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Near repeat (NR) is a well known phenomenon in crime analysis assuming that crime events exhibit cor- relations within a given time and space frame. Traditional NR calculation generates 2 event pairs if 2 events happened within a given space and time limit. When the number of events is large, however, NR calculation is time consuming and how these pairs are organized are not yet explored. Read More

This paper concerns the continuous time mean-variance portfolio selection problem with a special nonlinear wealth equation. This nonlinear wealth equation has nonsmooth random coefficients and the dual method developed in [7] does not work. To apply the completion of squares technique, we introduce two Riccati equations to cope with the positive and negative part of the wealth process separately. Read More

Numerous EWs were discovered by several deep photometric survey and there are about 40785 EW-type binary systems listed in the international variable star index (VSX) by March 13, 2017. 7938 of them were observed by LAMOST by November 30, 2016 and their spectral types were given. Stellar atmospheric parameters of 5363 EW-type binary stars were determined based on good spectroscopic observations. Read More

The self-assembly mechanism of one-end-open carbon nanotubes (CNTs) suspended in an aqueous solution was studied by molecular dynamics simulations. It was shown that two one-end-open CNTs with different diameters can coaxially self-assemble into a nanocapsule. The nanocapsules formed were stable in aqueous solution under ambient conditions, and the pressure inside the nanocapsule was much higher than the ambient pressure due to the van der Waals interactions between two parts of the nanocapsule. Read More

In this paper, we propose a novel approach for learning multi-label classifiers with the help of privileged information. Specifically, we use similarity constraints to capture the relationship between available information and privileged information, and use ranking constraints to capture the dependencies among multiple labels. By integrating similarity constraints and ranking constraints into the learning process of classifiers, the privileged information and the dependencies among multiple labels are exploited to construct better classifiers during training. Read More

A novel bilayer is introduced, consisting of a stiff film adhered to a soft substrate with patterned holes beneath the film and substrate interface. To uncover the transition of surface patterns, two dimensional plane strain simulations are performed on the defected bilayer subjected to uniaxial compression. Although the substrate is considered as the linear elastic material, the presence of defects can directly trigger the formation of locally ridged and then folding configurations from flat surface with a relatively small compressive strain. Read More

Pimple is one of the most common skin diseases for humans. The mechanical modeling of pimple growth is very limited. A finite element model is developed to quantify the deformation field with the expansion of follicle, and then the mechanical stimulus is related to the sensation of pain during the development of pimple. Read More

Although a data processing system often works as a batch processing system, many enterprises deploy such a system as a service, which we call the service-oriented data processing system. It has been shown that in-memory data processing systems suffer from serious memory pressure. The situation becomes even worse for the service-oriented data processing systems due to various reasons. Read More

We consider the topic of multivariate regression on manifold-valued output, that is, for a multivariate observation, its output response lies on a manifold. Moreover, we propose a new regression model to deal with the presence of grossly corrupted manifold-valued responses, a bottleneck issue commonly encountered in practical scenarios. Our model first takes a correction step on the grossly corrupted responses via geodesic curves on the manifold, and then performs multivariate linear regression on the corrected data. Read More

The core number of a vertex is a basic index depicting cohesiveness of a graph, and has been widely used in large-scale graph analytics. In this paper, we study the update of core numbers of vertices in dynamic graphs with edge insertions/deletions, which is known as the core maintenance problem. Different from previous approaches that just focus on the case of single-edge insertion/deletion and sequentially handle the edges when multiple edges are inserted/deleted, we investigate the parallelism in the core maintenance procedure. Read More

In this paper we present an analysis of absorption line variability in mini-BAL quasar LBQS 1206+1052. The SDSS spectrum demonstrates that the absorption troughs can be divided into two components of blueshift velocities of $\sim$700 km s$^{-1}$ and $\sim$1400 km s$^{-1}$ relative to the quasar rest-frame. The former component shows rare Balmer absorption, which is an indicator of high density absorbing gas, thus the quasar is worth follow-up spectroscopic observations. Read More

Based on extensive evolutionary algorithm driven structural search, we propose a new diphosphorus trisulfide (P2S3) 2D crystal, which is dynamically, thermally and chemically stable as confirmed by the computed phonon spectrum and ab initio molecular dynamics simulations. This 2D crystalline phase of P2S3 corresponds to the global minimum in the Born-Oppenheimer surface of the phosphorus sulfide monolayers with 2:3 stoichiometries. It is a wide band gap (4. Read More

