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Silvina Ponce Dawson
Theoretical Division and Center for Nonlinear Studies, LANL

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Nonlinear Sciences - Pattern Formation and Solitons (3)
Physics - Biological Physics (2)
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Quantitative Biology - Cell Behavior (1)
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Publications Authored By Silvina Ponce Dawson

Many cell signaling pathways involve the diffusion of messengers that bind/unbind to intracellular components. Quantifying their net transport rate under different conditions, then requires having separate estimates of their free diffusion coefficient and binding/unbinding rates. In this paper, we show how performing sets of Fluorescence Correlation Spectroscopy (FCS) experiments under different conditions, it is possible to quantify free diffusion coefficients and on and off rates of reaction-diffusion systems. Read More

During early development, the establishment of gradients of transcriptional factors determines the patterning of cell fates. The case of Bicoid (Bcd) in {\it Drosophila melanogaster} embryos is well documented and studied. There are still controversies as to whether {\it SDD} models in which Bcd is {\it Synthesized} at one end, then {\it Diffuses} and is {\it Degraded} can explain the gradient formation within the timescale observed experimentally. Read More

Information transmission in cells occurs quite accurately even when concentration changes are "read" by individual target molecules. In this Letter we study molecule number fluctuations when molecules diffuse and react. We show that, for immobile binding sites, fluctuations in the number of bound molecules are averaged out on a relatively fast timescale due to correlations. Read More

Within a class of exact time-dependent non-singular N-logarithmic solutions (Mineev-Weinstein and Dawson, Phys. Rev. E 50, R24 (1994); Dawson and Mineev-Weinstein, Phys. Read More

Patterns in reaction-diffusion systems near primary bifurcations can be studied locally and classified by means of amplitude equations. This is not possible for excitable reaction-diffusion systems. In this Letter we propose a global classification of two variable excitable reaction-diffusion systems. Read More

This is an outline of work in progress. We study the conjecture that the topological entropy of a real cubic map depends ``monotonely'' on its parameters, in the sense that each locus of constant entropy in parameter space is a connected set. This material will be presented in more detail in a later paper. Read More

Affiliations: 1Theoretical Division and Center for Nonlinear Studies, LANL, 2Theoretical Division and Center for Nonlinear Studies, LANL

We present a new class of exact solutions for the so-called {\it Laplacian Growth Equation} describing the zero-surface-tension limit of a variety of 2D pattern formation problems. Contrary to common belief, we prove that these solutions are free of finite-time singularities (cusps) for quite general initial conditions and may well describe real fingering instabilities. At long times the interface consists of N separated moving Saffman-Taylor fingers, with ``stagnation points'' in between, in agreement with numerous observations. Read More