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The model of inhomogeneous accretion flow, in which cold clumps are surrounded by hot gas or corona, has been proposed to explain the spectral features of black hole X-ray binaries (BHXBs). In this work, we try to find possible observational features in the continuum that can indicate the existence of clumps. The spectra of inhomogeneous accretion flow are calculated via the Monte Carlo method. Read More

Hybrid precoding is a cost-effective approach to support directional transmissions for millimeter wave (mm-wave) communications, and its design challenge mainly lies in the analog component which consists of a network of phase shifters. The partially-connected structure employs a small number of phase shifters and therefore serves as an energy efficient solution for hybrid precoding. In this paper, we propose a double phase shifter (DPS) implementation for the phase shifter network in the partially-connected structure, which allows more tractable and flexible hybrid precoder design. Read More

Despite recent advances in face recognition using deep learning, severe accuracy drops are observed for large pose variations in unconstrained environments. Learning pose-invariant features is one solution, but needs expensively labeled large scale data and carefully designed feature learning algorithms. In this work, we focus on frontalizing faces in the wild under various head poses, including extreme profile views. Read More

Certain sufficient homological and ring-theoretical conditions are given for a Hopf algebra to have bijective antipode with applications to noetherian Hopf algebras regarding their homological behaviors. Read More

We show that in two dimensional superfluids a large number of quantum vortices with positive and negative circulations behave as an inviscid fluid on large scales. Two hydrodynamical velocities are introduced to describe this emergent binary vortex fluid, via vortex number current and vortex change current. The velocity field associated with the vortex number current evolves according to a hydrodynamic equation, subject to an anomalous stress absent from Euler's equation. Read More

Putting the DRAM on the same package with a processor enables several times higher memory bandwidth than conventional off-package DRAM. Yet, the latency of in-package DRAM is not appreciably lower than that of off-package DRAM. A promising use of in-package DRAM is as a large cache. Read More

We propose a simple method of combined synchronous modulations to generate the analytically exact solutions for a parity-time symmetric two-level system. Such exact solutions are expressible in terms of simple elementary functions and helpful for illuminating some generalizations of appealing concepts originating in the Hermitian system. Some intriguing physical phenomena, such as stabilization of a non-Hermitian system by periodic driving, non-Hermitian analogs of coherent destruction of tunneling (CDT) and complete population inversion (CPI), are demonstrated analytically and confirmed numerically. Read More

Plumbene, similar to silicene, has a buckled honeycomb structure with a large band gap ($\sim 400$ meV). All previous studies have shown that it is a normal insulator. Here, we perform first-principles calculations and employ a sixteen-band tight-binding model with nearest-neighbor and next-nearest-neighbor hopping terms to investigate electronic structures and topological properties of the plumbene monolayer. Read More

Researchers often summarize their work in the form of scientific posters. Posters provide a coherent and efficient way to convey core ideas expressed in scientific papers. Generating a good scientific poster, however, is a complex and time consuming cognitive task, since such posters need to be readable, informative, and visually aesthetic. Read More

We have investigated mixed-gap vector solitons involving incoherently coupled fundamental and dipole components in a parity-time (PT) symmetric lattice with saturable nonlinearity. For the focusing case, vector solitons emerge from the semi-infinite and the first finite gaps, while for the defocusing case, vector solitons emerge from the first finite and the second finite gaps. For both cases, we find that stronger saturable nonlinearity is relative to sharper increase/decrease of soliton power with propagation constant and to narrower existence domain of vector solitons. Read More

The design of graphene-based composite with high thermal conductivity requires a comprehensive understanding of phonon coupling in graphene. We extended the two-temperature model to coupled phonons driven by the gradients of temperature fields. These equations identify some new physical quantities, the phonon-phonon coupling factor and length, to characterize the phonon coupling quantitatively. Read More

Millimeter wave (mm-wave) communications is considered a promising technology for 5G networks. Exploiting beamforming gains with large-scale antenna arrays to combat the increased path loss at mm-wave bands is one of its defining features. However, previous works on mm-wave network analysis usually adopted oversimplified antenna patterns for tractability, which can lead to significant deviation from the performance with actual antenna patterns. Read More

Densifying the network and deploying more antennas at each access point are two principal ways to boost the capacity of wireless networks. However, due to the complicated distributions of random signal and interference channel gains, largely induced by various space-time processing techniques, it is highly challenging to quantitatively characterize the performance of dense multi-antenna networks. In this paper, using tools from stochastic geometry, a tractable framework is proposed for the analytical evaluation of such networks. Read More

