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Well controlled quantum systems can potentially be used as quantum simulators. However, a quantum simulator is inevitably perturbed by coupling to additional degrees of freedom. This constitutes a major roadblock to useful quantum simulations. Read More

We study an analog quantum simulator coupled to a reservoir with a known spectral density. The reservoir perturbs the quantum simulation by causing decoherence. The simulator is used to measure an operator average, which cannot be calculated using any classical means. Read More

The sensitivity of superconducting qubits allows for spectroscopy and coherence measurements on individual two-level systems present in the disordered tunnel barrier of an $\mathrm{Al/AlO_x/Al}$ Josephson junction. This letter reports experimental evidence for decoherence of two-level systems by Bogoliubov quasiparticles leaking into the insulating $\mathrm{AlO_x}$ barrier. We control the density of quasiparticles in the junction electrodes either by the sample temperature or by injecting them using an on-chip dc-SQUID driven to its resistive state. Read More

It is frequently observed that even at very low temperatures the number of quasiparticles in superconducting materials is higher than predicted by standard BCS-theory. These quasiparticles can interact with two-level systems, such as superconducting qubits or two-level systems (TLS) in the amorphous oxide layer of a Josephson junction. This interaction leads to decay and decoherence of the TLS, with specific results, such as the time dependence, depending on the distribution of quasiparticles and the form of the interaction. Read More

Recent progress with microfabricated quantum devices has revealed that an ubiquitous source of noise originates in tunneling material defects that give rise to a sparse bath of parasitic two-level systems (TLSs). For superconducting qubits, TLSs residing on electrode surfaces and in tunnel junctions account for a major part of decoherence and thus pose a serious roadblock to the realization of solid-state quantum processors. Here, we utilize a superconducting qubit to explore the quantum state evolution of coherently operated TLSs in order to shed new light on their individual properties and environmental interactions. Read More

We study dephasing of a superconducting qubit due to quasiparticle tunneling through a Josephson junction. While qubit decay due to tunneling processes is well understood within a golden rule approximation, pure dephasing due to BCS quasiparticles gives rise to a divergent golden rule rate. We calculate qubit dephasing due to quasiparticle tunneling beyond lowest order approximation in coupling between qubit and quasiparticles. Read More