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Preferential attachment is an appealing mechanism for modeling power-law behavior of the degree distributions in directed social networks. In this paper, we consider methods for fitting a 5-parameter linear preferential model to network data under two data scenarios. In the case where full history of the network formation is given, we derive the maximum likelihood estimator of the parameters and show that it is strongly consistent and asymptotically normal. Read More

Regular variation of a multivariate measure with a Lebesgue density implies the regular variation of its density provided the density satisfies some regularity conditions. Unlike the univariate case, the converse also requires regularity conditions. We extend these arguments to discrete mass functions and their associated measures using the concept that the the mass function can be embedded in a continuous density function. Read More

Preferential attachment in a directed scale-free graph is widely used to model the evolution of social networks. Statistical analyses of social networks often relies on node based data rather than conventional repeated sampling. For our directed edge model with preferential attachment, we prove asymptotic normality of node counts based on a martingale construction and a martingale central limit theorem. Read More