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Distant supervision significantly reduces human efforts in building training data for many classification tasks. While promising, this technique often introduces noise to the generated training data, which can severely affect the model performance. In this paper, we take a deep look at the application of distant supervision in relation extraction. Read More

Sentence simplification reduces semantic complexity to benefit people with language impairments. Previous simplification studies on the sentence level and word level have achieved promising results but also meet great challenges. For sentence-level studies, sentences after simplification are fluent but sometimes are not really simplified. Read More

Existing knowledge-based question answering systems often rely on small annotated training data. While shallow methods like relation extraction are robust to data scarcity, they are less expressive than the deep meaning representation methods like semantic parsing, thereby failing at answering questions involving multiple constraints. Here we alleviate this problem by empowering a relation extraction method with additional evidence from Wikipedia. Read More

Syntactic features play an essential role in identifying relationship in a sentence. Previous neural network models often suffer from irrelevant information introduced when subjects and objects are in a long distance. In this paper, we propose to learn more robust relation representations from the shortest dependency path through a convolution neural network. Read More