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We investigate a single machine rescheduling problem that arises from an unexpected machine unavailability, after the given set of jobs has already been scheduled to minimize the total weighted completion time. Such a disruption is represented as an unavailable time interval and is revealed to the production planner before any job is processed; the production planner wishes to reschedule the jobs to minimize the alteration to the originally planned schedule, which is measured as the maximum time deviation between the original and the new schedules for all the jobs. The objective function in this rescheduling problem is to minimize the sum of the total weighted completion time and the weighted maximum time deviation, under the constraint that the maximum time deviation is bounded above by a given value. Read More

We consider the single machine scheduling problem with job-dependent machine deterioration. In the problem, we are given a single machine with an initial non-negative maintenance level, and a set of jobs each with a non-preemptive processing time and a machine deterioration. Such a machine deterioration quantifies the decrement in the machine maintenance level after processing the job. Read More