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We report on the magnetic properties of zinc ferrite thin film deposited on SrTiO$_3$ single crystal using pulsed laser deposition. X-ray diffraction result indicates the highly oriented single phase growth of the film along with the presence of the strain. In comparison to the bulk antiferromagnetic order, the as-deposited film has been found to exhibit ferrimagnetic ordering with a coercive field of 1140~Oe at 5~K. Read More

The detection of defect-induced magnetic order in single low-dimensional oxide structures is in general difficult because of the relatively small yield of magnetically ordered regions. In this work we have studied the effect of an external magnetic field on the transient photocurrent measured after light irradiation on different ZnO samples at room temperature. We found that a magnetic field produces a change in the relaxation rate of the transient photocurrent only in magnetically ordered ZnO samples. Read More

A fireball of QGP is evoluted at temperature dependent chemical potential by a statistical model in the pionic medium. We study the dilepton emission rate at temperature dependent chemical potential (TDCP) from such a fireball of QGP. In this model, we take the dynamical quark mass as a finite value dependence on temparature and parametrization factor of the QGP evolution. Read More

The effects of 200-MeV Ag^{+15} ion irradiation on the optical properties of TiO_{2} and SnO_{2} thin films prepared by using the RF magnetron sputtering technique were investigated. These films were characterized by using UV-vis spectroscopy, and with increasing irradiation fluence, the transmittance for the TiO_{2} films was observed to increase systematically while that for SnO_{2} was observed to decrease. Absorption spectra of the irradiated samples showed minor changes in the indirect bandgap from 3. Read More

The free energy of a Quark-Gluon Plasma fireball in the hadronic medium is calculated in the Ramanathan et al. statistical model including the effect of curvature. The result with this curvature is found to produce significant improvement from earlier results in all the parameters we calculated. Read More

A model of statistical quark-gluon plasma formation is considered.We look the dilepton production at critical temperature $T_{c}\sim170 Mev $ and completely free out temperature $T=150 MeV$ with the initial temperature as $T_{0}=570,400 (250) MeV$. Now we consider that quark mass is depending on the coupling value through parameterisation factor of the fireball formation and temperature. Read More

Construction of signal sets with low correlation property is of interest to designers of CDMA systems. One of the preferred ways of constructing such sets is the interleaved construction which uses two sequences a and b with 2-level autocorrelation and a shift sequence e. The shift sequence has to satisfy certain conditions for the resulting signal set to have low correlation properties. Read More