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The sensitive dependence of electronic and thermoelectric properties of MoS$_2$ on the applied strain opens up a variety of applications in the emerging area of straintronics. Using first principles based density functional theory calculations, we show that the band gap of few layers of MoS$_2$ can be tuned by applying i) normal compressive (NC), ii) biaxial compressive (BC), and iii) biaxial tensile (BT) strain. A reversible semiconductor to metal transition (S-M transition) is observed under all three types of strain. Read More

Using first-principles calculations we show that the band gap of bilayer sheets of semiconducting transition metal dichalcogenides (TMDs) can be reduced smoothly by applying vertical compressive pressure. These materials undergo a universal reversible semiconductor to metal (S-M) transition at a critical pressure. S-M transition is attributed to lifting the degeneracy of the bands at fermi level caused by inter-layer interactions via charge transfer from metal to chalcogens. Read More