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Wang Yi
Uppsala University, Sweden

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Federated scheduling is a promising approach to schedule parallel real-time tasks on multi-cores, where each heavy task exclusively executes on a number of dedicated processors, while light tasks are treated as sequential sporadic tasks and share the remaining processors. However, federated scheduling suffers resource waste since a heavy task with processing capacity requirement $x + \epsilon$ (where $x$ is an integer and $0 < \epsilon < 1$) needs $x + 1$ dedicated processors. In the extreme case, almost half of the processing capacity is wasted. Read More

This paper studies real-time scheduling of mixed-criticality systems where low-criticality tasks are still guaranteed some service in the high-criticality mode, with reduced execution budgets. First, we present a utilization-based schedulability test for such systems under EDF-VD scheduling. Second, we quantify the suboptimality of EDF-VD (with our test condition) in terms of speedup factors. Read More

Exploiting the unlicensed spectrum is considered by 3GPP as one promising solution to meet the ever-increasing traffic growth. As a result, one major enhancement for LTE in Release 13 has been to enable its operation in the unlicensed spectrum via Licensed-Assisted Access (LAA). In this article, we provide an overview of the Release 13 LAA technology including motivation, use cases, LTE enhancements for enabling the unlicensed band operation, and the coexistence evaluation results contributed by 3GPP participants. Read More

The time-resolved electron beam envelope parameters including sectional distribution and position are important and necessary for the study of beam transmission characteristics in the magnetic field and verifying the magnetic field setup rationality. One kind of high time-resolved beam envelope measurement system has developed recently. It is mainly constituted of high framing camera and streak camera. Read More

Affiliations: 1Cornell University, USA, 2Uppsala University, Sweden, 3Uppsala University, Sweden, 4Uppsala University, Sweden

Languages based on the theory of timed automata are a well established approach for modelling and analysing real-time systems, with many applications both in industrial and academic context. Model checking for timed automata has been studied extensively during the last two decades; however, even now industrial-grade model checkers are available only for few timed automata dialects (in particular Uppaal timed automata), exhibit limited scalability for systems with large discrete state space, or cannot handle parametrised systems. We explore the use of Horn constraints and off-the-shelf model checkers for analysis of networks of timed automata. Read More

Affiliations: 1Uppsala University, 2Uppsala University, 3Uppsala University

Sampled semantics of timed automata is a finite approximation of their dense time behavior. While the former is closer to the actual software or hardware systems with a fixed granularity of time, the abstract character of the latter makes it appealing for system modeling and verification. We study one aspect of the relation between these two semantics, namely checking whether the system exhibits some qualitative (untimed) behaviors in the dense time which cannot be reproduced by any implementation with a fixed sampling rate. Read More