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The existence of R-parity in supersymmetric models can be naturally explained as being a discrete subgroup of gauged baryon minus lepton number (B-L). The most minimal supersymmetric B-L model triggers spontaneous R-parity violation, while remaining consistent with proton stability. This model is well-motivated by string theory and makes several interesting, testable predictions. Read More

The MSSM with right-handed neutrino supermultiplets, gauged B-L symmetry and a non-vanishing sneutrino expectation value is the minimal theory that spontaneously breaks R-parity and is consistent with the bounds on proton stability and lepton number violation. This minimal B-L MSSM can have a colored/charged LSP, of which a stop LSP is the most amenable to observation at the LHC. We study the R-parity violating decays of a stop LSP into a bottom quark and charged leptons--the dominant modes for a generic "admixture" stop. Read More