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Publications Authored By Tomohiro Fukaya

We establish a coarse version of the Cartan-Hadamard theorem, which states that proper coarsely convex spaces are coarsely homotopy equivalent to the open cones of their ideal boundaries. As an application, we show that such spaces satisfy the coarse Baum-Connes conjecture. Combined with the result of Osajda-Przytycki, it implies that systolic groups and locally finite systolic complexes satisfy the coarse Baum-Connes conjecture. Read More

We study the coarse Baum-Connes conjecture for product spaces and product groups. We show that a product of CAT(0) groups, polycyclic groups and relatively hyperbolic groups which satisfy some assumptions on peripheral subgroups, satisfies the coarse Baum-Connes conjecture. For this purpose, we construct and analyze an appropriate compactification and its boundary, "corona", of a product of proper metric spaces. Read More

We prove that the coarse assembly maps for proper metric spaces which are non-positively curved in the sense of Busemann are isomorphisms, where we do not assume that the spaces are with bounded coarse geometry. Also it is shown that we can calculate the coarse K-homology and the K-theory of the Roe algebra by using the visual boundaries. Read More

We construct a corona of a relatively hyperbolic group by blowing-up all parabolic points of its Bowditch boundary. We relate the $K$-homology of the corona with the $K$-theory of the Roe algebra, via the coarse assembly map. We also establish a dual theory, that is, we relate the $K$-theory of the corona with the $K$-theory of the reduced stable Higson corona via the coarse co-assembly map. Read More

We study the growth of the numbers of critical points in one-dimensional lattice systems by using (real) algebraic geometry and the theory of homoclinic tangency. Read More

We study a group which is hyperbolic relative to a finite family of infinite subgroups. We show that the group satisfies the coarse Baum-Connes conjecture if each subgroup belonging to the family satisfies the coarse Baum-Connes conjecture and admits a finite universal space for proper actions. Especially, the group satisfies the analytic Novikov conjecture. Read More

The aim of this paper is to introduce the sublinear Higson corona and show that the sublinear Higson corona of Euclidean cone of P and X is decomposed into the product of P and that of X. Here P is a compact metric space and X is unbounded proper metric space. For example, the sublinear Higson corona of n-dimensional Euclidean space is homeomorphic to the product of (n-1)-dimensional sphere and that of natural numbers. Read More

We give an explicit algorithm to compute a projective resolution of a module over the noncommutative ring based on the noncommutative Groebner bases theory. Read More

We investigate the fixed point property of the group actions on a coarse space and its Higson corona. We deduce the coarse version of Brouwer's fixed point theorem. Read More

We determine the cup-length of some oriented Grassmann manifolds by finding a Groebner basis associated with a certain subring of the cohomology of them. As its applications, we provide not only a lower but also an upper bound for the LS-category of some oriented Grassmann manifolds. We also study the immersion problem of them. Read More