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In order to understand the performance of the PARIS (Photon Array for the studies with Radioactive Ion and Stable beams) detector, detailed characterization of two individual phoswich (LaBr$_3$(Ce)-NaI(Tl)) elements has been carried out. The detector response is investigated over a wide range of $E_{\gamma}$ = 0.6 to 22. Read More

We report here a photoconductive material for THz generation and detection with sub-picosecond carrier lifetime made by C12 (Carbon) irradiation on commercially available semi-insulating (SI) GaAs. We are able to reduce the carrier lifetime of SI-GaAs down to sub-picosecond by irradiating it with various irradiation dosages of Carbon (C12) ions. With an increase of the irradiation dose from ~1012 /cm2 to ~1015 /cm2 the carrier lifetime of SI-GaAs monotonously decreases to 0. Read More

We demonstrate here an efficient THz source with low electrical power consumption. We have increased the maximum THz radiation power emitted from SI-GaAs based photoconductive emitters by two orders of magnitude. By irradiating the SI-GaAs substrate with Carbon-ions up to 2 micron deep, we have created lot of defects and decreased the life time of photo-excited carriers inside the substrate. Read More