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Publications Authored By Zhijian He

Recently, He and Owen (2016) proposed the use of Hilbert's space filling curve (HSFC) in numerical integration as a way of reducing the dimension from $d>1$ to $d=1$. This paper studies the asymptotic normality of the HSFC-based estimate when using scrambled van der Corput sequence as input. We show that the estimate has an asymptotic normal distribution for functions in $C^1([0,1]^d)$, excluding the trivial case of constant functions. Read More

This paper studies randomized quasi-Monte Carlo (QMC) sampling for discontinuous integrands having singularities along the boundary of the unit cube $[0,1]^d$. Both discontinuities and singularities are extremely common in the pricing and hedging of financial derivatives and have a tremendous impact on the accuracy of QMC. It was previously known that the root mean square error of randomized QMC is only $o(n^{-1/2})$ for discontinuous functions with singularities. Read More

We study the properties of points in $[0,1]^d$ generated by applying Hilbert's space-filling curve to uniformly distributed points in $[0,1]$. For deterministic sampling we obtain a discrepancy of $O(n^{-1/d})$ for $d\ge2$. For random stratified sampling, and scrambled van der Corput points, we get a mean squared error of $O(n^{-1-2/d})$ for integration of Lipshitz continuous integrands, when $d\ge3$. Read More