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Mathematics - Optimization and Control (3)
Mathematics - Probability (1)
Computer Science - Multiagent Systems (1)
Computer Science - Robotics (1)

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This paper investigates the task assignment problem for multiple dispersed robots constrained by limited communication range. The robots are initially randomly distributed and need to visit several target locations while minimizing the total travel time. A centralized rendezvous-based algorithm is proposed, under which all the robots first move towards a rendezvous position until communication paths are established between every pair of robots either directly or through intermediate peers, and then one robot is chosen as the leader to make a centralized task assignment for the other robots. Read More

It is desirable but challenging to fulfill system constraints and reach optimal performance in consensus protocol design for practical multi-agent systems (MASs). This paper investigates the optimal consensus problem for general linear MASs subject to control input constraints. Two classes of MASs including subsystems with semi-stable and unstable dynamics are considered. Read More

This paper investigates the consensus problem of general linear multi-agent systems under the framework of optimization. A novel distributed receding horizon control (RHC) strategy for consensus is proposed. We show that the consensus protocol generated by the unconstrained distributed RHC can be expressed in an explicit form. Read More