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Mathematics - Classical Analysis and ODEs Publications

This paper establishes a conjecture of Gustafsson and Khavinson, which relates the analytic content of a smoothly bounded domain in $\mathbb{R}^{N}$ to the classical isoperimetric inequality. The proof uses duality, Sion's minimax theorem, and results from optimal transport theory. Read More

The article examines nonisotropic Nikolskii and Besov spaces with norms defined using $L_p$-averaged moduli of continuity of functions of appropriate orders along the coordinate directions, instead of moduli of continuity of known orders for derivative functions along the same directions. The author builds continuous linear mappings of such spaces of functions defined in domains of certain type to ordinary nonisotropic Nikolskii and Besov spaces in $\mathbb{R}^d $ that are function extension operators, thus incurring coincidence of both kinds of spaces in the said domains. The article also provides weak asymptotics of approximation characteristics related to the problem of derivative reconstruction from function values at a given number of points, the S. Read More

Defining the $m$-th stratum of a closed subset of an $n$ dimensional Euclidean space to consist of those points, where it can be touched by a ball from at least $n-m$ linearly independent directions, we establish that the $m$-th stratum is second-order rectifiable of dimension $m$ and a Borel set. This was known for convex sets, but is new even for sets of positive reach. The result is based on a new criterion for second-order rectifiability. Read More

We characterize the existence of certain geometric configurations in the fractal percolation limit set $A$ in terms of the almost sure dimension of $A$. Some examples of the configurations we study are: homothetic copies of finite sets, angles, distances, and volumes of simplices. In the spirit of relative Szemer\'{e}di theorems for random discrete sets, we also consider the corresponding problem for sets of positive $\nu$-measure, where $\nu$ is the natural measure on $A$. Read More

We revise the operator-norm convergence of the Trotter product formula for a pair {A,B} of generators of semigroups on a Banach space. Operator-norm convergence holds true if the dominating operator A generates a holomorphic contraction semigroup and B is a A-infinitesimally small generator of a contraction semigroup, in particular, if B is a bounded operator. Inspired by studies of evolution semigroups it is shown in the present paper that the operator-norm convergence generally fails even for bounded operators B if A is not a holomorphic generator. Read More

We prove a maximal Fourier restriction theorem for the sphere $\mathbb{S}^{d-1}$ in $\mathbb{R}^{d}$ for any dimension $d\geq 3$ in a restricted range of exponents given by the Stein-Tomas theorem. The proof consists of a simple observation. When $d=3$ the range corresponds exactly to the full Stein-Tomas one, but is otherwise a proper subset when $d>3$. Read More

We study uniqueness of Dirichlet problems of second order divergence-form elliptic systems with transversally independent coefficients on the upper half-space in absence of regularity of solutions. To this end, we develop a substitute for the fundamental solution used to invert elliptic operators on the whole space by means of a representation via abstract single layer potentials. We also show that such layer potentials are uniquely determined. Read More

Let $E_C$ be the hypergeometric system of differential equations satisfied by Lauricella's hypergeometric series $F_C$ of $m$ variables. We show that the monodromy representation of $E_C$ is irreducible under our assumption consisting of $2^{m+1}$ conditions for parameters. We also show that the monodromy representation is reducible if one of them is not satisfied. Read More

This paper is devoted to prove the existence of one or multiple solutions of a wide range of nonlinear differential boundary value problems. To this end, we obtain some new fixed point theorems for a class of integral operators. We follow the well-known Krasnoselski\u{\i}'s fixed point Theorem together with two fixed point results of Leggett-Williams type. Read More

The aim of this paper is to study the following fourth-order operator: T[p,c]\,u(t)\equiv u^{(4)}(t)-p\,u"(t)+c(t)\,u(t)\,,\quad t\in I\equiv [a,b]\,, coupled with the non-homogeneous simply supported beam boundary conditions: u(a)=u(b)=0\,,\quad u"(a)=d_1\leq0\,,\ u"(b)=d_2\leq 0\,. First, we prove a result which makes an equivalence between the strongly inverse positive (negative) character of this operator with the previously introduced boundary conditions and with the homogeneous boundary conditions, given by: T[p,c]\,u(t)=h(t)(\geq0)\,, u(a)=u(b)=u"(a)=u"(b)=0\,, Once that we have done that, we prove several results where the strongly inverse positive (negative) character of $T[p,c]$ it is ensured. Finally, there are shown a couple of result which say that under the hypothesis that $h>0$, we can affirm that the problem for the homogeneous boundary conditions has a unique constant sign solution. Read More

We calculate the least upper bounds of pointwise and uniform approximations for classes of $2\pi$-periodic functions expressible as convolutions of an arbitrary square summable kernel with functions, which belong to the unit ball of the space $L_2$, by linear polynomial methods constructed on the basis of their Fourier-Lagrange coefficients. Read More