Collaborative activities among knowledge workers such as software developers underlie the development of modern society, but the in-depth understanding of their behavioral patterns in open online communities is very challenging. The availability of large volumes of data in open-source software (OSS) repositories (e.g. Read More

A layer-pressure topological phase diagram is obtained for few-layer phosphorene under increasing hydrostatic pressures by first-principles electronic structure calculations. We show that pressure can effectively manipulates the band structures of few-layer phosphorene -- a pressure of less than 4.2 GPa can drive the quasi-two-dimensional (2D) phosphorene (of 4 layers or thicker) from normal insulators to nontrivial topological Dirac semimetals (TDSMs). Read More

Ion hydrations are ubiquitous in natural and fundamental processes. A quantitative analysis of a novel CO2 sorbent driven by ion hydrations was presented by molecular dynamics (MD). We explored the humidity effect on the diffusion and structure of ion hydrations in CO2 sorbent, as well as the working mechanism of the moisture-swing CO2 sorbent. Read More

In this paper, we propose a simple but effective method for fast image segmentation. We re-examine the locality-preserving character of spectral clustering by constructing a graph over image regions with both global and local connections. Our novel approach to build graph connections relies on two key observations: 1) local region pairs that co-occur frequently will have a high probability to reside on a common object; 2) spatially distant regions in a common object often exhibit similar visual saliency, which implies their neighborship in a manifold. Read More

The hydration of ions in nanoscale hydrated clusters is ubiquitous and essential in many physical and chemical processes. Here we show that the hydrolysis reaction is strongly affected by relative humidity. The hydrolysis of CO32- with n = 1-8 water molecules is investigated by ab initio method. Read More

ReaxFF provides a method to model reactive chemical systems in large-scale molecular dynamics simulations. Here, we developed ReaxFF parameters for phosphorus and hydrogen to give a good description of the chemical and mechanical properties of pristine and defected black phosphorene. ReaxFF for P/H is transferable to a wide range of phosphorus and hydrogen containing systems including bulk black phosphorus, blue phosphorene, edge-hydrogenated phosphorene, phosphorus clusters and phosphorus hydride molecules. Read More

A novel system containing nanoporous materials and carbonate ions is proposed, which is capable to capture CO2 from ambient air simply by controlling the amount of water (humidity) in the system. The system absorbs CO2 from the air when the surrounding is dry, whereas desorbs CO2 when wet. A design of such a CO2 absorption/desorption system is investigated in this paper using molecular dynamics and quantum mechanics simulations, and also verified by experiments. Read More

Thermoelectric (TE) materials achieve localised conversion between thermal and electric energies, and the conversion efficiency is determined by a figure of merit zT. Up to date, two-dimensional electron gas (2DEG) related TE materials hold the records for zT near room-temperature. A sharp increase in zT up to ~2. Read More

We performed angle-resolved photoemission spectroscopy studies on a series of FeTe$_{1-x}$Se$_{x}$ monolayer films grown on SrTiO$_{3}$. The superconductivity of the films is robust and rather insensitive to the variations of the band position and effective mass caused by the substitution of Se by Te. However, the band gap between the electron- and hole-like bands at the Brillouin zone center decreases towards band inversion and parity exchange, which drive the system to a nontrivial topological state predicted by theoretical calculations. Read More

Many-body interactions can produce novel ground states in a condensed-matter system. For example, interacting electrons and holes can spontaneously form excitons, a neutral bound state, provided that the exciton binding energy exceeds the energy separation between the single particle states. Here we report on electrical transport measurements on spatially separated two-dimensional electron and hole gases with nominally degenerate energy subbands, realized in an InAs(10 nm)/GaSb(5 nm) coupled quantum well. Read More

Broad emission-line outflows of active galactic nuclei (AGNs) have been proposed for many years but are very difficult to quantitatively study because of the coexistence of the gravitationally-bound and outflow emission. We present detailed analysis of a heavily reddened quasar, SDSS J000610.67+121501. Read More

