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We explore the connection between the operator product expansion (OPE) in the boundary and worldsheet conformal field theories in the context of AdS$_{d+1}$/CFT$_d$ correspondence. Considering single trace scalar operators in the boundary theory and using the saddle point analysis of the worldsheet OPE [1], we derive an explicit relation between OPE coefficients in the boundary and worldsheet theories for the contribution of single trace spin $\ell$ operators to the OPE. We also consider external vector operators and obtain the relation between OPE coefficients for the exchange of single trace scalar operators in the OPE. Read More

We consider massless string scattering amplitudes in a limit where the number of external particles becomes very large, while the energy of each particle remains small. Using the growth of the volume of the relevant moduli space, and by means of independent numerical evidence, we argue that string perturbation theory breaks down in this limit. We discuss some remarkable implications for the information paradox. Read More

We compute the anomalous dimensions of a class of operators of the form $(\bar\psi\psi)^p$ and $(\bar\psi\psi)^p\psi$ to leading order in $\epsilon$ in the Gross-Neveu model in $2+\epsilon$ dimensions. We use the techniques developed in arXiv: 1505.00963. Read More

We propose a definition for the entanglement entropy of a gauge theory on a spatial lattice. Our definition applies to any subset of links in the lattice, and is valid for both Abelian and Non-Abelian gauge theories. For $\mathbb{Z}_N$ and $U(1)$ theories, without matter, our definition agrees with a particular case of the definition given by Casini, Huerta and Rosabal. Read More