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V. Ganesan
UGC-DAE-CSR, Indore, India

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Publications Authored By V. Ganesan

CMB polarization data is usually analyzed using $E$ and $B$ modes because they are scalars quantities under rotations along the lines of sight and have distinct physical origins. We explore the possibility of using the Stokes parameters $Q$ and $U$ for complementary analysis and consistency checks in the context of searches for non-Gaussianity. We show that the Minkowski Functionals (MFs) of $Q,U$ are invariant under local rotations along the lines of sight even though $Q,U$ are spin-2 variables, for full sky analysis. Read More

Quantum size effect-induced heat capacity of metal nanoparticles at low temperatures was predicted 79 years ago to be exponential. This, however, has not been reported until date. In defiance, we demonstrate here observation of exponentially decaying heat capacity, below 45. Read More

Tensor Minkowski Functionals (TMFs) are tensorial generalizations of the usual Minkowski Functionals which are scalar quantities. We introduce them here for use in cosmological analysis, in particular to analyze CMB maps. They encapsulate information about the shapes and the orientation of structures. Read More

We show that counting Euler tours in undirected bounded tree-width graphs is tractable even in parallel - by proving a $\#SAC^1$ upper bound. This is in stark contrast to #P-completeness of the same problem in general graphs. Our main technical contribution is to show how (an instance of) dynamic programming on bounded \emph{clique-width} graphs can be performed efficiently in parallel. Read More

Using the first-principles GW-Bethe-Salpeter equation method, here we study the excited-state properties, including quasi-particle band structures and optical spectra, of phosphorene, a two-dimensional (2D) atomic layer of black phosphorus. The quasi-particle band gap of monolayer phosphorene is 2.15 eV and its optical gap is 1. Read More

We study the signatures of local type primordial non-Gaussianity, parametrized by $\fnl$, of scalar perturbations in CMB polarization using the probability distribution functions, Minkowski Functionals and Betti numbers. We show that the lowest order non-Gaussian deviation of the PDF of the total polarization intensity is at order $(\fnl\sigma)^2$. We calculate the non-Gaussian deviations of Minkowski Functionals and Betti numbers from simulated polarization maps. Read More

In this work, we studied phase formation, structural and magnetic properties of iron-nitride (Fe-N) thin films deposited using high power impulse magnetron sputtering (HiPIMS) and direct current magnetron sputtering (dc-MS). The nitrogen partial pressure during deposition was systematically varied both in HiPIMS and dc-MS. Resulting Fe-N films were characterized for their microstructure, magnetic properties and nitrogen concentration. Read More

Both Ba$_4$Mn$_3$O$_{10}$ and Sr$_4$Mn$_3$O$_{10}$ crystallize in an orthorhombic crystal structure consisting of corrugated layers containing Mn$_3$O$_{12}$ polydedra. The thermal variation of magnetic susceptibility of the compositions consists of a broad hump like feature indicating the presence of low dimensional magnetic correlation. We have systematically investigated the magnetic data of these compounds and found that the experimental results match quite well with the two dimensional Heisenberg model of spin-spin interaction. Read More

The ground-state magnetic properties of hexagonal equiatomic alloy of nominal composition Mn_{0.8}Fe_{0.2}NiGe were investigated through dc magnetization and heat capacity measurements. Read More

Compacted pellets of nanocrystalline nickel (NC-Ni) of average particle size ranging from 18 to 33 nm were prepared using a variety of surfactants. They were characterized well and were studied on the influence of the surfactants on the electrical resistivity and thermopower in the temperature range 5 to 300 K. It was found that the type of the surfactant used dominates over the average particle size in their electrical transport and the detail transport behaviors have been discussed. Read More

Present study reveals that the free energy landscape of the La5/8-yPryCa3/8MnO3 (LPCMO) system could be modified by elastic strain interaction in the epitaxial thin films. Epitaxial LPCMO thin films of various thicknesses are grown on LaAlO3 substrate by pulsed laser deposition. With increasing thickness, by virtue of island growth morphology, strain disorder is invoked in thin films during strain relaxation process. Read More

The development of spin glass like state in a geometrically frustrated (GF) magnet is a matter of great debate. We investigated the effect of magnetic (Mn) and nonmagnetic (Ga) doping at the Cr site of the layered GF antiferromagnetic compound LiCrO2. 10% Ga doping at the Cr site does not invoke any metastability typical of a glassy magnetic state. Read More

We have investigated the temperature dependence of the linear thermal expansion along the hexagonal c axis ($\Delta L$), in-plane resistivity ($\rho$), and specific heat ($C_p$) of the topological insulator Sb$_2$Te$_3$ single crystal. $\Delta L$ exhibits a clear anomaly in the temperature region 204-236 K. The coefficient of linear thermal expansion $\alpha$ decreases rapidly above 204 K, passes through a deep minimum at around 225 K and then increases abruptly in the region 225-236 K. Read More

