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How black holes accrete surrounding matter is a fundamental, yet unsolved question in astrophysics. It is generally believed that matter is absorbed into black holes via accretion disks, the state of which depends primarily on the mass-accretion rate. When this rate approaches the critical rate (the Eddington limit), thermal instability is supposed to occur in the inner disc, causing repetitive patterns of large-amplitude X-ray variability (oscillations) on timescales of minutes to hours. Read More

Some very large (>0.1 um) presolar grains are sampled in meteorites. We reconsider the lifetime of very large grains (VLGs) in the interstellar medium focusing on interstellar shattering caused by turbulence-induced large velocity dispersions. Read More

We report Li and B isotopic compositions of 10 Spinel-HIBonite spherules (SHIBs) separated from the Murchison meteorite, in order to understand their irradiation history in the early Solar System. The extremely low Be concentrations in SHIBs preclude detection of extinct 10Be, but instead allow for a search of the original Li and B isotopic ratios of the grains, as these isotopes are sensitive indicators for irradiation. We found that some of the SHIBs carried sub-chondritic 7Li/6Li and supra-chondritic 10B/11B ratios. Read More

Two explanations exist for the short-lived radionuclides present in the solar system when the CAIs first formed. They originated either from the ejecta of a supernova or by the in situ irradiation of nebular dust by energetic particles. With a half-life of only 53 days, Beryllium-7 is then the key discriminant, since it can be made only by irradiation. Read More