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Korea University Intelligent Signal Processing Lab. (KU-ISPL) developed speaker recognition system for SRE16 fixed training condition. Data for evaluation trials are collected from outside North America, spoken in Tagalog and Cantonese while training data only is spoken English. Read More

A novel non-negative matrix factorization (NMF) based subband decomposition in frequency spatial domain for acoustic source localization using a microphone array is introduced. The proposed method decomposes source and noise subband and emphasises source dominant frequency bins for more accurate source representation. By employing NMF, delay basis vectors and their subband information in frequency spatial domain for each frame is extracted. Read More

In language recognition, the task of rejecting/differentiating closely spaced versus acoustically far spaced languages remains a major challenge. For confusable closely spaced languages, the system needs longer input test duration material to obtain sufficient information to distinguish between languages. Alternatively, if languages are distinct and not acoustically/linguistically similar to others, duration is not a sufficient remedy. Read More