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We propose a new variable, the charm fraction, for collider searches for new physics. We analyze this variable in the context of searches for simplified supersymmetry models with squarks, the gluino, and the bino, assuming that only the lightest mass-degenerate squarks can be produced at the high-luminosity LHC. The charm fraction complements event counting and kinematic information, increasing the sensitivity of the searches for models with heavy gluinos, for which squark production is flavor-blind. Read More

We present the first results from an optical reverberation mapping campaign executed in 2014, targeting the active galactic nuclei (AGN) MCG+08-11-011, NGC 2617, NGC 4051, 3C 382, and Mrk 374. Our targets have diverse and interesting observational properties, including a "changing look" AGN and a broad-line radio galaxy. Based on continuum-H$\beta$ lags, we measure black hole masses for all five targets. Read More