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Quantum Physics (1)
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We study analytically the $d$-wave holographic superconductors with Lifshitz scaling in the presence of external magnetic field. The vortex lattice solutions of the model have also been obtained with different Lifshitz scaling. Our results imply that holographic $d$-wave superconductor is indeed a type II one even for different Lifshitz scaling. Read More

We investigate the role of quantum confinement on the performance of gas sensors based on two-dimensional InAs membranes. Pd-decorated InAs membranes configured as H2 sensors are shown to exhibit strong thickness dependence, with ~100x enhancement in the sensor response as the thickness is reduced from 48 to 8 nm. Through detailed experiments and modeling, the thickness scaling trend is attributed to the quantization of electrons which favorably alters both the position and the transport properties of charge carriers; thus making them more susceptible to surface phenomena. Read More