Cooperative geolocation has attracted significant research interests in recent years. A large number of localization algorithms rely on the availability of statistical knowledge of measurement errors, which is often difficult to obtain in practice. Compared with the statistical knowledge of measurement errors, it can often be easier to obtain the measurement error bound. Read More

Nano-structures with giant magnetocrystalline anisotropy energies (MAE) are desired in designing miniaturized magnetic storage and quantum computing devices. Through ab initio and model calculations, we propose that special p-element dimers and single-adatom on symmetry-matched substrates possess giant atomic MAE of 72-200 meV with room temperature structural stability. The huge MAE originates from degenerate orbitals around Fermi level. Read More

Recently, we have witnessed the explosive growth of images with complex information and content. In order to effectively and precisely retrieve desired images from a large-scale image database with low time-consuming, we propose the multiple feature fusion image retrieval algorithm based on the texture feature and rough set theory in this paper. In contrast to the conventional approaches that only use the single feature or standard, we fuse the different features with operation of normalization. Read More

Knowledge Tracing (KT) is a task of tracing evolving knowledge state of students with respect to one or more concepts as they engage in a sequence of learning activities. One important purpose of KT is to personalize the practice sequence to help students learn knowledge concepts efficiently. However, existing methods such as Bayesian Knowledge Tracing and Deep Knowledge Tracing either model knowledge state for each predefined concept separately or fail to pinpoint exactly which concepts a student is good at or unfamiliar with. Read More

Random numbers are indispensable for a variety of applications ranging from testing physics foundation to information encryption. In particular, nonlocality tests provide a strong evidence to our current understanding of nature -- quantum mechanics. All the random number generators (RNG) used for the existing tests are constructed locally, making the test results vulnerable to the freedom-of-choice loophole. Read More

Neural networks (NN) have achieved state-of-the-art performance in various applications. Unfortunately in applications where training data is insufficient, they are often prone to overfitting. One effective way to alleviate this problem is to exploit the Bayesian approach by using Bayesian neural networks (BNN). Read More

Accurate quantum gates are basic elements for building quantum computers. There has been great interest in designing quantum gates by using blockade effect of Rydberg atoms recently. The fidelity and operation speed of these gates, however, are fundamentally limited by the blockade error. Read More

Hybrid methods that utilize both content and rating information are commonly used in many recommender systems. However, most of them use either handcrafted features or the bag-of-words representation as a surrogate for the content information but they are neither effective nor natural enough. To address this problem, we develop a collaborative recurrent autoencoder (CRAE) which is a denoising recurrent autoencoder (DRAE) that models the generation of content sequences in the collaborative filtering (CF) setting. Read More

We present the results of the photometric and spectrophotometric properties of the 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko nucleus derived with the OSIRIS instrument during the closest fly-by over the comet, which took place on 14 th February 2015 at a distance of {\~} 6 km from the surface. Several images covering the 0{\deg}-33{\deg} phase angle range were acquired, and the spatial resolution achieved was 11 cm/pxl. The flown-by region is located on the big lobe of the comet, near the borders of the Ash, Apis and Imhotep regions. Read More

The interfaces between organic molecules and metal surfaces with layered antiferromagnetic order have gained increasing interests in the field of antiferromagnetic spintronics. The C60 layered AFM spinterfaces have been studied for C60 bonded only to the outermost ferromagnetic layer. Using density functional theory calculations, here we demonstrate that C60 adsorption can reconstruct the layered AFM Cr(001) surface so that C60 bonds to the top two Cr layers with opposite spin direction. Read More

A/B testing, also known as controlled experiment, bucket testing or splitting testing, has been widely used for evaluating a new feature, service or product in the data-driven decision processes of online websites. The goal of A/B testing is to estimate or test the difference between the treatment effects of the old and new variations. It is a well-studied two-sample comparison problem if each user's response is influenced by her treatment only. Read More

Detection and learning based appearance feature play the central role in data association based multiple object tracking (MOT), but most recent MOT works usually ignore them and only focus on the hand-crafted feature and association algorithms. In this paper, we explore the high-performance detection and deep learning based appearance feature, and show that they lead to significantly better MOT results in both online and offline setting. We make our detection and appearance feature publicly available. Read More

