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Publications Authored By Sunita Singh

We obtain axionic charged primordial black holes on a vacuum created gravitational pair of $(3{\bar 3})$-brane by the Kalb-Ramond field on a $D_4$-brane in presence of a background open string metric. The new geometries on an emergent pair of $(3{\bar 3})$-brane universe is shown to be influenced by the non-perturbative quantum effects underlying a geometric torsion in a second order formalism. The presence of small extra dimensions transverse to the pair in the formalism ensures dynamical scalar fields hidden to a $3$-brane or an anti 3-brane universe. Read More

A geometric torsion dynamics leading to an effective curvature in a second order formalism on a D4-brane is revisited with a renewed interest. We obtain two effective $AdS_4$ brane geometries on a vacuum created pair of $(D{\bar D})_3$-brane. One of them is shown to describe an AdS Schwarzschild spinning black hole and the other is shown to describe a spinning black hole bound state. Read More

We revisit an effective space-time torsion curvature in a second order formalism, underlying the non-linear $U(1)$ gauge dynamics, of a two form on a $D_4$-brane in type IIA superstring theory. The formalism incorporates the significance of a global NS two form into the theory via its perturbative coupling to a dynamical two form. In particular, we explore the non-linear gauge dynamics on a $D_4$-brane in presence of a non-trivial background metric. Read More

We investigate some of the quantum gravity effects on a vacuum created pair of $(D{\bar D})_3$-brane by a non-linear $U(1)$ gauge theory on a $D_4$-brane. In particular we obtain a four dimensional quantum Kerr(Newman) black hole in an effective torsion curvature formalism sourced by a two form dynamics in the world-volume of a $D_4$-brane on $S^1$. Interestingly the event horizon is found to be independent of a non-linear electric charge and the $4D$ quantum black hole is shown to describe a degenerate vacua in string theory. Read More

We revisit a non-perturbative space-time curvature theory, underlying a two form U(1) gauge dynamics, on a D4-brane. In particular, two different gauge choices for a two form are explored underlying the dynamics of a geometric torsion in a second order formalism. We obtain two non-extremal quantum Kerr geometries in five dimensions on a pair of $(D{\bar D})_4$-brane in a type IIA superstring theory. Read More

We obtain a Schwarzschild and a Reissner-Nordstrom emergent black holes, by exploring the torsion dynamics in a generalized curvature formulation, underlying an effective D4-brane on S1. It is shown that a constant effective metric, sourced by a background fluctuation in B2-potential, on a D3-brane receives a dynamical quantum correction in presence of an electric charge. Read More

The U(1) gauge dynamics on a D4-brane is revisited, with a two form, to construct an effective curvature theory in a second order formalism. We exploit the local degrees in a two form, and modify its dynamics in a gauge invariant way, to incorporate a non-perturbative metric fluctuation in an effective D4-brane. Interestingly, the near horizon D4-brane is shown to describe an asymptotic Anti de Sitter (AdS) in a semi-classical regime. Read More

Kaluza-Klein gravity is revisted, with renewed interest, in a type IIB string theory on $S^1\times K3$. The irreducible curvature tensors are worked out in the, T-dual, emergent gravity in 4D to yield a non-linear U(1) gauge theory. Interestingly, the T-duality may be seen to describe an open/closed string duality at a self-dual string coupling. Read More

A covariantly constant dynamical two-form is exploited on a $D_3$-brane to obtain its gravity dual action, governing an $S^3$ deformed $AdS_5$ black hole, in a type IIB string theory on $S^1\times K3$. We invoke the Kaluza-Klein compactification to work out the open/closed string duality. Interestingly, the Reissner-Nordstrom black hole is obtained on the "non-Reimannian" braneworld. Read More