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Prof. Yuri Yu. Tarasevich

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Prof. Yuri Yu. Tarasevich
PhD, Dr. habil.
Astrakhan State University

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Physics - Disordered Systems and Neural Networks (8)
Physics - Statistical Mechanics (8)
Physics - Fluid Dynamics (4)
Physics - Soft Condensed Matter (4)

Publications Authored By Prof. Yuri Yu. Tarasevich

We simulated an experiment in which a thin colloidal sessile droplet is allowed to dry out on a horizontal hydrophilic surface when a mask just above the droplet predominantly allows evaporation from the droplet free surface directly beneath the holes in the mask [Harris D J, Hu H, Conrad J C and Lewis J A 2007 \textit{Phys. Rev. Lett. Read More

We study the percolation and jamming of rods ($k$-mers) on a square lattice that contains defects. The point defects are placed randomly and uniformly on the substrate before deposition of the rods. The general case of unequal probabilities for orientation of depositing of rods along different directions of the lattice is analyzed. Read More

The jamming and percolation for two generalized models of random sequential adsorption (RSA) of linear $k$-mers (particles occupying $k$ adjacent sites) on a square lattice are studied by means of Monte Carlo simulation. The classical random sequential adsorption (RSA) model assumes the absence of overlapping of the new incoming particle with the previously deposited ones. The first model LK$_d$ is a generalized variant of the RSA model for both $k$-mers and a lattice with defects. Read More

The effect of defects on the percolation of linear $k$-mers (particles occupying $k$ adjacent sites) on a square lattice is studied by means of Monte Carlo simulation. The $k$-mers are deposited using a random sequential adsorption mechanism. Two models, $L_d$ and $K_d$, are analyzed. Read More

Numerical simulations by means of Monte Carlo method and finite-size scaling analysis have been performed to study the percolation behavior of linear $k$-mers (also denoted in the literature as rigid rods, needles, sticks) on two-dimensional square lattices $L \times L$ with periodic boundary conditions. Percolation phenomena are investigated for anisotropic relaxation random sequential adsorption of linear $k$-mers. Especially, effect of anisotropic placement of the objects on the percolation threshold has been investigated. Read More

Jamming phenomena on a square lattice are investigated for two different models of anisotropic random sequential adsorption (RSA) of linear $k$-mers (particles occupying $k$ adjacent adsorption sites along a line). The length of a $k$-mer varies from 2 to 128. Effect of $k$-mer alignment on the jamming threshold is examined. Read More

It is shown here that concurrence between advection and diffusion in a drying sessile drop of a biological fluid can produce spatial redistribution of albumen and salt. The result gives an explanation for the patterns observed in the dried drops of the biological fluids. Read More

Affiliations: 1Astrakhan State University

An analytical expression of velocity potential inside an evaporating sessile drop with pinned contact line is found. Read More