In this work, a generalization of pre-Gr\"{u}ss inequality is established. Several bounds for the difference between two \v{C}eby\v{s}ev functional are proved. Read More

In this work, we generalize the D'Aurizio-S\'andor inequalities (\cite{D'Aurizio,Sandor}) using an elementary approach. In particular, our approach provides an alternative proof of the D'Aurizio-S\'andor inequalities. Moreover, as an immediate consequence of the generalized D'Aurizio-S\'andor inequalities, we establish the D'Aurizio-S\'andor-type inequalities for hyperbolic functions. Read More

In this present paper, we establish the log-convexity and Tur\'an type inequalities of extended $(p,q)$-beta functions. Also, we present the log-convexity, the monotonicity and Tur\'an type inequalities for extended $(p,q)$-confluent hypergeometric function by using the inequalities of extended $(p,q)$-beta functions. Read More

Consider the discrete quadratic phase Hilbert Transform acting on $\ell^{2}$ finitely supported functions $$ H^{\alpha} f(n) : = \sum_{m \neq 0} \frac{e^{2 \pi i\alpha m^2} f(n - m)}{m}. $$ We prove that, uniformly in $\alpha \in \mathbb{T}$, there is a sparse bound for the bilinear form $\langle H^{\alpha} f , g \rangle$. The sparse bound implies several mapping properties such as weighted inequalities in an intersection of Muckenhoupt and reverse H\"older classes. Read More

Any three basic hypergeometric series {}_{2}phi_{1} whose respective parameters (a, b, c) differ by integer powers of the base q satisfy a linear relation with coefficients which are rational functions of a, b, c, q and the variable x. These relations are called three term relations for the basic hypergeometric series {}_{2}phi_{1}. This paper gives explicit expressions for the coefficients of these three term relations. Read More

We study the problem of the existence of increasing and continuous solutions $\varphi\colon[0,1]\to[0,1]$ such that $\varphi(0)=0$ and $\varphi(1)=1$ of the functional equation \begin{equation*} \varphi(x)=\sum_{n=0}^{N}\varphi(f_n(x))-\sum_{n=1}^{N}\varphi(f_n(0)), \end{equation*} where $N\in\mathbb N$ and $f_0,\ldots,f_N\colon[0,1]\to[0,1]$ are strictly increasing contractions satisfying the following condition $0=f_0(0)Read More

In this article, Fefferman-Stein inequalities in $L^p(\mathbb R^d;\ell^q)$ withbounds independent of the dimension $d$ are proved, for all $1 \textless{} p, q \textless{} + \infty.$This result generalizes in a vector-valued setting the famous one by Steinfor the standard Hardy-Littlewood maximal operator. We then extendour result by replacing $\ell^q$ with an arbitrary UMD Banach lattice. Read More

By using, among other things, the Fourier analysis techniques on hyperbolic and symmetric spaces, we establish the Hardy-Sobolev-Maz'ya inequalities for higher order derivatives on half spaces. The proof relies on a Hardy-Littlewood-Sobolev inequality on hyperbolic spaces which is of its independent interest. We also give an alternative proof of Benguria, Frank and Loss' work concerning the sharp constant in the Hardy-Sobolev-Maz'ya inequality in the three dimensional upper half space. Read More

We establish sharp Hardy-Adams inequalities on hyperbolic space $\mathbb{B}^{4}$ of dimension four. Namely, we will show that for any $\alpha>0$ there exists a constant $C_{\alpha}>0$ such that \[ \int_{\mathbb{B}^{4}}(e^{32\pi^{2} u^{2}}-1-32\pi^{2} u^{2})dV=16\int_{\mathbb{B}^{4}}\frac{e^{32\pi^{2} u^{2}}-1-32\pi^{2} u^{2}}{(1-|x|^{2})^{4}}dx\leq C_{\alpha}. \] for any $u\in C^{\infty}_{0}(\mathbb{B}^{4})$ with \[ \int_{\mathbb{B}^{4}}\left(-\Delta_{\mathbb{H}}-\frac{9}{4}\right)(-\Delta_{\mathbb{H}}+\alpha)u\cdot udV\leq1. Read More

In this paper, the objects of our investigation are some dyadic operators, including dyadic shifts, multilinear paraproducts and multilinear Haar multipliers. We mainly focus on the continuity and compactness of these operators. First, we consider the continuity properties of these operators. Read More

Starting from an adapted Whitney decomposition of tube domains in $\C^n$ over irreducible symmetric cones of $\R^n,$ we prove an atomic decomposition theorem in mixed norm weighted Bergman spaces on these domains. We also characterize the interpolation space via the complex method between two mixed norm weighted Bergman spaces. Read More

We study Bergman-Lorentz spaces on tube domains over symmetric cones, i.e. spaces of holomorphic functions which belong to Lorentz spaces $L(p, q). Read More