We report evidence for an enstrophy cascade in large-scale point-vortex simulations of decaying two-dimensional quantum turbulence. Devising a method to generate quantum vortex configurations with kinetic energy narrowly localized near a single length scale, the dynamics are found to be well-characterised by a superfluid Reynolds number, $\mathrm{Re_s}$, that depends only on the number of vortices and the initial kinetic energy scale. Under free evolution the vortices exhibit features of a classical enstrophy cascade, including a $k^{-3}$ power-law kinetic energy spectrum, and steady enstrophy flux associated with inertial transport to small scales. Read More

Deep neural networks (DNNs) trained on large-scale datasets have recently achieved impressive improvements in face recognition. But a persistent challenge remains to develop methods capable of handling large pose variations that are relatively under-represented in training data. This paper presents a method for learning a feature representation that is invariant to pose, without requiring extensive pose coverage in training data. Read More

It is proved that the Poisson enveloping algebra of a double Poisson-Ore extension is an iterated double Ore extension. As an application, properties that are preserved under iterated double Ore extensions are invariants of the Poisson enveloping algebra of a double Poisson-Ore extension. Read More

Bollob\'{a}s and Scott [5] conjectured that every graph $G$ has a balanced bipartite spanning subgraph $H$ such that for each $v\in V(G)$, $d_H(v)\ge (d_G(v)-1)/2$. In this paper, we show that every graphic sequence has a realization for which this Bollob\'{a}s-Scott conjecture holds, confirming a conjecture of Hartke and Seacrest [10]. On the other hand, we give an infinite family of counterexamples to this Bollob\'{a}s-Scott conjecture, which indicates that $\lfloor (d_G(v)-1)/2\rfloor$ (rather than $(d_G(v)-1)/2$) is probably the correct lower bound. Read More

A variable-coefficient forced Korteweg-de Vries equation with spacial inhomogeneity is investigated in this paper. Under constraints, this equation is transformed into its bilinear form, and multi-soliton solutions are derived. Effects of spacial inhomogeneity for soliton velocity, width and background are discussed. Read More

Hybrid precoding is a cost-effective approach to support directional transmissions for millimeter wave (mmWave) communications. While existing works on hybrid precoding mainly focus on single-user single-carrier transmission, in practice multicarrier transmission is needed to combat the much increased bandwidth, and multiuser MIMO can provide additional spatial multiplexing gains. In this paper, we propose a new hybrid precoding structure for multiuser OFDM mmWave systems, which greatly simplifies the hybrid precoder design and is able to approach the performance of the fully digital precoder. Read More

Bacteria tightly regulate and coordinate the various events in their cell cycles to duplicate themselves accurately and to control their cell sizes. Growth of Escherichia coli, in particular, follows a relation known as Schaechter 's growth law. This law says that the average cell volume scales exponentially with growth rate, with a scaling exponent equal to the time from initiation of a round of DNA replication to the cell division at which the corresponding sister chromosomes segregate. Read More

We report the observations of an electron vortex magnetic hole corresponding to a new type of coherent structures in the magnetosheath turbulent plasma using the Magnetospheric Multiscale (MMS) mission data. The magnetic hole is characterized by a magnetic depression, a density peak, a total electron temperature increase (with a parallel temperature decrease but a perpendicular temperature increase), and strong currents carried by the electrons. The current has a dip in the center of the magnetic hole and a peak in the outer region of the magnetic hole. Read More

A well known theorem of Kuratowski in 1932 states that a graph is planar if, and only if, it does not contain a subdivision of $K_5$ or $K_{3,3}$. Wagner proved in 1937 that if a graph other than $K_5$ does not contain any subdivision of $K_{3,3}$ then it is planar or it admits a cut of size at most 2. Kelmans and, independently, Seymour conjectured in the 1970s that if a graph does not contain any subdivision of $K_5$ then it is planar or it admits a cut of size at most 4. Read More

Monocular 3D object parsing is highly desirable in various scenarios including occlusion reasoning and holistic scene interpretation. We present a deep convolutional neural network (CNN) architecture to localize semantic parts in 2D image and 3D space while inferring their visibility states, given a single RGB image. Our key insight is to exploit domain knowledge to regularize the network by deeply supervising its hidden layers, in order to sequentially infer intermediate concepts associated with the final task. Read More

Steady-state manifolds of open quantum systems, such as decoherence-free subspaces and noiseless subsystems, are of great practical importance to the end of quantum information processing. Yet, it is a difficult problem to find steady-state manifolds of open quantum systems, especially of non-Markovian systems. In this paper, we propose an approach to find the steady-state manifolds, which is generally applicable to both Markovian and non-Markovian systems. Read More

