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Distributed shared memory systems maintain multiple replicas of the shared memory locations. Maintaining causal consistency in such systems has received significant attention in the past. However, much of the previous literature focuses on full replication wherein each replica stores a copy of all the locations in the shared memory. Read More

Maintaining causal consistency in distributed shared memory systems using vector timestamps has received a lot of attention from both theoretical and practical prospective. However, most of the previous literature focuses on full replication where each data is stored in all replicas, which may not be scalable due to the increasing amount of data. In this report, we investigate how to achieve causal consistency in partial replicated systems, where each replica may store different set of data. Read More

Exact Byzantine consensus problem requires that non-faulty processes reach agreement on a decision (or output) that is in the convex hull of the inputs at the non-faulty processes. It is well-known that exact consensus is impossible in an asynchronous system in presence of faults, and in a synchronous system, n>=3f+1 is tight on the number of processes to achieve exact Byzantine consensus with scalar inputs, in presence of up to f Byzantine faulty processes. Recent work has shown that when the inputs are d-dimensional vectors of reals, n>=max(3f+1,(d+1)f+1) is tight to achieve exact Byzantine consensus in synchronous systems, and n>= (d+2)f+1 for approximate Byzantine consensus in asynchronous systems. Read More