It is well known that optical media create artificial geometry for light, and curved geometry acts as an effective optical medium. This correspondence originates from the form invariance of Maxwells equations, which recently has spawned a booming field called transformation optics. Here we investigate responses of three transformation media under electromagnetic pulses, and find that pulse radiation can induce unbalanced net force on transformation media, which will cause translation and rotation of transformation media although their final momentum can still be zero. Read More

Neural machine translation (NMT) heavily relies on word-level modelling to learn semantic representations of input sentences. However, for languages without natural word delimiters (e.g. Read More

During its two years mission around comet 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko, ESA's Rosetta spacecraft had the unique opportunity to follow closely a comet in the most active part of its orbit. Many studies have presented the typical features associated to the activity of the nucleus, such as localized dust and gas jets. Here we report on series of more energetic transient events observed during the three months surrounding the comet's perihelion passage in August 2015. Read More

We report direct evidence that magnetically charged superdomain walls form spontaneously in two dimensional square artificial spin ice nanostructures in response to external magnetic fields. These extended magnetic defects were revealed by the development of internal structure, which varies as a function of applied magnetic field, within the Bragg peaks of resonant soft x-ray magnetic scattering patterns. Magnetically charged superdomain walls extend over tens of lattice sites and do not necessarily align with the applied field. Read More

Identifying emerging influential or popular node/item in future on network is a current interest of the researchers. Most of previous works focus on identifying leaders in time evolving networks on the basis of network structure or node's activity separate way. In this paper, we have proposed a hybrid model which considers both, node's structural centrality and recent activity of nodes together. Read More

Beginning in March 2014, the OSIRIS (Optical, Spectroscopic, and Infrared Remote Imaging System) cameras began capturing images of the nucleus and coma (gas and dust) of comet 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko using both the wide angle camera (WAC) and the narrow angle camera (NAC). The many observations taken since July of 2014 have been used to study the morphology, location, and temporal variation of the comet's dust jets. We analyzed the dust monitoring observations shortly after the southern vernal equinox on May 30 and 31, 2015 with the WAC at the heliocentric distance Rh = 1. Read More

We present OSIRIS/NAC observations of decimetre-sized, likely ice-containing aggregates ejected from a confined region on the surface of comet 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko. The images were obtained in January 2016 when the comet was at 2 AU from the Sun out-bound from perihelion. We measure the acceleration of individual aggregates through a two-hour image series. Read More

The accretion of interstellar medium onto the central super massive black holes is widely accepted as the source of the gigantic energy released by the active galactic nuclei. But few pieces of observational evidence have been confirmed directly demonstrating the existence of the inflows. The absorption line system in the spectra of quasar SDSS J112526. Read More

We demonstrate that the highly sensitive phase-contrast properties of Bragg coherent diffraction measurements combined with the translational diversity of ptychography can provide a Bragg "dark field" imaging method capable of revealing the finger print of domain structure in metallic thin films. Experimental diffraction data was taken from a epitaxially grown niobium metallic thin film on sapphire; and analysed with the help of a careful combination of implemented refinement mechanisms. Read More

We present our solution to the job recommendation task for RecSys Challenge 2016. The main contribution of our work is to combine temporal learning with sequence modeling to capture complex user-item activity patterns to improve job recommendations. First, we propose a time-based ranking model applied to historical observations and a hybrid matrix factorization over time re-weighted interactions. Read More

In this paper, we apply the reduced density trajectory, phi-mapping topological current theory and Ginzberg-Landau model to study the current of the coherent state. We give the new expression of the current of the coherent state. Based on this expression, the symmetry of the coherence is studied. Read More

The Wide Angle Camera of the OSIRIS instrument on board the Rosetta spacecraft is equipped with several narrowband filters that are centered on the emission lines and bands of various fragment species. These are used to determine the evolution of the production and spatial distribution of the gas in the inner coma of comet 67P with time and heliocentric distance, here between 2.6 - 1. Read More

Recently, the different electronic charges, which are related to the different coupling constants with magnetic field, in the two-component superconductor have been studied in frame of Ginzburg-Landau theory. In order to study the electronic charges in detail we suggest the wave function in the two-component superconductor to be coherent state. We find the different electronic charges exist not only in the coherent state but the incoherent state. Read More

Fork-join network is a class of queueing networks with applications in manufactory, healthcare and computation systems. In this paper, we develop a simulation algorithm that (1) generates i.i. Read More