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V. K. Dixit
Physical Research Laboratory, India

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Publications Authored By V. K. Dixit

We use first-principles total-energy calculations based on density functional theory to study the site occupancy and magnetic properties of Al-substituted $M$-type strontium hexaferrite SrFe$_{12-x}$Al$_{x}$O$_{19}$ with $x=0.5$ and $x=1.0$. Read More

We at RRCAT have recently developed high power laser diodes in the wavelength range of 740 to 1000 nm. A typical semiconductor laser structure is consisted of about 10 epilayers with different composition, thickness and doping values. For example, a laser diode operating at 0. Read More

Carbons are being widely investigated as hydrogen storage material owing to their light weight, fast hydrogen adsorption kinetics and cost effectiveness. However, these materials suffer from low hydrogen storage capacity, particularly at room temperature. The aim of the present study is to develop carbon-based material from natural bio-precursor which shows at least moderate hydrogen storage at room temperature. Read More

Affiliations: 1Physical Research Laboratory, India, 2Pennsylvania State University, 3Physical Research Laboratory, India, 4Pennsylvania State University, 5Physical Research Laboratory, India, 6Pennsylvania State University, 7Physical Research Laboratory, India, 8Hobart and William Smith Colleges, 9Physical Research Laboratory, India

HD 213597 is an eclipsing binary system which was detected by the STEREO spacecraft and was speculated to host a low-mass stellar companion. We used high-resolution spectroscopy with the 10-m Hobby-Eberly Telescope and the 1.2-m telescope in Mt Abu for radial velocity (RV) measurements of this source. Read More

We present spectrograph design details and initial radial velocity results from the PRL optical fiber-fed high-resolution cross-dispersed echelle spectrograph (PARAS), which has recently been commissioned at the Mt Abu 1.2 m telescope, in India. Data obtained as part of the post-commissioning tests with PARAS show velocity precision better than 2m/s over a period of several months on bright RV standard stars. Read More

In this paper Knockout Refinement Algorithm (KRA) is proposed to refine original clusters obtained by applying SOM and K-Means clustering algorithms. KRA Algorithm is based on Contingency Table concepts. Metrics are computed for the Original and Refined Clusters. Read More

On the internet, web surfers, in the search of information, always strive for recommendations. The solutions for generating recommendations become more difficult because of exponential increase in information domain day by day. In this paper, we have calculated entropy based similarity between users to achieve solution for scalability problem. Read More

InAs_{x}Sb_{1-x} alloys show a strong bowing in the energy gap, the energy gap of the alloy can be less than the gap of the two parent compounds. We demonstrate that a consequence of this alloying is a systematic degradation in the sharpness of the absorption edge. The alloy disorder induced band-tail (Urbach tail) characteristics are quantitatively studied for InAs_{0. Read More