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Swati Gupta
Ohio University
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This paper presents a novel system E3 for extracting keyphrases from news content for the purpose of offering the news audience a broad overview of news events, with especially high content volume. Given an input query, E3 extracts keyphrases and enrich them by tagging, ranking and finding role for frequently associated keyphrases. Also, E3 finds the novelty and activeness of keyphrases using news publication date, to identify the most interesting and informative keyphrases. Read More

In order to find Nash-equilibria for two-player zero-sum games where each player plays combinatorial objects like spanning trees, matchings etc, we consider two online learning algorithms: the online mirror descent (OMD) algorithm and the multiplicative weights update (MWU) algorithm. The OMD algorithm requires the computation of a certain Bregman projection, that has closed form solutions for simple convex sets like the Euclidean ball or the simplex. However, for general polyhedra one often needs to exploit the general machinery of convex optimization. Read More

We provide a polynomial time 4/3 approximation algorithm for TSP on metrics arising from the metric completion of cubic 3-edge connected graphs. Read More


The Galactic high-mass X-ray binary and jet source (microquasar) LSI +61 303 has recently been detected at TeV gamma-ray energies by the MAGIC telescope. We have applied a time-dependent leptonic jet model to the broadband spectral energy distribution and suggested (though not unambiguously detected) orbital modulation of the very high energy gamma-ray emission of this source. Our model takes into account time dependent electron injection and acceleration, and the adiabatic and radiative cooling of non-thermal electrons. Read More

Jet models for the high-energy emission of Galactic X-ray binary sources have regained significant interest with detailed spectral and timing studies of the X-ray emission from microquasars, the recent detection by the HESS collaboration of very-high-energy gamma-rays from the microquasar LS~5039, and the earlier suggestion of jet models for ultraluminous X-ray sources observed in many nearby galaxies. Here we study the synchrotron and Compton signatures of time-dependent electron injection and acceleration, adiabatic and radiative cooling, and different jet geometries in the jets of Galactic microquasars. Synchrotron, synchrotron-self-Compton, and external-Compton radiation processes with soft photons provided by the companion star and the accretion disk are treated. Read More