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Zhuomin M. Zhang

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Physics - Mesoscopic Systems and Quantum Hall Effect (1)
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We study the radiative heat transfer between multilayer structures made by a periodic repetition of a graphene sheet and a hexagonal boron nitride (hBN) slab. Surface plasmons in a monolayer graphene can couple with a hyperbolic phonon polaritons in a single hBN film to form hybrid polaritons that can assist photon tunneling. For periodic multilayer graphene/hBN structures, the stacked metallic/dielectric array can give rise to a further effective hyperbolic behavior, in addition to the intrinsic natural hyperbolic behavior of hBN. Read More

The spectral characteristics of near-field thermal emission from nanoparticle arrays are explained by comparison to the dispersions for propagating modes. Using the coupled dipole model, we analytically calculate the spectral emission from single particles, chains, planes, and 3D arrays of SiO2 and SiC. We show that the differences in their spectra are due to the existence or absence of propagating surface phonon polariton modes and that the emission is dominated by these modes when they are present. Read More