S_A$ along with the Stanley-Reisner ideal $I_{A}$ of $S_A$ and its Alexander dual $I^\star_A$. We extract homological information from $A$ by finding cellular resolutions of $I^\star_A$. Read More

We use the concept of 2-absorbing ideal introduced by Badawi to study those commutative rings in which every proper ideal is a product of 2-absorbing ideals (we call them TAF-rings). Any TAF-ring has dimension at most one and the local TAF-domains are the atomic pseudo-valuation domains. Read More

Let $P_3(\mathbf{C}^{\infty})$ be the space of complex cubic polynomials in infinitely many variables. We show that this space is $\mathbf{GL}_{\infty}$-noetherian, meaning that any $\mathbf{GL}_{\infty}$-stable Zariski closed subset is cut out by finitely many orbits of equations. Our method relies on a careful analysis of an invariant of cubics introduced here called q-rank. Read More

A smooth complex variety satisfies the Generalized Jacobian Conjecture if all its etale endomorphisms are proper. We study the equivariant version of the conjecture for $\mathbb{Q}$-acyclic surfaces of negative Kodaira dimension and infinite algebraic groups. We show that it holds for groups other than $\mathbb{C}^*$, and for $\mathbb{C}^*$ we classify counterexamples relating them to Belyi-Shabat polynomials. Read More

We prove an explicit formula for the first non-zero entry in the n-th row of the graded Betti table of an n-dimensional projective toric variety associated to a normal polytope with at least one interior lattice point. This applies to Veronese embeddings of projective space. Read More

We associate an Albert form to any pair of cyclic algebras of prime degree $p$ over a field $F$ with $\operatorname{char}(F)=p$ which coincides with the classical Albert form when $p=2$. We prove that if every Albert form is isotropic then $H^4(F)=0$. As a result, we obtain that if $F$ is a linked field with $\operatorname{char}(F)=2$ then its $u$-invariant is either $0,2,4$ or $8$. Read More

Let $G$ be the circulant graph $C_n(S)$ with $S\subseteq\{ 1,\ldots,\left \lfloor\frac{n}{2}\right \rfloor\}$ and let $I(G)$ be its edge ideal in the ring $K[x_0,\ldots,x_{n-1}]$. Under the hypothesis that $n$ is prime we : 1) compute the regularity index of $R/I(G)$; 2) compute the Castelnuovo-Mumford regularity when $R/I(G)$ is Cohen-Macaulay; 3) prove that the circulant graphs with $S=\{1,\ldots,s\}$ are sequentially $S_2$ . We end characterizing the Cohen-Macaulay circulant graphs of Krull dimension $2$ and computing their Cohen-Macaulay type and Castelnuovo-Mumford regularity. Read More

We classify plethories over fields of characteristic zero, thus answering a question of Borger-Wieland and Bergman-Hausknecht. All plethories over characteristic zero fields are linear, in the sense that they are free plethories on a bialgebra. For the proof we need some facts from the theory of ring schemes where we extend previously known results. Read More

Let $A$ be a regular ring containing a field of characteristic zero and let $R = A[X_1,\ldots, X_m]$. Consider $R$ as standard graded with $deg \ A = 0$ and $deg \ X_i = 1$ for all $i$. In this paper we present a comprehensive study of graded components of local cohomology modules $H^i_I(R)$ where $I$ is an \emph{arbitrary} homogeneous ideal in $R$. Read More

Using discrete Morse theory, we give an algorithm that prunes the excess of information in the Taylor resolution and constructs a new cellular free resolution for an arbitrary monomial ideal. The pruned resolution is not simplicial in general, but we can slightly modify our algorithm in order to obtain a simplicial resolution. We also show that the Lyubeznik resolution fits into our pruning strategy. Read More

Suppose that $R$ is a 2 dimensional excellent local domain with quotient field $K$, $K^*$ is a finite separable extension of $K$ and $S$ is a 2 dimensional local domain with quotient field $K^*$ such that $S$ dominates $R$. Suppose that $\nu^*$ is a valuation of $K^*$ such that $\nu^*$ dominates $S$. Let $\nu$ be the restriction of $\nu^*$ to $K$. Read More

This work extends the results known for the Delta sets of non-symmetric numerical semigroups with embedding dimension three to the symmetric case. Thus, we have a fast algorithm to compute the Delta set of any embedding dimension three numerical semigroup. Also, as a consequence of these resutls, the sets that can be realized as Delta sets of numerical semigroups of embedding dimension three are fully characterized. Read More

