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Publications Authored By Wee Hao Ng

We propose a new mechanism for thermal dark matter freezeout, termed Co-Decaying Dark Matter. Multi-component dark sectors with degenerate particles and out-of-equilibrium decays can co-decay to obtain the observed relic density. The dark matter density is exponentially depleted through the decay of nearly degenerate particles, rather than from Boltzmann suppression. Read More

We study several aspects of supersymmetric models with a $U(1)_R$ symmetry where the Higgs doublet is identified with the superpartner of a lepton. We derive new, stronger bounds on the gaugino masses based on current measurements, and also propose ways to probe the model up to scales of $\mathcal{O}(10\, \textrm{TeV})$ at future $e^+e^-$ colliders. Since the $U(1)_R$ symmetry cannot be exact, we analyze the effects of $R$-symmetry breaking on neutrino masses and proton decay. Read More

A recent ATLAS search for diboson resonances and a CMS search for $eejj$ resonances which both show excesses with significance around 3 sigma have generated interest in $SU(2)_R$ gauge extensions of the Standard Model with a $W'$ mass around 2 TeV. We investigate the possibility that an $SU(2)_R$ gauge extension of the MSSM compatible with an explanation of the diboson anomaly might give rise to a significant enhancement of the Higgs mass above the MSSM tree level bound $m_{h, \text{tree}} < 90 \; \text{GeV}$ due to non-decoupling D-terms. This model contains a vector-like charge -1/3 $SU(2)_R$ singlet quark for each generation which mixes significantly with the $SU(2)_R$ doublet quarks, affecting the $W_R$ phenomenology. Read More

Recent searches for first-generation leptoquarks and heavy right-handed $W_R$ bosons have seen excesses in final states with electrons and jets. A bizarre property of these excesses is that they appear to violate lepton universality. With these results in mind, we study the phenomenology of supersymmetric models in which the Higgs arises as the sneutrino in an electron supermultiplet. Read More

The simplest neutrino mass models based on $A_4$ symmetry predict $\theta_{13} = 0$ at tree level, a value that contradicts recent data. We study models that arise from the spontaneous breaking of an $SO(3)$ symmetry to its $A_4$ subgroup, and find that such models can naturally accommodate a nonzero $\theta_{13}$ at tree level. Standard Model charged leptons mix with additional heavy ones to generate a $\theta_{13}$ that scales with the ratio of the $A_4$-breaking to $SO(3)$-breaking scales. Read More

Coupled quantum harmonic oscillators, studied by many authors using many different techniques over the decades, are frequently used toy-models to study open quantum systems. In this manuscript, we explicitly study the simplest oscillator model -- a pair of initially decoupled quantum harmonic oscillators interacting with a spring-like coupling, where the bath oscillator is initially in a thermal-like state. In particular, we treat the completely positive and trace preserving map on the system as a quantum channel, and study the truncation of the channel by truncating its Kraus set and its output dimension. Read More

A query routing broker is a software agent that determines from a large set of accessing information sources the ones most relevant to a user's information need. As the number of information sources on the Internet increases dramatically, future users will have to rely on query routing brokers to decide a small number of information sources to query without incurring too much query processing overheads. In this paper, we describe a query routing broker known as ZBroker developed for bibliographic database servers that support the Z39. Read More