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Blockchain technologies are taking the world by storm. Public blockchains, such as Bitcoin and Ethereum, enable secure peer-to-peer applications like crypto-currency or smart contracts. Their security and performance are well studied. Read More

We give abstract versions of the large deviation theorem for the distribution of zeros of polynomials and apply them to the characteristic polynomials of Hermitian random matrices. We obtain new estimates related to the local semi-circular law for the empirical spectral distribution of these matrices when the 4th moments of their entries are controlled. Read More

Equidistribution of the orbits of points, subvarieties or of periodic points in complex dynamics is a fundamental problem. It is often related to strong ergodic properties of the dynamical system and to a deep understanding of analytic cycles, or more generally positive closed currents, of arbitrary dimension and degree. The later topic includes the study of the potentials and super-potentials of positive closed currents, their intersection with or without dimension excess. Read More

Recently, deep learning techniques have enjoyed success in various multimedia applications, such as image classification and multi-modal data analysis. Large deep learning models are developed for learning rich representations of complex data. There are two challenges to overcome before deep learning can be widely adopted in multimedia and other applications. Read More

Let L be a positive line bundle over a projective complex manifold X. Consider the space of holomorphic sections of the tensor power of order p of L. The determinant of a basis of this space, together with some given probability measure on a weighted compact set in X, induces naturally a beta-ensemble, i. Read More

Let L be a positive line bundle on a projective complex manifold. We study the asymptotic behavior of Bergman kernels associated with the tensor powers L^p of L as p tends to infinity. The emphasis is the dependence of the uniform estimates on the positivity of the Chern form of the metric on L. Read More

We show that any dominant meromorphic self-map f of a compact Kaehler manifold X is an Artin-Mazur map. More precisely, if P_n(f) is the number of its isolated periodic points of period n (counted with multiplicity), then P_n(f) grows at most exponentially fast with respect to n and the exponential rate is at most equal to the algebraic entropy of f. Further estimates are given when X is a surface. Read More

Consider a foliation in the projective plane admitting a projective line as the unique invariant algebraic curve. Assume that the foliation is generic in the sense that its singular points are hyperbolic. We show that there is a unique positive ddc-closed (1,1)-current of mass 1 which is directed by the foliation and this is the current of integration on the invariant line. Read More

Let K be the closure of a bounded open set with smooth boundary in C^n. A Fekete configuration of order p for K is a finite subset of K maximizing the Vandermonde determinant associated with polynomials of degree at most p. A recent theorem by Berman, Boucksom and Witt Nystrom implies that Fekete configurations for K are asymptotically equidistributed with respect to a canonical equilibrium measure, as p tends to infinite. Read More

Let G be a group of automorphisms of a compact K\"ahler manifold X of dimension n and N(G) the subset of null-entropy elements. Suppose G admits no non-abelian free subgroup. Improving the known Tits alternative, we obtain that, up to replace G by a finite-index subgroup, either G/N(G) is a free abelian group of rank < n-1, or G/N(G) is a free abelian group of rank n-1 and X is a complex torus, or G is a free abelian group of rank n-1. Read More

We establish the equidistribution of zeros of random holomorphic sections of powers of a semipositive singular Hermitian line bundle, with an estimate of the convergence speed. Read More

In this paper, we prove the equidistribution of saddle periodic points for Henon-type automorphisms of C^k with respect to it equilibrium measure. A general strategy to obtain equidistribution properties in any dimension is presented. It is based on our recent theory of densities for positive closed currents. Read More

As tremendous amount of data being generated everyday from human activity and from devices equipped with sensing capabilities, cloud computing emerges as a scalable and cost-effective platform to store and manage the data. While benefits of cloud computing are numerous, security concerns arising when data and computation are outsourced to a third party still hinder the complete movement to the cloud. In this paper, we focus on the problem of data privacy on the cloud, particularly on access controls over stream data. Read More

Let f be a meromorphic self-map on a compact Kaehler manifold whose topological degree is strictly larger than the other dynamical degrees. We show that repelling periodic points are equidistributed with respect to the equilibrium measure of f. We also describe the exceptional set of points whose backward orbits are not equidistributed. Read More

We prove that the Julia set of a Henon type automorphism on C^2 is very rigid: it supports a unique positive ddc-closed current of mass 1. A similar property holds for the cohomology class of the Green current associated with an automorphism of positive entropy on a compact Kaehler surface. Relations between this phenomenon, several quantitative equidistribution properties and the theory of value distribution will be discussed. Read More