We propose a study of the foliations of the projective plane induced by simple derivations of the polynomial ring in two indeterminates over the complex field. These correspond to foliations which have no invariant algebraic curve nor singularities in the complement of a line. We establish the position of these foliations in the birational classification of foliations and prove the finiteness of their birational symmetries. Read More

We introduce higher-order variants of the Frobenius-Seshadri constant due to Musta\c{t}\u{a} and Schwede, which are defined for ample line bundles in positive characteristic. These constants are used to show that Demailly's criterion for separation of higher-order jets by adjoint bundles also holds in positive characteristic. As an application, we give a characterization of projective space using Seshadri constants in positive characteristic, which was proved in characteristic zero by Bauer and Szemberg. Read More

Let $R$ be a regular domain of dimension $d\geq 2$ which is essentially of finite type over an infinite perfect field $k$. We compare the Euler class group $E^d(R)$ with the van der Kallen group $Um_{d+1}(R)/E_{d+1}(R)$. In the case $2R=R$, we define a map from $E^d(R)$ to $Um_{d+1}(R)/E_{d+1}(R)$ and study it in intricate details. Read More

If $S$ is a given regular $n$-simplex, $n \ge 2$, of edge length $a$, then the distances $a_1$, $\cdots$, $a_{n+1}$ of an arbitrary point in its affine hull to its vertices are related by the fairly known elegant relation $\phi_{n+1} (a,a_1,\cdots,a_{n+1})=0$, where $$\phi = \phi_t (x, x_1,\cdots,x_{n+1}) = \left( x^2+x_1^2+\cdots+x_{n+1}^2\right)^2 - t\left( x^4+x_1^4+\cdots+x_{n+1}^4\right).$$ The natural question whether this is essentially the only relation is answered positively by M. Hajja, M. Read More

A dense Puiseux monoid is an additive submonoid of $\mathbb{Q}_{\ge 0}$ whose topological closure is $\mathbb{R}_{\ge 0}$. It follows immediately that every Puiseux monoid failing to be dense is atomic. However, the atomic structure of dense Puiseux monoids is significantly complex. Read More

Using the general approach to invertibility for ideals in ring extensions given by Knebush-Zhang, we investigate about connections between faithfully flatness and invertibility for ideals in rings with zero divisors. Read More

We investigate the almost Cohen-Macaulay property and the Serre-type condition $(C_n),\ n\in\mathbb{N},$ for noetherian algebras and modules. More precisely, we find permanence properties of these conditions with respect to tensor products and direct limits. Read More

We compute the depth and Stanley depth for the quotient ring of the path ideal of length $3$ associated to a $n$-cyclic graph, given some precise formulas for depth when $n\not\equiv 1\,(\mbox{mod}\ 4)$, tight bounds when $n\equiv 1\,(\mbox{mod}\ 4)$ and for Stanley depth when $n\equiv 0,3\,(\mbox{mod}\ 4)$, tight bounds when $n\equiv 1,2\,(\mbox{mod}\ 4)$. Also, we give some formulas for depth and Stanley depth of a quotient of the path ideals of length $n-1$ and $n$. Read More

We investigate properties of Waring decompositions of real homogeneous forms. We study the moduli of real decompositions, so-called Space of Sums of Powers, naturally included in the Variety of Sums of Powers. Explicit results are obtained for quaternary quadrics, relating the algebraic boundary of ${\rm SSP}$ to various loci in the Hilbert scheme of four points in $\mathbb{P}^3$. Read More

Let $(R, \frak m)$ be a homomorphic image of a Cohen-Macaulay local ring and $M$ a finitely generated $R$-module. We use the splitting of local cohomology to shed a new light on the structure of non-Cohen-Macaulay modules. Namely, we show that every finitely generated $R$-module $M$ is associated by a sequence of invariant modules. Read More

For an ideal $I$ in a local ring $(R, \fm)$, we prove that the integer-valued function $\ell_R(H^0_\fm(R/I^{n+1}))$ is a polynomial for $n$ big enough if either $I$ is a principle ideal or $I$ is generated by part of an almost p-standard system of parameters. Furthermore, we are able to compute the coefficients of this polynomial in terms of length of certain local cohomology modules and usual multiplicity if either the ideal is principal or it is generated by part of a standard system of parameters in a generalized Cohen-Macaulay ring. We also give an example of an ideal generated by part of a (general) system of parameters such that the function $\ell_R(H^0_\fm(R/I^{n+1}))$ is not a polynomial for $n\gg 0$. Read More

We prove that iterated toric fibre products from a finite collection of toric varieties are defined by binomials of uniformly bounded degree. This implies that Markov random fields built up from a finite collection of finite graphs have uniformly bounded Markov degree. Read More

