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Blazars radiate from radio through gamma-ray frequencies thereby being ideal targets for multifrequency studies. Such studies allow constraining the properties of the emitting jet. 3C 279 is among the most notable blazars and therefore subject to extensive multifrequency campaigns. Read More

The active galaxy PKS 0208-512, detected at lower energies by COMPTEL, has been claimed to be a MeV blazar from EGRET. We report on the most recent INTEGRAL observations of the blazar PKS 0208-512, which are supplemented by Swift ToO observations. The high energy X-ray and gamma-ray emission of PKS 0208-512 during August - December 2008 has been studied using 682 ks of INTEGRAL guest observer time and ~ 56 ks of Swift/XRT observations. Read More

To probe further the possible nature of the unidentified source IGR J17098-3628, we have carried out a detailed analysis of its long-term time variability as monitored by RXTE/ASM, and of its hard X-ray properties as observed by INTEGRAL. INTEGRAL has monitored this sky region over years and significantly detected IGR J17098-3628 only when the source was in this dubbed active state. In particular, at $\ge$ 20 keV, IBIS/ISGRI caught an outburst in March 2005, lasting for $\sim$5 days with detection significance of 73$\sigma$ (20-40 keV) and with the emission at $< $200 keV. Read More

We report on an analysis of X- and $\gamma$-ray observations of PKS 1830-211, based on the long-term campaigns carried out by \emph{INTEGRAL} and COMPTEL. The \emph{INTEGRAL} data currently available present a $33\sigma$ significance detection in the 20-100 keV band, while the COMPTEL 6-years data provide a $5.2\sigma$ significance detection in the 1-3 MeV energy band. Read More

The COMPTEL unidentified source GRO J 1411-64 was observed by INTEGRAL and XMM-Newton in 2005. The Circinus Galaxy is the only source detected within the 4$\sigma$ location error of GRO J1411-64, but in here excluded as the possible counterpart. At soft X-rays, 22 reliable and statistically significant sources (likelihood $> 10$) were extracted and analyzed from XMM-Newton data. Read More

The COMPTEL unidentified source GRO J1411-64 was observed by INTEGRAL, and its central part, also by XMM-Newton. The data analysis shows no hint for new detections at hard X-rays. The upper limits in flux herein presented constrain the energy spectrum of whatever was producing GRO J1411-64, imposing, in the framework of earlier COMPTEL observations, the existence of a peak in power output located somewhere between 300-700 keV for the so-called low state. Read More

INTEGRAL and RXTE performed three simultaneous observations of the nearby radio galaxy Cen A in 2003 March, 2004 January, and 2004 February with the goals of investigating the geometry and emission processes via the spectral/temporal variability of the X-ray/low energy gamma ray flux, and intercalibration of the INTEGRAL instruments with respect to those on RXTE. When combined with earlier archival RXTE results, we find the power law continuum flux and the line-of-sight column depth varied independently, and the iron line flux was essentially unchanging. Taking X-ray spectral measurements from satellite missions since 1970 into account, we discover a variability in the column depth between 1. Read More