We survey some properties of the automorphism groups of compact Kaehler manifolds. In particular, we present recent results by Keum, Oguiso and Zhang on the structure of these groups from the Tits alternative point of view. Several other related results will be also discussed. Read More

There is an increasing trend for businesses to migrate their systems towards the cloud. Security concerns that arise when outsourcing data and computation to the cloud include data confidentiality and privacy. Given that a tremendous amount of data is being generated everyday from plethora of devices equipped with sensing capabilities, we focus on the problem of access controls over live streams of data based on triggers or sliding windows, which is a distinct and more challenging problem than access control over archival data. Read More

Let -Delta+V be the Schrodinger operator acting on L^2(R^d,C) with d>2 odd. Here V is a bounded real or complex function vanishing outside the closed ball of center 0 and of radius a. We show for generic potentials V that the number of resonances of -Delta+V with modulus less than r is approximatively equal to a constant times a^dr^d. Read More

We show that the complex Monge-Ampere equation on a compact Kaehler manifold (X,\omega) of dimension n admits a Holder continuous omega-psh solution if and only if its right-hand side is a positive measure with Holder continuous super-potential. This property is true in particular when the measure has locally Holder continuous potentials or when it belongs to the Sobolev space W^{2n/p-2+epsilon,p}(X) or to the Besov space B^{epsilon-2}_{\infty,\infty}(X) for some epsilon>0 and p>1. Read More

We introduce a notion of density which extends both the notion of Lelong number and the theory of intersection for positive closed currents on Kaehler manifolds. For arbitrary finite family of positive closed currents on a compact Kaehler manifold we construct cohomology classes which represent their intersection even when a phenomenon of excess dimension occurs. An example is the case of two algebraic varieties whose intersection has dimension larger than the expected number. Read More

Consider a Brody hyperbolic foliation by Riemann surfaces with linearizable isolated singularities on a compact complex surface. We show that its hyperbolic entropy is finite. We also estimate the modulus of continuity of the Poincare metric on leaves. Read More

Let f be a non-invertible holomorphic endomorphism of the complex projective space P^k and f^n its iterate of order n. Let V be an algebraic subvariety of P^k which is generic in the Zariski sense. We give here a survey on the asymptotic equidistribution of the sequence $f^{-n}(V)$ when n goes to infinity. Read More

Let f be a dominant meromorphic self-map on a compact Kaehler manifold X which preserves a fibration given by a meromorphic map from X to a compact Kaehler manifold Y. We compute the dynamical degrees of f in term of its dynamical degrees relative to the fibration and the dynamical degrees of the map g on Y which is induced by f. We derive from this result new properties of some fibrations intrinsically associated to X when this manifold admits an interesting dynamical system. Read More

We develop a notion of entropy, using hyperbolic time, for laminations by hyperbolic Riemann surfaces. When the lamination is compact and transversally smooth, we show that the entropy is finite and the Poincare metric on leaves is transversally Holder continuous. A notion of metric entropy is also introduced for harmonic measures. Read More

Let T be an exterior modular correspondence on an irreducible locally symmetric space X. In this note, we show that the isolated fixed points of the power T^n are equidistributed with respect to the invariant measure on X as n tends to infinity. A similar statement is given for general sequences of modular correspondences. Read More

We study holomorphic automorphisms on compact K\"ahler manifolds having simple actions on the Hodge cohomology ring. We show for such automorphisms that the main dynamical Green currents admit complex laminar structures (woven currents) and the Green measure is the unique invariant probability measure of maximal entropy. Read More

We give an abstract version of the hard Lefschetz theorem, the Lefschetz decomposition and the Hodge-Riemann theorem for compact Kaehler manifolds. Read More

We introduce the heat equation relative to a positive dd-bar-closed current and apply it to the invariant currents associated with Riemann surface laminations possibly with singularities. The main examples are holomorphic foliations by Riemann surfaces in projective spaces. We prove two kinds of ergodic theorems for such currents: one associated to the heat diffusion and one close to Birkhoff's averaging on orbits of a dynamical system. Read More

Let f be a holomorphic automorphism of positive entropy on a compact Kaehler surface. We show that the equilibrium measure of f is exponentially mixing. The proof uses some recent development on the pluripotential theory. Read More

Let f be a dominant meromorphic self-map on a projective manifold X which preserves a meromorphic fibration pi: X --> Y of X over a projective manifold Y. We establish formulas relating the dynamical degrees of f, the dynamical degrees of f relative to the fibration and the dynamical degrees of the self-map g on Y induced by f. Applications are given. Read More