Let $S$ be a rational surface with $\dim|-K_S|\ge 1$ and let $\pi: X\rightarrow S$ be a ramified cyclic covering from a smooth surface $X$ with the Kodaira dimension $\kappa(X)\ge 0$. We prove that for any integer $k\ge 3$ and ample divisor $A$ on $S$, the adjoint divisor $K_X+k\pi^*A$ is very ample and normally generated. Similar result holds for minimal (possibly singular) coverings. Read More

The Sally module of a Rees algebra $\BB$ relative to one of its Rees subalgebras $\AA$ is a construct that can be used as a mediator for the trade-off of cohomological (e.g. depth) information between $\BB$ and the corresponding associated graded ring for several types of filtrations. Read More

The neural ideal of a binary code $\mathbb{C} \subseteq \mathbb{F}_2^n$ is an ideal in $\mathbb{F}_2[x_1,\ldots, x_n]$ closely related to the vanishing ideal of $\mathbb{C}$. The neural ideal, first introduced by Curto et al, provides an algebraic way to extract geometric properties of realizations of binary codes. In this paper we investigate homomorphisms between polynomial rings $\mathbb{F}_2[x_1,\ldots, x_n]$ which preserve all neural ideals. Read More

Let $\mathbb{F}_{q}$ be a finite field of characteristic 2 and $O_2(\mathbb{F}_{q})^{+}$ be the 2-dimensional orthogonal group of plus type over $\mathbb{F}_{q}$. Consider the standard representation $V$ of $O_2(\mathbb{F}_{q})^{+}$ and the ring of vector invariants $\mathbb{F}_{q}[mV]^{O_2(\mathbb{F}_{q})^{+}}$ for any $m\in \mathbb{N}^{+}$. We prove a first main theorem for $(O_2(\mathbb{F}_{q})^{+},V)$, i. Read More

In this paper, we show that it is possible for a commutative ring with identity to be non-atomic (that is, there exist non-zero nonunits that cannot be factored into irreducibles) and yet have a strongly atomic polynomial extension. In particular, we produce a commutative ring with identity, R, that is antimatter (that is, R has no irreducibles whatsoever) such that R[t] is strongly atomic. What is more, given any nonzero nonunit f(t) in R[t] then there is a factorization of f(t) into irreducibles of length no more than deg(f(t)) + 2. Read More

In this article, a new and natural topology over an ordinal number is established. It is called the well-founded topology. As an application, it is shown that the rank map of a projective module which is locally of finite rank is continuous w. Read More

Let $V$ be a two-dimensional vector space over a field $\mathbb F$ of characteristic not $2$ or $3$. We show there is a canonical surjection $\nu$ from the set of suitably generic commutative algebra structures on $V$ modulo the action of $GL(V)$ onto the plane $\mathbb F^2$. In these coordinates, which are quotients of invariant quartic polynomials, properties such as associativity and the existence of zero divisors are described by simple algebraic conditions. Read More

This is an expository paper in which it is proved that, for every infinite field ${\mathbf{F}}$, the polynomial ring ${\mathbf{F}}[t_1,\ldots, t_n]$ has Krull dimension $n$. The proof uses only "high school algebra" and the rudiments of undergraduate "abstract algebra." Read More

A major area in neuroscience is the study of how the brain processes spatial information. Neurons in the brain represent external stimuli via neural codes. These codes often arise from regions of space called receptive fields: each neuron fires at a high rate precisely when the animal is in the corresponding receptive field. Read More

The study of the $h$-vectors of graded Gorenstein algebras is an important topic in combinatorial commutative algebra, which despite the large amount of literature produced during the last several years, still presents many interesting open questions. In this note, we commence a study of those unimodal Gorenstein $h$-vectors that do \emph{not} satisfy the Stanley-Iarrobino property. Our main results, which are characteristic free, show that such $h$-vectors exist: 1) In socle degree $e$ if and only if $e\ge 6$; and 2) In every codimension five or greater. Read More

Higher Hochschild homology is the analog of the homology of spaces, where the context for the coefficients -- which usually is that of abelian groups -- is that of commutative algebras. Two spaces that are equivalent after a suspension have the same homology. We show that this is not the case for higher Hochschild homology, providing a counterexample to a behavior so far observed in stable homotopy theory. Read More

We generalize Sylvester single sums to multisets (sets with repeated elements), and show that these sums compute subresultants of two univariate polyomials as a function of their roots independently of their multiplicity structure. This is the first closed formula for subresultants in terms of roots that works for arbitrary polynomials, previous efforts only handled special cases. Our extension involves in some cases confluent Schur polynomials, and is obtained by using multivariate symmetric interpolation via an Exchange Lemma. Read More