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Capacitated fixed-charge network flows are used to model a variety of problems in telecommunication, facility location, production planning and supply chain management. In this paper, we investigate capacitated path substructures and derive strong and easy-to-compute \emph{path cover and path pack inequalities}. These inequalities are based on an explicit characterization of the submodular inequalities through a fast computation of parametric minimum cuts on a path, and they generalize the well-known flow cover and flow pack inequalities for the single-node relaxations of fixed-charge flow models. Read More

In this study, we consider two classes of multicriteria two-stage stochastic programs in finite probability spaces with multivariate risk constraints. The first-stage problem features a multivariate stochastic benchmarking constraint based on a vector-valued random variable representing multiple and possibly conflicting stochastic performance measures associated with the second-stage decisions. In particular, the aim is to ensure that the associated random outcome vector of interest is preferable to a specified benchmark with respect to the multivariate polyhedral conditional value-at-risk (CVaR) or a multivariate stochastic order relation. Read More

We study the polyhedral structure of the static probabilistic lot-sizing problem and propose valid inequalities that integrate information from the chance constraint and the binary setup variables. We prove that the proposed inequalities subsume existing inequalities for this problem, and they are facet-defining under certain conditions. In addition, we show that they give the convex hull description of a related stochastic lot-sizing problem. Read More

We consider stochastic influence maximization problems arising in social networks. In contrast to existing studies that involve greedy approximation algorithms with a 63% performance guarantee, our work focuses on solving the problem optimally. To this end, we introduce a new class of problems that we refer to as two-stage stochastic submodular optimization models. Read More

It is well-known that the intersection of the matching polytope with a cardinality constraint is integral [8]. We prove a similar result for the polytope corresponding to the transportation problem with market choice (TPMC) (introduced in [4]) when the demands are in the set $\{1,2\}$. This result generalizes the result regarding the matching polytope and also implies that some special classes of minimum weight perfect matching problem with a cardinality constraint on a subset of edges can be solved in polynomial time. Read More