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In real-time embedded systems (RTS), failures due to security breaches can cause serious damage to the system, the environment and/or injury to humans. Therefore, it is very important to understand the potential threats and attacks against these systems. In this paper we present a novel reconnaissance attack that extracts the exact schedule of real-time systems designed using fixed priority scheduling algorithms. Read More

Many physical plants that are controlled by embedded systems have safety requirements that need to be respected at all times - any deviations from expected behavior can result in damage to the system (often to the physical plant), the environment or even endanger human life. In recent times, malicious attacks against such systems have increased - many with the intent to cause physical damage. In this paper, we aim to decouple the safety of the plant from security of the embedded system by taking advantage of the inherent inertia in such systems. Read More

Embedded real-time systems (RTS) are pervasive. Many modern RTS are exposed to unknown security flaws, and threats to RTS are growing in both number and sophistication. However, until recently, cyber-security considerations were an afterthought in the design of such systems. Read More

We propose a novel framework that reduces the management and integration overheads for real-time network flows by leveraging the capabilities (especially global visibility and management) of software-defined networking (SDN) architectures. Given the specifications of flows that must meet hard real-time requirements, our framework synthesizes paths through the network and associated switch configurations - to guarantee that these flows meet their end-to-end timing requirements. In doing so, our framework makes SDN architectures "delay-aware" - remember that SDN is otherwise not able to reason about delays. Read More

Due to physical isolation as well as use of proprietary hardware and protocols, traditional real-time systems (RTS) were considered to be invulnerable to security breaches and external attacks. However, this assumption is being challenged by recent attacks that highlight the vulnerabilities in such systems. In this paper, we focus on integrating security mechanisms into RTS (especially legacy RTS) and provide a metric to measure the effectiveness of such mechanisms. Read More

Existing techniques used for intrusion detection do not fully utilize the intrinsic properties of embedded systems. In this paper, we propose a lightweight method for detecting anomalous executions using a distribution of system call frequencies. We use a cluster analysis to learn the legitimate execution contexts of embedded applications and then monitor them at run-time to capture abnormal executions. Read More

Until recently, cyber-physical systems, especially those with safety-critical properties that manage critical infrastructure (e.g. power generation plants, water treatment facilities, etc. Read More