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In this paper, we study a stochastic variant of the celebrated k-server problem. In the k-server problem, we are required to minimize the total movement of k servers that are serving an online sequence of t requests in a metric. In the stochastic setting we are given t independent distributions Read More

We design the first online algorithm with poly-logarithmic competitive ratio for the edge-weighted degree-bounded Steiner forest(EW-DB-SF) problem and its generalized variant. We obtain our result by demonstrating a new generic approach for solving mixed packing/covering integer programs in the online paradigm. In EW-DB-SF we are given an edge-weighted graph with a degree bound for every vertex. Read More

We initiate the study of degree-bounded network design problems in the online setting. The degree-bounded Steiner tree problem { which asks for a subgraph with minimum degree that connects a given set of vertices { is perhaps one of the most representative problems in this class. This paper deals with its well-studied generalization called the degree-bounded Steiner forest problem where the connectivity demands are represented by vertex pairs that need to be individually connected. Read More

Optimal stopping theory is a powerful tool for analyzing scenarios such as online auctions in which we generally require optimizing an objective function over the space of stopping rules for an allocation process under uncertainty. Perhaps the most classic problems of stopping theory are the prophet inequality problem and the secretary problem. The classical prophet inequality states that by choosing the same threshold OPT/2 for every step, one can achieve the tight competitive ratio of 0. Read More

Moss and Rabani[12] study constrained node-weighted Steiner tree problems with two independent weight values associated with each node, namely, cost and prize (or penalty). They give an O(log n)-approximation algorithm for the prize-collecting node-weighted Steiner tree problem (PCST). They use the algorithm for PCST to obtain a bicriteria (2, O(log n))-approximation algorithm for the Budgeted node-weighted Steiner tree problem. Read More

With more than four billion usage of cellular phones worldwide, mobile advertising has become an attractive alternative to online advertisements. In this paper, we propose a new targeted advertising policy for Wireless Service Providers (WSPs) via SMS or MMS- namely {\em AdCell}. In our model, a WSP charges the advertisers for showing their ads. Read More

Coalition formation is a key topic in multi-agent systems. Coalitions enable agents to achieve goals that they may not have been able to achieve on their own. Previous work has shown problems in coalitional games to be computationally hard. Read More