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Based on the first-principles calculations, we theoretically propose topological non-trivial states in a recently experimentally discovered superconducting material CaSn$_{3}$. When the spin-orbit coupling (SOC) is ignored, the material is a host to three-dimensional topological node-line semimetal states. Drumhead like surface states protected by the coexistence of time-reversal and mirror symmetry emerges within the two-dimensional regions of the surface Brillouin zone connecting the nodal lines. Read More

Big data is data that exceeds the processing capacity of traditional databases. The data is too big to be processed by a single machine. New and innovative methods are required to process and store such large volumes of data. Read More

Information or data is very crucial resource to us. Thus securing the information becomes all the more necessary. The communication media through which we send data does not provide data security, so other methods of securing data are required. Read More