Let f be a non-invertible holomorphic endomorphism of the complex projective space P^k, f^n its iterate of order n and \mu the equilibrium measure of f. We estimate the speed of convergence in the following known result. If a is a Zariski generic point in P^k, the probability measures, equidistributed on the preimages of a under f^n, converge to \mu as n goes to infinity. Read More

The emphasis of this course is on pluripotential methods in complex dynamics in higher dimension. They are based on the compactness properties of plurisubharmonic functions and on the theory of positive closed currents. Applications of these methods are not limited to the dynamical systems that we consider here. Read More

We prove some properties of analytic multiplicative and sub-multiplicative cocycles. The results allow to construct natural invariant analytic sets associated to complex dynamical systems. Read More

We introduce a notion of super-potential (canonical function) associated to positive closed (p,p)-currents on compact Kaehler manifolds and we develop a calculus on such currents. One of the key points in our study is the use of deformations in the space of currents. As an application, we obtain several results on the dynamics of holomorphic automorphisms: regularity and uniqueness of the Green currents. Read More

We prove exponential estimates for plurisubharmonic functions with respect to Monge-Ampere measures with Holder continuous potential. As an application, we obtain several stochastic properties for the equilibrium measures associated to holomorphic maps on projective spaces. More precisely, we prove the exponential decay of correlations, the central limit theorem for general d. Read More

We introduce a notion of super-potential for positive closed currents of bidegree (p,p) on projective spaces. This gives a calculus on positive closed currents of arbitrary bidegree. We define in particular the intersection of such currents and the pull-back operator by meromorphic maps. Read More

Let f be a non-invertible holomorphic endomorphism of a projective space and f^n its iterate of order n. We prove that the pull-back by f^n of a generic (in the Zariski sense) hypersurface, properly normalized, converge to the Green current associated to f when n tends to infinity. We also give an analogous result for the pull-back of positive closed (1,1)-currents. Read More

We define the pull-back operator, associated to a meromorphic transform, on several types of currents. We also give a simple proof to a version of a classical theorem on the extension of currents. Read More

Let f be a meromorphic correspondence on a compact Kahler manifold. We show that the topological entropy of f is bounded from above by the logarithm of its maximal dynamical degree. An analogous estimate for the entropy on subvarieties is given. Read More

We show that there is a spectral gap for the transfer operator associated to a rational map f on the Riemann sphere. Using this and the method of pertubed operators we establish the (Local) Central Limit Theorem for the measure of maximal entropy of f, with an estimate on the speed of convergence. Read More

Let f be a holomorphic endomorphism of P^k having an attracting set A. We construct an attracting current and an equilibrium measure associated to A. The attracting current is weakly laminar and extremal in the cone of invariant currents. Read More

We prove the Hodge-Riemann bilinear relations, the hard Lefschetz theorem and the Lefschetz decomposition for compact Kahler manifolds in the mixed situation. Read More

Let f be a dominating meromorphic self-map of large topological degree on a compact Kaehler manifold. We give a new construction of the equilibrium measure of f and prove that it is exponentially mixing. Then, we deduce the central limit theorem for Lipschitzian observables. Read More

We show, for a class of automorphisms of C^k, that their equilibrium measures are exponentially mixing. In particular, this holds for (generalized) Henon maps. Read More

We introduce a geometry on the cone of positive closed currents of bidegree (p,p) and apply it to define the intersection of such currents. We also construct and study the Green currents and the equilibrium measure for horizontal-like mappings. The Green currents satisfy some extremality properties. Read More

Let T be a positive closed (p,p)-current of mass 1 on a compact Kahler manifold X. Then, there exist a constant c, independent of T, and smooth positive closed (p,p)-currents Tn and Sn of mass c such that Tn-Sn converge weakly to T. We also extend this result to positive pluriharmonic currents. Read More

We construct the Green current for a random iteration of "horizontal-like" mappings in two complex dimensions. This is applied to the study of a polynomial map $f:\mathbb{C}^2\to\mathbb{C}^2$ with the following properties: 1. infinity is $f$-attracting, 2. Read More

We develop the study of some spaces of currents of bidegree (p,p). As an application we construct the equilibrium measure for a large class of birational maps of P^k as intersection of Green currents. We show that these currents are extremal and that the corresponding measure is mixing. Read More

Let $f$ be a dominating meromorphic self-map of a compact K\"{a}hler manifold. Assume that the topological degree of $f$ is larger than the other dynamical degrees. We give estimates of the dimension of the equilibrium measure of $f$, which involve the Lyapounov exponents. Read More