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We estimate the shear and the bulk viscous coefficients for a hot hadronic gas mixture constituting of pions and nucleons. The viscosities are evaluated in the relativistic kinetic theory approach by solving the transport equation in the relaxation time approximation for binary collisions ($\pi\pi$,$\pi N$ and $NN$). Instead of vacuum cross-sections usually used in the literature we employ in-medium scattering amplitudes in the estimation of the relaxation times. Read More

The relaxation times over which dissipative fluxes restore their steady state values have been evaluated for a pion gas using the 14-moment method. The effect of the medium has been implemented through a temperature dependent pi-pi cross-section in the collision integral which is obtained by including one-loop self-energies in the propagators of the exchanged rho and sigma mesons. To account for chemical freeze out in heavy ion collisions, a temperature dependent pion chemical potential has been introduced in the distribution function. Read More