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In typical neural machine translation~(NMT), the decoder generates a sentence word by word, packing all linguistic granularities in the same time-scale of RNN. In this paper, we propose a new type of decoder for NMT, which splits the decode state into two parts and updates them in two different time-scales. Specifically, we first predict a chunk time-scale state for phrasal modeling, on top of which multiple word time-scale states are generated. Read More

Modern statistical machine translation (SMT) systems usually use a linear combination of features to model the quality of each translation hypothesis. The linear combination assumes that all the features are in a linear relationship and constrains that each feature interacts with the rest features in an linear manner, which might limit the expressive power of the model and lead to a under-fit model on the current data. In this paper, we propose a non-linear modeling for the quality of translation hypotheses based on neural networks, which allows more complex interaction between features. Read More