The existence of elliptic periodic solutions of a perturbed Kepler problem is proved. The equations are in the plane and the perturbation depends periodically on time. The proof is based on a local description of the symplectic group in two degrees of freedom. Read More

We present a transference principle of Lebesgue mixed norm estimates for Bergman projectors from tube domains over homogeneous cones to homogeneous Siegel domains of type II associated to the same cones. This principle implies improvements of these estimates for homogeneous Siegel domains of type II associated with Lorentz cones, e.g. Read More

A few years ago, Bourgain proved that the centered Hardy-Littlewood maximal function for the cube has dimension free $L^p$-bounds for $p>1$. We extend his result to products of Euclidean balls of different dimensions. In addition, we provide dimension free $L^p$-bounds for the maximal function associated to products of Euclidean spheres for $p > \frac{N}{N-1}$ and $N \ge 3$, where $N-1$ is the lowest occurring dimension of a single sphere. Read More

We extend the resolvent estimate on the sphere to exponents off the line $\frac{1}{r}-\frac{1}{s}=\frac{2}{n}$. Since the condition $\frac{1}{r}-\frac{1}{s}=\frac{2}{n}$ on the exponents is necessary for a uniform bound, one cannot expect estimates off this line to be uniform still. The essential ingredient in our proof is an $(L^{r}, L^{s})$ norm estimate on the operator $H_{k}$ that projects onto the space of spherical harmonics of degree $k$. Read More

We give a simple proof of a fairly flexible comparison theorem for equations of the type $-(p(u'+su))'+rp(u'+su)+qu=0$ on a finite interval where $1/p$, $r$, $s$, and $q$ are real and integrable. Flexibility is provided by two functions which may be chosen freely (within limits) according to the situation at hand. We illustrate this by presenting some examples and special cases which include Schr\"odinger equations with distributional potentials as well as Jacobi difference equations. Read More

We extend to a situation involving matrix valued orthogonal polynomials a scalar result that originates in work of Claude Shannon and a ground-breaking series of papers by D. Slepian, H. Landau and H. Read More

We consider the Assouad dimension analogues of two important problems in geometric measure theory. These problems are tied together by the common theme of `passing to weak tangents'. First, we solve the analogue of Falconer's distance set problem for Assouad dimension in the plane: if a planar set has Assouad dimension greater than 1, then its distance set has Assouad dimension 1. Read More

The Lambert W function was introduced by Euler in 1779, but was not well-known until it was implemented in Maple, and the seminal paper of Corless, Gonnet, Hare, Jeffrey and Khuth was published in 1996. In this note we describe a simple problem, which can be straightforwardly solved in terms of the W function. Read More

We prove that the spherical mean value of the Dunkl-type generalized translation operator $\tau^y$ is a positive $L^p$-bounded generalized translation operator $T^t$. As application, we prove the Young inequality for a convolution defined by $T^t$, the $L^p$-boundedness of $\tau^y$ on a radial functions for $p>2$, the $L^p$-boundedness of the Riesz potential for the Dunkl transform and direct and inverse theorems of approximation theory in $L^p$-spaces with the Dunkl weight. Read More

We consider semi-infinite Jacobi matrices corresponding to a point interaction for the discrete Schr\"odinger operator. Our goal is to find explicit expressions for the spectral measure, the resolvent and other spectral characteristics of such Jacobi matrices. It turns out that their spectral analysis leads to a new class of orthogonal polynomials generalizing the classical Chebyshev polynomials. Read More

In this paper authors establish the two sided inequalities for the following two new means $$X=X(a,b)=Ae^{G/P-1},\quad Y=Y(a,b)=Ge^{L/A-1}.$$ As well as many other well known inequalities involving the identric mean $I$ and the logarithmic mean are refined from the literature as an application. Read More

The property 4 in Proposition 2.3 from the paper "Some remarks on Davie's uniqueness theorem" is replaced with a weaker assertion which is sufficient for the proof of the main results. Technical details and improvements are given. Read More

We consider the nonlinear nonlocal beam evolution equation introduced by Woinowsky- Krieger. We study the existence and behavior of periodic solutions: these are called nonlinear modes. Some solutions only have two active modes and we investigate whether there is an energy transfer between them. Read More

We consider a class of Hill equations where the periodic coefficient is the squared solution of some Duffing equation plus a constant. We study the stability of the trivial solution of this Hill equation and we show that a criterion due to Burdina (V.I. Read More

We consider the spherical mean generated by a multidimensional generalized translation and general Euler-Poisson-Darboux equation corresponding to this mean. The Asgeirsson property of solutions of the ultrahyperbolic equation that includes singular differential Bessel operators acting by each variable is provided. Read More