We have systematically investigated the magnetic properties and magnetocaloric effect (MCE) in $R$MnO$_3$ ($R$$=$Dy, Tb, Ho and Yb) single crystals. Above a critical value of applied field ($H_c$), $R$MnO$_3$ undergo a first-order antiferromagnetic (AFM) to ferromagnetic (FM) transition below the ordering temperature ($T_{N}^{R}$) of $R^{3+}$ moment and a second-order FM to paramagnetic (PM) transition above $T_{N}^{R}$. Both $H$ and $T$ dependence of $M$ shows that the system is highly anisotropic in the FM as well as PM states and, as a result, the magnetic entropy change ($\Delta S_{M}$) is extremely sensitive to the direction of applied field and can be negative (normal MCE) or positive (inverse MCE). Read More

The weak itinerant ferromagnetic behavior of Y$_2$Ni$_7$ is investigated through magnetic, transport and calorimetric measurements. The low value of saturation moment, large Rhodes-Wohlfarth ratio, large value of the linear term in heat capacity and Fermi liquid like resistivity behavior with enhanced electron-electron scattering contribution establish firmly the weak itinerant ferromagetic nature of the sample. The critical exponents associated with the paramagnetic to ferromagnetic transition are also investigated from magnetization isotherms using modified Arrott plot, Kouvel-Fisher plot and critical isotherm technique. Read More

We report the magnetic field dependence of resistivity ($\rho$) and specific heat ($C$) for the non-superconducting PrFeAsO compound. Our study shows a hitherto unobserved anomaly at $T_{SR}$ in the resistivity and specific heat data which arises as a result of the interplay of antiferromagnetic (AFM) Pr and Fe sublattices. Below the AFM transition temperature ($T_N^{\rm{Pr}}$), Pr moment orders along the crystallographic c axis and its effect on the iron subsystem causes a reorientation of the ordered inplane Fe moments in a direction out of the $ab$ plane. Read More

We report the observation of an unusual $B$ dependence of transverse magnetoresistance (MR) in the PrFeAsO, one of the parent compound of pnictide superconductors. Below the spin density wave transition, MR is large, positive and increases with decreasing temperature. At low temperatures, MR increases linearly with $B$ up to 14 T. Read More

Affiliations: 1NPL, New Delhi, India, 2NPL, New Delhi, India, 3NPL, New Delhi, India, 4NPL, New Delhi, India, 5Delhi Univ., India, 6UOW, Australia, 7RRCAT, Indore India, 8UGC-DAE-CSR, Indore, India, 9MPI-Stuttgart, Germany

Here we report the optimized magneto-transport properties of polycrystalline La0.70Ca0.3-xSrxMnO3 and their composites with Ag. Read More

We use computer simulations to explore the manner in which the particle displacements on intermediate time scales in supercooled fluids correlate to their dynamic structural environment. The fluid we study, a binary mixture of hard spheres, exhibits classic signatures of dynamic heterogeneity, including a bifurcated single-particle displacement distribution (i.e. Read More

The high field magnetization and magneto transport measurements are carried out to determine the critical superconducting parameters of MgB2-xCx system. The synthesized samples are pure phase and the lattice parameters evaluation is carried out using the Rietveld refinement. The R-T(H) measurements are done up to a field of 140 kOe. Read More

The geometrically frustrated magnet Ni3V2O8 undergoes a series of competing magnetic ordering at low temperatures. Most importantly, one of the incommensurate phases has been reported to develop a ferroelectric correlation caused by spin frustration. Here we report an extensive thermodynamic, dielectric and magnetic study on clean polycrystalline samples of this novel multiferroic compound. Read More

Affiliations: 1NPL, New Delhi, India, 2NPL, New Delhi, India, 3NPL, New Delhi, India, 4NPL, New Delhi, India, 5IUC, Indore, India, 6IUC, Indore, India, 7Univ. Delhi, India

We report synthesis, structure/micro-structure, resistivity under magnetic field [R(T)H], Raman spectra, thermoelectric power S(T), thermal conductivity K(T), and magnetization of ambient pressure argon annealed polycrystalline bulk samples of MgB2, processed under identical conditions. The compound crystallizes in hexagonal structure with space group P6/mmm. Transmission electron microscopy (TEM) reveals electron micrographs showing various types of defect features along with the presence of 3-4nm thick amorphous layers forming the grain boundaries of otherwise crystalline MgB2. Read More

Affiliations: 1NPL, New Delhi India, 2NPL, New Delhi India, 3NPL, New Delhi India, 4NPL, New Delhi India, 5IUC-Indore, India, 6IUC-Indore, India, 7IUC-Indore, India, 8Univ. Delhi, India

Thermoelectric power, S(T) of the Mg1-xAlxB2 system has been measured for x = 0.0, 0.1, 0. Read More

Compressing or cooling a fluid typically enhances its static interparticle correlations. However, there are notable exceptions. Isothermal compression can reduce the translational order of fluids that exhibit anomalous waterlike trends in their thermodynamic and transport properties, while isochoric cooling (or strengthening of attractive interactions) can have a similar effect on fluids of particles with short-range attractions. Read More

