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Future experiments at the Jefferson Lab 12 GeV upgrade, in particular, the Solenoidal Large Intensity Device (SoLID), aim at a very precise data set in the region where the partonic structure of the nucleon is dominated by the valence quarks. One of the main goals is to constrain the quark transversity distributions. We apply recent theoretical advances of the global QCD extraction of the transversity distributions to study the impact of future experimental data from the SoLID experiments. Read More

The experiment, E08-014, in Hall-A at Jefferson Lab aims to study the short-range correlations (SRC) which are necessary to explain the nuclear strength absent in the mean field theory. The cross sections for $\mathrm{^{2}H}$, $\mathrm{^{3}He}$, $\mathrm{^{4}He}$, $\mathrm{^{12}C}$, $\mathrm{^{40}Ca}$ and $\mathrm{^{48}Ca}$, were measured via inclusive quasielastic electron scattering from these nuclei in a $\mathrm{Q^{2}}$ range between 0.8 and $\mathrm{2. Read More