We extend Rubio de Francia's extrapolation theorem for functions valued in UMD Banach function spaces, leading to short proofs of some new and known results. In particular we prove Littlewood-Paley-Rubio de Francia-type estimates and boundedness of variational Carleson operators for Banach function spaces with UMD concavifications. Read More

In 1990 van Eijnghoven and Meyers introduced systems of holomorphic Hermite functions and reproducing kernel Hilbert spaces associated with the systems on the complex plane. Moreover they studied the relationship between the family of all their Hilbert spaces and a class of Gelfand-Shirov functions. After that, their systems of holomorphic Hermite functions have been applied to studying quantization on the complex plane, combinatorics, and etc. Read More

The nonlinear Hausdorff-Young inequality follows from the work of Christ and Kiselev. Later Muscalu, Tao, and Thiele asked if the constants can be chosen independently of the exponent. We show that the nonlinear Hausdorff-Young quotient admits an even better upper bound than the linear one, provided that the function is sufficiently small in the $L^1$ norm. Read More

Let $p(\cdot):\ \mathbb R^n\to(0,\infty)$ be a variable exponent function satisfying the globally log-H\"older continuous condition. In this article, the authors first obtain a decomposition for any distribution of the variable weak Hardy space into "good" and "bad" parts and then prove the following real interpolation theorem between the variable Hardy space $H^{p(\cdot)}(\mathbb R^n)$ and the space $L^{\infty}(\mathbb R^n)$: \begin{equation*} (H^{p(\cdot)}(\mathbb R^n),L^{\infty}(\mathbb R^n))_{\theta,\infty} =W\!H^{p(\cdot)/(1-\theta)}(\mathbb R^n),\quad \theta\in(0,1), \end{equation*} where $W\!H^{p(\cdot)/(1-\theta)}(\mathbb R^n)$ denotes the variable weak Hardy space. As an application, the variable weak Hardy space $W\!H^{p(\cdot)}(\mathbb R^n)$ with $p_-:=\mathop\mathrm{ess\,inf}_{x\in\rn}p(x)\in(1,\infty)$ is proved to coincide with the variable Lebesgue space $W\!L^{p(\cdot)}(\mathbb R^n)$. Read More

This German paper discusses certain aspects of the non-degenerate case of truncated matricial moment problems on the intervals [$\alpha$,$\infty$) and (-$\infty$,\alpha] for any real number $\alpha$. Read More

Poincare's center problem asks for conditions under which a planar polynomial system of ordinary differential equations has a center. It is well understood that the Abel equation naturally describes the problem in a convenient coordinate system. In 1989, Devlin described an algebraic approach for constructing sufficient conditions for a center using a linear recursion for the generating series of the solution to the Abel equation. Read More

In the present article a new class $\Upsilon$ of all sets represented in the following form is introduced: $$ \mathbb S_{(s,u)}\equiv\left\{x: x= \Delta^{s}_{{\underbrace{u... Read More

Let $(\lambda\_n)$ be a strictly increasing sequence of positive integers. Inspired by the notions of topological multiple recurrence and disjointness in dynamical systems, Costakis and Tsirivas have recently established that there exist power series $\sum\_{k\geq 0}a\_kz^k$ with radius of convergence 1 such that the pairs of partial sums $\{(\sum\_{k=0}^na\_kz^k,\sum\_{k=0}^{\lambda\_n}a\_kz^k): n=1,2,\dots\}$ approximate all pairs of polynomials uniformly on compact subsets $K\subset\{z\in\mathbb{C} :| z|\textgreater{}1\},$ with connected complement, if and only if $\limsup\_{n}\frac{\lambda\_n}{n}=+\infty.$ In the present paper, we give a new proof of this statement avoiding the use of advanced tools of potential theory. Read More

In this paper, we present an extension of Mittag-Leffler function by using the extension of beta functions (\"{O}zergin et al. in J. Comput. Read More

We describe a list of open problems in random matrix theory and the theory of integrable systems that was presented at the conference Asymptotics in Integrable Systems, Random Matrices and Random Processes and Universality, Centre de Recherches Mathematiques, Montreal, June 7-11, 2015. We also describe progress that has been made on problems in an earlier list presented by the author on the occasion of his 60th birthday in 2005 (see [Deift P., Contemp. Read More

We provide new representations for the finite parts at the poles and the derivative at zero of the Barnes zeta function in any dimension in the general case. These representations are in the forms of series and limits. We also give an integral representation for the finite parts at the poles. Read More

Dawson's integral and related functions in mathematical physics that include the complex error function (Faddeeva's integral), Fried-Conte (plasma dispersion) function, (Jackson) function, Fresnel function and Gordeyev's integral are analytically evaluated in terms of the confluent hypergeometric function.And hence, the asymptotic expansions of these functions on the complex plane $\mathbb{C}$ are derived using the asymptotic expansion of the confluent hypergeometric function. Read More