We present molecular simulation data for viscosity, self-diffusivity, and the local structural ordering of (i) a hard-sphere fluid and (ii) a square-well fluid with short-range attractions. The latter fluid exhibits a region of dynamic anomalies in its phase diagram, where its mobility increases upon isochoric cooling, which is found to be a subset of a larger region of structural anomalies, in which its pair correlations strengthen upon isochoric heating. This "cascade of anomalies" qualitatively resembles that found in recent simulations of liquid water. Read More

We introduce and test via molecular simulation a simple model for predicting the manner in which interparticle interactions and thermodynamic conditions impact the single-particle free-volume distributions of equilibrium fluids. The model suggests a scaling relationship for the density-dependent behavior of the hard-sphere system. It also predicts how the second virial coefficients of fluids with short-range attractions affect their free-volume distributions. Read More

We carefully studied the nonsuperconducting sample of the magneto-superconducting RuSr2(Eu1-xCex)Cu2O10 series with composition RuSr2EuCeCu2O10. This compound seems to exhibit a complex magnetic state as revealed by host of techniques like resistivity, thermopower, magnetic susceptibility and MR measurements. Read More

This is the first report of the observation of the onset of excess volume and also of the strain along the a-axis near the magnetic ordering temperature in Ru-1222 superconductor, and indicates a coupling between the lattice and the magnetism in this system. Magnetization, magneto transport and thermoelectric power measurements being carried out on the same sample are also reported. Read More


Magnetic susceptibility, M-H plot, magnetoresistance and thermoelectric power of the RuSr2Eu1.5Ce0.5Cu2O10 superconductor are measured. Read More

Field variation of heat capacity at fixed temperatures is investigated to identify the origin of the field induced first order phase transition in polycrystalline Ce(Fe$_{0.094}$Al$_{0.04}$)$_2$ sample. Read More

We have studied the modification in the Surface morphology of the Si(100) surfaces after 1.5 MeV Sb implantation. Scanning Probe Microscopy has been utilized to investigate the ion implanted surfaces. Read More

Affiliations: 1NPL, New Delhi India, 2NPL, New Delhi India, 3NPL, New Delhi India, 4NPL, New Delhi India, 5NPL, New Delhi India, 6NPL, New Delhi India, 7IUC, Indore India, 8IUC, Indore India, 9IUC, Indore India, 10UDM, USA

Results of phase formation, resistivity (r), and thermo-electric power (S), are reported on Y1-xCaxBa2Cu2.7Co0.3O7 compounds with x = 0. Read More

Affiliations: 1IUC, Indore, INDIA, 2IUC, Indore, INDIA, 3IUC, Indore, INDIA, 4IUC, Indore, INDIA, 5IUC, Indore, INDIA, 6IUC, Indore, INDIA, 7IUC, Indore, INDIA, 8Univ. Maryland USA, 9TIFR, Mumbai, India, 10TIFR, Mumbai, India, 11TIFR, Mumbai, India

Results of thermo-electric power (S) and electrical resistivity (r) measurements are reported on NaxCoO2 compounds with x = 1.0, 0.7 and 0. Read More

Affiliations: 1NPL, India, 2NPL, India, 3NPL, India, 4NPL, India, 5NPL, India, 6IUC, Indore, India, 7IUC, Indore, India, 8IUC, Indore, India, 9TIFR, Mumbai, India, 10TIFR, Mumbai, India

Samples of Y0.4Pr0.6Ba2-xSrxCu3O7 have been synthesized by a solid- state reaction route. Read More

Affiliations: 1NPL, New Delhi, India, 2NPL, New Delhi, India, 3NPL, New Delhi, India, 4NPL, New Delhi, India, 5NPL, New Delhi, India, 6NPL, New Delhi, India, 7TIFR, Mumbai, India, 8TIFR, Mumbai, India, 9IUC, Indore, INDIA, 10IUC, Indore, INDIA

Compounds of series YBa2Cu3O7-d (d = 0.7), being synthesized by solid-state synthesis route with x = 0.0, 0. Read More

We introduce a mean-field model for the potential energy landscape of a thin fluid film confined between parallel substrates. The model predicts how the number of accessible basins on the energy landscape and, consequently, the film's ideal glass transition temperature depend on bulk pressure, film thickness, and the strength of the fluid-fluid and fluid-substrate interactions. The predictions are in qualitative agreement with the experimental trends for the kinetic glass transition temperature of thin films, suggesting the utility of landscape-based approaches for studying the behavior of confined fluids. Read More

The Tb-123 phase has been synthesized in single-phase form with the composition TbSr2Cu2.7Mo0.3O7 by solid-state reaction route and its phase purity is confirmed by neutron powder diffraction experiments. Read More

We present a Monte Carlo approach to incorporating the effect of thermal fluctuations in field theories of polymeric fluids. This method is applied to a field-theoretic model of a ternary blend of AB diblock copolymers with A and B homopolymers. We find a shift in the line of order-disorder transitions from their mean-field values, as well as strong signatures of the existence of a bicontinuous microemulsion phase in the vicinity of the mean-field Lifshitz critical point. Read More