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In this paper, we study a stochastic variant of the celebrated k-server problem. In the k-server problem, we are required to minimize the total movement of k servers that are serving an online sequence of t requests in a metric. In the stochastic setting we are given t independent distributions Read More

We design the first online algorithm with poly-logarithmic competitive ratio for the edge-weighted degree-bounded Steiner forest(EW-DB-SF) problem and its generalized variant. We obtain our result by demonstrating a new generic approach for solving mixed packing/covering integer programs in the online paradigm. In EW-DB-SF we are given an edge-weighted graph with a degree bound for every vertex. Read More

Hill and Kertz studied the prophet inequality on iid distributions [The Annals of Probability 1982]. They proved a theoretical bound of $1-\frac{1}{e}$ on the approximation factor of their algorithm. They conjectured that the best approximation factor for arbitrarily large n is $\frac{1}{1+1/e} \approx 0. Read More

We initiate the study of degree-bounded network design problems in the online setting. The degree-bounded Steiner tree problem { which asks for a subgraph with minimum degree that connects a given set of vertices { is perhaps one of the most representative problems in this class. This paper deals with its well-studied generalization called the degree-bounded Steiner forest problem where the connectivity demands are represented by vertex pairs that need to be individually connected. Read More