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Publications Authored By Shi Yan

The quantum anomalous Hall (QAH) phase is a novel topological state of matter characterized by a nonzero quantized Hall conductivity without an external magnetic field. The realizations of QAH effect, however, are experimentally challengeable. Based on ab initio calculations, here we propose an intrinsic QAH phase in DCA Kagome lattice. Read More

Searching for two-dimensional (2D) realistic materials able to realize room-temperature quantum spin Hall (QSH) effects is currently a growing field. Here, we through ab initio calculations to identify arsenene oxide, AsO, as an excellent candidate, which demonstrates high stability, flexibility, and tunable spin-orbit coupling (SOC) gaps. In contrast to known pristine or functionalized arsenene, the maximum nontrivial band gap of AsO reaches 89 meV, and can be further enhanced to 130 meV under biaxial strain. Read More

The energy bandgap is an intrinsic character of semiconductors, which largely determines their properties. The ability to continuously and reversibly tune the bandgap of a single device during real time operation is of great importance not only to device physics but also to technological applications. Here we demonstrate a widely tunable bandgap of few-layer black phosphorus (BP) by the application of vertical electric field in dual-gated BP field-effect transistors. Read More

Two-dimensional dumbbell (DB) stanene has been proposed as a promising candidate material for realizing quantum spin Hall effect (QSHE) by Tang et al [P. Tang, P. Chen, W. Read More

Fog computing based radio access network is a promising paradigm for the fifth generation wireless communication system to provide high spectral and energy efficiency. With the help of the new designed fog computing based access points (F-APs), the user-centric objectives can be achieved through the adaptive technique and will relieve the load of fronthaul and alleviate the burden of base band unit pool. In this paper, we derive the coverage probability and ergodic rate for both F-AP users and device-to-device users by taking into account the different nodes locations, cache sizes as well as user access modes. Read More

Incorporating cloud computing into heterogeneous networks, the heterogeneous cloud radio access network (H-CRAN) has been proposed as a promising paradigm to enhance both spectral and energy efficiencies. Developing interference suppression strategies is critical for suppressing the inter-tier interference between remote radio heads (RRHs) and a macro base station (MBS) in H-CRANs. In this paper, inter-tier interference suppression techniques are considered in the contexts of collaborative processing and cooperative radio resource allocation (CRRA). Read More

Group III-V films are of great importance for their potential application in spintronics and quantum computing. Search for two-dimensional III-V films with a nontrivial large-gap are quite crucial for the realization of dissipationless transport edge channels using quantum spin Hall (QSH) effects. Here we use first-principles calculations to predict a class of large-gap QSH insulators in functionalized TlSb monolayers (TlSbX2; (X = H, F, Cl, Br, I)), with sizable bulk gaps as large as 0. Read More

A fog computing based radio access network (F-RAN) is presented in this article as a promising paradigm for the fifth generation (5G) wireless communication system to provide high spectral and energy efficiency. The core idea is to take full advantages of local radio signal processing, cooperative radio resource management, and distributed storing capabilities in edge devices, which can decrease the heavy burden on fronthaul and avoid large-scale radio signal processing in the centralized baseband unit pool. This article comprehensively presents the system architecture and key techniques of F-RANs. Read More

Magnetoresistance and rectification are two fundamental physical properties of heterojunctions and respectively have wide applications in spintronics devices. Being different from the well known various magnetoresistance effects, here we report a brand new large magnetoresistance that can be regarded as rectification magnetoresistance: the application of a pure small sinusoidal alternating-current to the nonmagnetic Al/Ge Schottky heterojunctions can generate a significant direct-current voltage, and this rectification voltage strongly varies with the external magnetic field. We find that the rectification magnetoresistance in Al/Ge Schottky heterojunctions is as large as 250% at room temperature, which is greatly enhanced as compared with the conventional magnetoresistance of 70%. Read More

Haplogroup N-M231 of human Y chromosome is a common clade from Eastern Asia to Northern Europe, being one of the most frequent haplogroups in Altaic and Uralic-speaking populations. Using newly discovered bi-allelic markers from high-throughput DNA sequencing, we largely improved the phylogeny of Haplogroup N, in which 16 subclades could be identified by 33 SNPs. More than 400 males belonging to Haplogroup N in 34 populations in China were successfully genotyped, and populations in Northern Asia and Eastern Europe were also compared together. Read More

House of Aisin Gioro is the imperial family of the last dynasty in Chinese history - Qing Dynasty (1644 - 1911). Aisin Gioro family originated from Jurchen tribes and developed the Manchu people before they conquered China. By investigating the Y chromosomal short tandem repeats (STRs) of 7 modern male individuals who claim belonging to Aisin Gioro family (in which 3 have full records of pedigree), we found that 3 of them (in which 2 keep full pedigree, whose most recent common ancestor is Nurgaci) shows very close relationship (1 - 2 steps of difference in 17 STR) and the haplotype is rare. Read More

Characterizing user to Remote Radio Head (RRH) association strategies in cloud radio access networks (C-RANs) is critical for performance optimization. In this letter, the single nearest and N--nearest RRH association strategies are presented, and the corresponding impact on the ergodic capacity of C-RANs is analyzed, where RRHs are distributed according to a stationary point process. Closed-form expressions for the ergodic capacity of the proposed RRH association strategies are derived. Read More

Demographic change of human populations is one of the central questions for delving into the past of human beings. To identify major population expansions related to male lineages, we sequenced 78 East Asian Y chromosomes at 3.9 Mbp of the non-recombining region (NRY), discovered >4,000 new SNPs, and identified many new clades. Read More