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Publications Authored By Wenyuan Wu

A special homotopy continuation method, as a combination of the polyhedral homotopy and the linear product homotopy, is proposed for computing all the isolated solutions to a special class of polynomial systems. The root number bound of this method is between the total degree bound and the mixed volume bound and can be easily computed. The new algorithm has been implemented as a program called LPH using C++. Read More

The real radical ideal of a system of polynomials with finitely many complex roots is generated by a system of real polynomials having only real roots and free of multiplicities. It is a central object in computational real algebraic geometry and important as a preconditioner for numerical solvers. Lasserre and co-workers have shown that the real radical ideal of real polynomial systems with finitely many real solutions can be determined by a combination of semi-definite programming (SDP) and geometric involution techniques. Read More

Motivated by Pryce's structural index reduction method for differential algebraic equations (DAEs), we show the complexity of the fixed-point iteration algorithm and propose a fixed-point iteration method with parameters. It leads to a block fixed-point iteration method which can be applied to large-scale DAEs with block upper triangular structure. Moreover, its complexity analysis is also given in this paper. Read More

Geometric involutive bases for polynomial systems of equations have their origin in the prolongation and projection methods of the geometers Cartan and Kuranishi for systems of PDE. They are useful for numerical ideal membership testing and the solution of polynomial systems. In this paper we further develop our symbolic-numeric methods for such bases. Read More

The PSLQ algorithm is one of the most popular algorithm for finding nontrivial integer relations for several real numbers. In the present work, we present an incremental version of PSLQ. For some applications needing to call PSLQ many times, such as finding the minimal polynomial of an algebraic number without knowing the degree, the incremental PSLQ algorithm is more efficient than PSLQ, both theoretically and practically. Read More

In this paper, based on the homotopy continuation method and the interval Newton method, an efficient algorithm is introduced to isolate the real roots of semi-algebraic system. Tests on some random examples and a variety of problems including transcendental functions arising in many applications show that the new algorithm reduces the cost substantially compared with the traditional symbolic approaches. Read More

A new algorithm for real root isolation of polynomial equations based on hybrid computation is presented in this paper. Firstly, the approximate (complex) zeros of the given polynomial equations are obtained via homotopy continuation method. Then, for each approximate zero, an initial box relying on the Kantorovich theorem is constructed, which contains the corresponding accurate zero. Read More

This paper deals with the structural analysis problem of dynamic lumped process high-index DAE models. We consider two methods for index reduction of such models by differentiation: Pryce's method and the symbolic differential elimination algorithm rifsimp. Discussion and comparison of these methods are given via a class of fundamental process simulation examples. Read More

Factorization of polynomials is one of the foundations of symbolic computation. Its applications arise in numerous branches of mathematics and other sciences. However, the present advanced programming languages such as C++ and J++, do not support symbolic computation directly. Read More