For any posotive integer $m$, let $[m]:=\{1,\ldots,m\}$. Let $n,k,t$ be positive integers. Aharoni and Howard conjectured that if, for $i\in [t]$, $\mathcal{F}_i\subset[n]^k:= \{(a_1,\ldots,a_k): a_j\in [n] \mbox{ for } j\in [k]\}$ and $|\mathcal{F}_i|>(t-1)n^{k-1}$, then there exist $M\subseteq [n]^k$ such that $|M|=t$ and $|M\cap \mathcal{F}_i|=1$ for $i\in [t]$ We show that this conjecture holds when $n\geq 3(k-1)(t-1)$. Read More

Solution-processed organic photovoltaics (OPV) have recently reached the target 10% power conversion efficiency expected to signal their viable commercialization as an inexpensive and scalable energy conversion technology. However, obtaining devices with suitable long-term stability remains an unsolved challenge. Here we present a new strategy to improve the thermal stability of small-molecule-based bulk-heterojunction OPVs by including a custom additive specifically designed to interact with the device active layer components. Read More

Let $H$ and $L$ be two Hopf algebras such that their comodule categories are monoidal equivalent. We prove that if $H$ is a twisted Calabi-Yau (CY) Hopf algebra, then $L$ is a twisted CY algebra when it is homologically smooth. Especially, if $H$ is a Noetherian twisted CY Hopf algebra and $L$ has finite global dimension, then $L$ is a twisted CY algebra. Read More

Modulating energy states of metallic glasses (MGs) is significant in understanding the nature of glasses and control their properties. In this study, we show that rejuvenation in enthalpy can be achieved and preserved in bulk MGs by using high pressure (HP) annealing, which is a controllable method to continuously alter the energy states of MGs. Contrary to the decrease in enthalpy by conventional annealing at ambient pressure, such rejuvenation can occur and be enhanced by increasing both of annealing temperature and pressure. Read More

We fit the spectral energy distributions (SEDs) of members of a large sample of Fermi 2LAC blazars to synchrotron and inverse Compton (IC) models. Our main results are as follows. (i) As suggested by previous works, the correlation between peak frequency and curvature can be explained by statistical or stochastic particle acceleration mechanisms. Read More

Let $G$ be a 5-connected nonplanar graph and let $x_1,x_2,y_1,y_2\in V(G)$ be distinct, such that $G[\{x_1,x_2,y_1,y_2\}]\cong K_4^-$ and $y_1y_2\notin E(G)$. We show that one of the following holds: $G-x_1$ contains $K_4^-$, or $G$ contains a $K_4^-$ in which $x_1$ is of degree 2, or $G$ contains a $TK_5$ in which $x_1$ is not a branch vertex, or $\{x_2,y_1,y_2\}$ may be chosen so that for any distinct $z_0, z_1\in N(x_1)-\{x_2,y_1,y_2\}$, $G-\{x_1v:v\notin \{z_0, z_1,x_2, y_1,y_2\}\}$ contains $TK_5$. This result will be used to prove the Kelmans-Seymour conjecture. Read More

Quantum multi-hop teleportation is important in the field of quantum communication. In this study, we propose a quantum multi-hop communication model and a quantum routing protocol with multi-hop teleportation for wireless mesh backbone networks. Based on an analysis of quantum multi-hop protocols, a partially entangled Greenberger--Horne--Zeilinger (GHZ) state is selected as the quantum channel for the proposed protocol. Read More

The silicon-strip tracker of the China Seismo-Electromagnetic Satellite (CSES) consists of two double-sided silicon strip detectors (DSSDs) which provide incident particle tracking information. The low-noise analog ASIC VA140 was used in this study for DSSD signal readout. A beam test on the DSSD module was performed at the Beijing Test Beam Facility of the Beijing Electron Positron Collider (BEPC) using a 400~800 MeV/c proton beam. Read More

Asymmetry of quantum states is a useful resource in applications such as quantum metrology, quantum communication, and reference frame alignment. However, asymmetry of a state tends to be degraded in physical scenarios where environment-induced noise is described by covariant operations, e.g. Read More

Visible light communication (VLC) could provide short-range optical wireless communication together with illumination using LED lighting. However, conventional forward error correction (FEC) codes for reliable communication do not have the features for dimming support and flicker mitigation which are required in VLC for the main functionality of lighting. Therefore, auxiliary coding techniques are usually needed, which eventually reduce the coding efficiency and increase the complexity. Read More

The minimum co-degree threshold for a perfect matching in a $k$-graph with $n$ vertices was determined by R\"odl, Ruci\'nski and Szemer\'edi for the case when $n\equiv 0\pmod k$. Recently, Han resolved the remaining cases when $n \not\equiv 0\pmod k$, establishing a conjecture of R\"odl, Ruci\'nski and Szemer\'edi. In this paper, we determine the minimum co-degree threshold for almost perfect matchings in $k$-partite $k$-graphs, answering a question of R\"odl and Ruci\'nski. Read More

