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The classification of multivariate functional data is an important task in scientific research. Unlike point-wise data, functional data are usually classified by their shapes rather than by their scales. We define an outlyingness matrix by extending directional outlyingness, an effective measure of the shape variation of curves that combines the direction of outlyingness with conventional depth. Read More

This article proposes a new graphical tool, the magnitude-shape (MS) plot, for visualizing both the magnitude and shape outlyingness of multivariate functional data. The proposed tool builds on the recent notion of functional directional outlyingness, which measures the centrality of functional data by simultaneously considering the level and the direction of their deviation from the central region. The MS-plot intuitively presents not only levels but also directions of magnitude outlyingness on the horizontal axis or plane, and demonstrates shape outlyingness on the vertical axis. Read More

The direction of outlyingness is crucial to describing the centrality of multivariate functional data. Motivated by this idea, we generalize classical depth to directional outlyingness for functional data. We investigate theoretical properties of functional directional outlyingness and find that it naturally decomposes functional outlyingness into two parts: magnitude outlyingness and shape outlyingness which represent the centrality of a curve for magnitude and shape, respectively. Read More