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Kernel quadratures and other kernel-based approximation methods typically suffer from prohibitive cubic time and quadratic space complexity in the number of function evaluations. The problem arises because a system of linear equations needs to be solved. In this article we show that the weights of a kernel quadrature rule can be computed efficiently and exactly for up to tens of millions of nodes if the kernel, integration domain, and measure are fully symmetric and the node set is a union of fully symmetric sets. Read More

The aim of this article is to design a moment transformation for Student- t distributed random variables, which is able to account for the error in the numerically computed mean. We employ Student-t process quadrature, an instance of Bayesian quadrature, which allows us to treat the integral itself as a random variable whose variance provides information about the incurred integration error. Advantage of the Student- t process quadrature over the traditional Gaussian process quadrature, is that the integral variance depends also on the function values, allowing for a more robust modelling of the integration error. Read More