In the single j shell(f_{7/2}){}^{48} Cr is the first even-even nucleus for which there are T=0 (Isoscalar) J=1^{+} states and T=1J=0^{+}These states are here studied. This nucleus ,in the same model space, is mid-shell for both neutrons and protons and this leads to many selection rules. Read More

Money laundering is a major global problem, enabling criminal organisations to hide their ill-gotten gains and to finance further operations. Prevention of money laundering is seen as a high priority by many governments, however detection of money laundering without prior knowledge of predicate crimes remains a significant challenge. Previous detection systems have tended to focus on individuals, considering transaction histories and applying anomaly detection to identify suspicious behaviour. Read More

The publication of fake reviews by parties with vested interests has become a severe problem for consumers who use online product reviews in their decision making. To counter this problem a number of methods for detecting these fake reviews, termed opinion spam, have been proposed. However, to date, many of these methods focus on analysis of review text, making them unsuitable for many review systems where accom-panying text is optional, or not possible. Read More

Anomalies in online social networks can signify irregular, and often illegal behaviour. Anomalies in online social networks can signify irregular, and often illegal behaviour. Detection of such anomalies has been used to identify malicious individuals, including spammers, sexual predators, and online fraudsters. Read More

We theoretically investigate light propagation in two periodically modulated nonlinear waveguides with certain propagation constant detuning between two guides. By slowly varying the amplitude of modulation, we can steer the light to the desired output waveguide when equal amounts of lights are launched into each waveguide. We also reveal that the light propagation dynamics depends sensitively on the detuning between two guides. Read More

We propose a mechanism for realization of exact control of parity-time (PT) symmetry by using a periodically modulated nonlinear optical coupler with balanced gain and loss. It is shown that for certain appropriately chosen values of the modulation parameters, we can construct a family of exact analytical solutions for the two-mode equations describing the dynamics of such nonlinear couplers. These exact solutions give explicit examples that allow us to precisely manipulate the system from nonlinearity-induced symmetry breaking to PT symmetry, thus providing an analytical approach to the all-optical signal control in nonlinear PT-symmetric structures. Read More

We propose an alternative framework for quantifying coherence. The framework is based on a natural property of coherence, the additivity of coherence for subspace-independent states, which is described by an operation-independent equality rather than operation-dependent inequalities and therefore applicable to various physical contexts. Our framework is compatible with all the known results on coherence measures but much more flexible and convenient for applications, and by using it many open questions can be resolved. Read More

We proposed a new way, adding intertube atoms, to enhance interfacial thermal conductance (ITC) between SiC-carbon nanotube (CNT) array structure. Non-equilibrium molecular dynamics method was used to study the ITC. The results show that the intertube atoms can significantly enhance the ITC. Read More

We demonstrate the existence of stationary states composed of vortex lines attached to planar dark solitons in scalar Bose-Einstein condensates. Dynamically stable states of this type are found at low values of the chemical potential in channeled condensates, where the long-wavelength instability of dark solitons is prevented. In oblate, harmonic traps, U-shaped vortex lines attached by both ends to a single planar soliton are shown to be long-lived states. Read More

We introduce the cut averaged entanglement entropy in disordered periodic spin chains and prove it to be a concave function of subsystem size for individual eigenstates. This allows us to identify the entanglement scaling as a function of subsystem size for individual states in inhomogeneous systems. Using this quantity, we probe the critical region between the many-body localized (MBL) and ergodic phases in finite systems. Read More

Here we study non-convex composite optimization: first, a finite-sum of smooth but non-convex functions, and second, a general function that admits a simple proximal mapping. Most research on stochastic methods for composite optimization assumes convexity or strong convexity of each function. In this paper, we extend this problem into the non-convex setting using variance reduction techniques, such as prox-SVRG and prox-SAGA. Read More

We evaluate the entanglement entropy of a non-minimal coupling Einstein-scalar theory with two approaches in classical Euclidean gravity. By analysing the equation of motion, we find that the entangled surface is restricted to be a minimal surface. The entanglement entropy formula is derived directly from the approach of regularized conical singularity. Read More

We study the maximal Salem degree of automorphisms of K3 surfaces via elliptic fibrations. By generalizing \cite{EOY14}, we establish a characterization of such maximum in terms of elliptic fibrations with infinite automorphism groups. As an application, we show that any supersingular K3 surface in odd characteristic has an automorphism the entropy of which is the natural logarithm of a Salem number of degree $22$. Read More