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Stellar feedback from high-mass stars can strongly influence the surrounding interstellar medium and regulate star formation. Our new ALMA observations reveal sequential high-mass star formation taking place within one sub-virial filamentary clump (the G9.62 clump) in the G9. Read More

We present a Submillimeter Array (SMA) observation towards the young massive double-core system G350.69-0.49. Read More

We present a multi-wavelength observational study of the NGC 2024 filament using infrared to sub-millimeter continuum and the NH$_3$ $(1,1)$ and $(2,2)$ inversion transitions centered on FIR-3, the most massive core therein. FIR-3 is found to have no significant infrared point sources in the Spitzer/IRAC bands. But the NH$_3$ kinetic temperature map shows a peak value at the core center with $T_{\rm k}=25$ K which is significantly higher than the surrounding level ($T_{\rm k}=15-19$ K). Read More


Context: We investigated the molecular gas associated with 6.7 GHz methanol masers throughout the Galaxy using a J=1-0 transition of the CO isotopologues. Methods:Using the 13. Read More

We present a high-resolution $1.5"$ observational study towards two massive dust-and-gas cores, ORI8nw\_2 and ORI2\_6 in Orion Molecular Cloud using the Combined Array for Research in Millimeter-wave Astronomy (CARMA). In both regions the 3. Read More

We present the results of a high resolution study with the Submillimeter Array towards the massive star forming complex G9.62+0.19. Read More

We present a high-resolution study of a massive dense core JCMT 18354-0649S with the Submillimeter Array. The core is mapped with continuum emission at 1.3 mm, and molecular lines including CH$_{3}$OH ($5_{23}$-$4_{13}$) and HCN (3-2). Read More