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Understanding and discovering knowledge from GPS (Global Positioning System) traces of human activities is an essential topic in mobility-based urban computing. We propose TrajectoryNet-a neural network architecture for point-based trajectory classification to infer real world human transportation modes from GPS traces. To overcome the challenge of capturing the underlying latent factors in the low-dimensional and heterogeneous feature space imposed by GPS data, we develop a novel representation that embeds the original feature space into another space that can be understood as a form of basis expansion. Read More

We present results of empirical studies on positive speech on Twitter. By positive speech we understand speech that works for the betterment of a given situation, in this case relations between different communities in a conflict-prone country. We worked with four Twitter data sets. Read More

Bipartite data is common in data engineering and brings unique challenges, particularly when it comes to clustering tasks that impose on strong structural assumptions. This work presents an unsupervised method for assessing similarity in bipartite data. Similar to some co-clustering methods, the method is based on regular equivalence in graphs. Read More

The tremendous growth of social media content on the Internet has inspired the development of the text analytics to understand and solve real-life problems. Leveraging statistical topic modelling helps researchers and practitioners in better comprehension of textual content as well as provides useful information for further analysis. Statistical topic modelling becomes especially important when we work with large volumes of dynamic text, e. Read More

Ensuring privacy of users of social networks is probably an unsolvable conundrum. At the same time, an informed use of the existing privacy options by the social network participants may alleviate - or even prevent - some of the more drastic privacy-averse incidents. Unfortunately, recent surveys show that an average user is either not aware of these options or does not use them, probably due to their perceived complexity. Read More

In this work, we initiate the study of human mobility from sanitized call detail records (CDRs). Such data can be extremely valuable to solve important societal issues such as the improvement of urban transportation or the understanding on the spread of diseases. One of the fundamental building block for such study is the computation of mobility patterns summarizing how individuals move during a given period from one area e. Read More