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Computer Science - Distributed; Parallel; and Cluster Computing (2)
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Protecting source code against reverse engineering and theft is an important problem. The goal is to carry out computations using confidential algorithms on an untrusted party while ensuring confidentiality of algorithms. This problem has been addressed for Boolean circuits known as `circuit privacy'. Read More

There is a growing demand for live, on-the-fly processing of increasingly large amounts of data. In order to ensure the timely and reliable processing of streaming data, a variety of distributed stream processing architectures and platforms have been developed, which handle the fundamental tasks of (dynamically) assigning processing tasks to the currently available physical resources and routing streaming data between these resources. However, while there are plenty of platforms offering such functionality, the theory behind it is not well understood. Read More

We study the problem of clock synchronization in highly dynamic networks, where communication links can appear or disappear at any time. The nodes in the network are equipped with hardware clocks, but the rate of the hardware clocks can vary arbitrarily within specific bounds, and the estimates that nodes can obtain about the clock values of other nodes are inherently inaccurate. Our goal in this setting is to output a logical clock at each node, such that the logical clocks of any two nodes are not too far apart, and nodes that remain close to each other in the network for a long time are better synchronized than distant nodes. Read More